How to tapao food

November 19, 2010 in Commercial Break

If there’s one thing i preach the most besides Ringoism it is going to be saving the environment! (Actually it is part of Ringoism too.) *smug

All my smoker friends know my death stare when they are puffing away. I don’t stop them from smoking but i will stare them down until they find a legitimate ciggie butt disposal  spot (although many argue that drains and all sort of surface that human can step or cannot step on and places beyond human sight are legitimate waste bin for cigarette butts in Malaysia). If i catch them hiding the ciggie butt underneath their sneakers on the ground i will do the death stare again until they pick it up and find a legitimate ciggie butt disposal  spot agreeable to my definition of a legitimate ciggie butt disposal. If they refuse to pick it up, i will pick it up and put it inside their pocket.

Digress! Today’s lecture is, again, how to tapao food. Blogged about Smart Tapao last year but i guess people get smarter over time.


Shoes from Baci. I know. Gorgeous.

Guess where i’m going! (Omg i totally look like a student going to school with her Tupperware lunch)

Well, happy to say that i still refuse a plastic bag whenever possible *think of Sammy’s adventure think of Sammy’s adventure think of Sammy’s adventure * , and tapao with Tupperware! And here’s my latest fav:


Doesn’t look very interesting? But this is the Legen…. wait for it… dary Soup Noodle Tupperware!!!


Love the genius design!

Now i can has all nommy soup noodle tapao! Bakuteh! Pork Noodle! Soup Pasta! Fish head Meehoon! 😀


Today i’m feeling Yong Tau Foo!


Waitress tapaoing my food.


Love the noodle holder. The steam from the hot soup below keeps my noodles warm and moist, not clumpy and soggy 😀


My lunch!

Imagine how many plastic bags you have spared here!!! Soup 1, beehoon 2, Liu 3 4 5, ok the chili and sweet sauce not counted because it is pre-packed next time i will ask them pour directly from the bottle *determined* but do you see my point!


Secure it with the Grip and Go cariolier, it will never spill! Can even go on a roller coaster with your Yong Tau Foo!


Lunch Bento is ready!


Seriously, i love tapao food!

Tupperware is my new lunch buddy! ^^

Wanna know more about this special soup noodle Tupperware, check this video out!

27 responses to “How to tapao food”

  1. KY says:

    weiii, i oso tapao yong tao foo!

  2. Krh says:

    The Tupperware set looks so nice and cute! Definitely a lot better now that they were ermm… 10 years ago.

  3. Jeff Tan says:

    😈 Respect you!! 😈

  4. pumpkin says:

    “Secure it with the Grip and Go cariolier, it will never spill! Can even go on a roller coaster with your Yong Tau Foo!”

    LOLOLOLOL too funny! Who will ever go on a roller coaster with a takeaway yong tau foo one?!!

    But well..i guess we will nv know HAA! 😉

  5. Navicgator says:

    Try my flag

  6. zOee says:

    I bring my own cotainer to tapao whenever possible too! 🙂 Yay, Go Green!! *support with hand & feet*

  7. stupidgirl says:

    THIS THING IS SO CUTE LA WEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆
    But people will definitely stare at you if you walk about on the streets carrying it, coz it’s so noticable XD

  8. joanne mas says:

    😈 😈 😈

    hope more pple will be inspired to be more enviro friendly!

  9. BS says:

    Yellow is soooo.. cheese hehehe
    Got pink anot?

  10. ardi says:

    hi, hi,, this is my first visit here and I think it’s fun
    terima kasih thank you

  11. budleee says:

    ah.. the plastic with holes version of our mangkuk tingkat..


  12. joe says:

    Your tiffin carrier looks so cute! 😈 I use the normal stainless steel type 😀

  13. eko says:

    I never knew it’s microwaveable! 😯

  14. Albert Wong says:

    What a great blog and I like your sense of humour. I have never seen this equipment when I was living in KL. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Ben McC says:

    Looks good. If only I was in Malaysia… A little bit of persuading like showing good-looking food and I might have to visit. 🙄

  16. dawn says:

    hello cheesie! 😀
    may i know what is the diameter of the lenses you wear?
    14.5, 14.8 or 15mm? thankyouuu :DD

  17. blaols says:

    your shoes from baci which you say is gorgeous is my military boots . lmao. it is very common btw . 😛

  18. yip says:

    yong tau fu per piece is Rm1.10 kinda pricey, special offer somemore..

  19. wintergurl says:

    Good ideas eco- friendly
    Ic, but the tupperware made from what material? plastic ? plastic not good

  20. abraxis says:

    Neat design. For I don’t like clumpy sticky noodles either. 😀

    Is this a Malaysia only item or is it available worldwide?

  21. vaneebear says:

    how muach does it cost? 🙂

  22. ayumi says:

    TaPau set! RM99 wit free 2 set of cutlery. I bought 1 wit cheaper price. wanna to know how? …. i love it. now i can tapau my tomyam mee… 🙄

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