actually i am super busy i am going out for a meeting in 20 minutes so initially this was gonna be just a boring style shot with plenty of pimps for minimaos but in the end i ended up editing more pictures than necessary!

You will see hao!

Anyway most of the pictures are pathetic camwhore style against a mirror because most of the time i traveled solo FML until Aud joined me in Seoul then only we get to camwhore together, err against the mirror too.



Don’t have Day 1 because i got off the plane at 23:30 and i looked like i could scare a ghost off.


Mirror at the subway!!!!! I love mirror at the subway!!!!



Monster fur leg warmer from minimaos.



Tahan damn 7 sanfu for this pic ok it was so chilly and i looked ridiculous in a nordic dress + nordic tights so ya i took it off T___T

But it was worth it T_T



SUBWAY MIRROR!  I LOVE SUBWAY MIRROR!!!!! (Did i say that oredi?)



Shopping solo day again FML my travel life is so boring haih. In the end all i bought is this overpriced hat from a roadside Obasan.



Today i decided to look Korean HAHA HOW DID I DO!!!!

I realized the trick is super simple just have short and darker hair wtf. Btw this pic is taken at Marie, a blog reader’s haos. I went to stay with her because i was fucking homeless for one day due to some unforeseen circumstance that i cannot really elaborate  here. Thank you Marie for saving my life. (Then she asked me to teach her how to apply eyeliner as payback wtf.)


Erm this pic is taken when i left Marie’s haos. I told her to capture my “homelessless” so here you go.


“Dear God, where is my home!” wtf.


Then i met Aud at night. We were like some poor couple engaged in some kind of forbidden love sneaked out to see each other hmm sweet rendezvous wtf.

And no, we didn’t plan our outfit.

At least not the boots. Nor the bag. And not the gloves. Nope not the animal print either. Maybe we really should engage in a forbidden love.


We can help sell shoes if we are homeless wtf.


This pic is cropped because i looked like i could scare Hannibal Lecter away and Aud’s falsies was falling off FOL.


Even shopping bags are the same wtf. I know right. I love you too.


I told Aud this is like a mirror image. Oxford khaki bag from minimaos.



Shopping solo again haiyo fml.



Day 7 Aud said we looked like angels wtf.


Our hotel room. I found the last available hotel in Seoul and paid alot for it not to be homeless. T______T

Aud moved in with me with her pink luggage.


We are so glad to have discovered the unabashed messiness in each other.

Well. Yes indeed we looked like angels. In day time.

At night, we looked like we could scare Hell away.



If i didn’t crop this picture, i am quite sure Hell is having a nervous breakdown nao.



After some Korean mask i looked kinda out of Hell and back to earth again.

AND IT WAS THE WARMEST DAY EVER. I took my jacket off to show… show erm.. how warm it was. -_-


Same top we bought! We just keep buying the same things wtf!!!!!!!!!


Breakfast before she left sob.




Last pic of me shopping solo.

Not really.

Ok i have a great story to tell but i dont have time nao i will consider telling next time ok im late for meeting bai!




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