Nihonjin desuka?

November 22, 2010 in Korea

if there’s any place on this planet where Aud and i can become a Japanese, it is Seoul.

I didn’t say that we want to become Japanese, but that was what we became, in Seoul.



In Japan, we are just some weird Japanese lookalike people speaking with a weird accent. In Malaysia, we are just weird. And in Seoul, we are effortlessly Japanese.

Especially in Myeong-Dong, it is hard to argue that we are not Japanese. I think they sort of judge what you are based on your hair color. We were like the blondest people on the streets (apart from real Caucasian blondes). And all the cosmetic store people could be speaking Korean or Chinese to some random passerby on the street, and when they spotted us they would auto convert and spoke to us in Japanese instead and it happens every time wtf. Aud and i could be speaking in English (or in this case, Manglish) and people can still think we are Japanese. Then when we try to explain that we are from Malaysia, they will be like, “oh, so you live in Malaysia? But where in Japan are you from?” wtf.

And if we try to explain further more they would just look all confused so i kind of gave up and just nodded and said  hai hai hai nihonjin desu wtf. And then when some real deal Nihonjin came into the shops i would just promptly STFU and get the fook out of the shop because will membocorkan identity wtf. T___T

Well, i must say it’s interesting and i kind of enjoyed a temporary identiy crisis. When i was in Incheon airport last night some rude couple cut my queue then they summore said loudly in front of me in cantonese “go go lui yan gei hmm gam yuen ah!” (means they unhappy i look so begrudging BUT OF COURSE I WAS, YOU BLOODY QUEUE CUTTER) thinking i won’t understand wtf?????? I purposely took out my passport and flashed in front of them but i guess they didn’t see oh well.

Then i started to think how freaking rude this bunch of Malaysian people are before i realized i am in the same nationality category too fml. T______T




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44 responses to “Nihonjin desuka?”

  1. tina says:

    Do you guys always dress alike? hehe Cute!
    At least you know you’re pulling the style off right if they think you’re japanese, right? 😛

  2. Sufi says:

    Ringo! Was it very cold in Seoul? Im leaving on Thursday and seriously dont know what to wear and bring there -_-

  3. WP says:

    Er…maybe they knew that you were Malaysian and wanted you to understand? 😛

    I guess Koreans seldom see Malaysians who dye their hair and dress like the two of you…most Malaysians who do that go to Japan (right? 😛 )

  4. Jasmine says:

    I was expecting more photos from Seoul.. 😛
    Do update us with more beautiful pics.. Always love the pics in your blog.. 🙂

  5. Glo-w says:

    Lols…lucky never bocor~ Please do a post on Korean fashion u see there^^kthxbyebye

  6. yip says:

    嗰个女人吾甘愿啊 I would slapped her …in my imagination 😆

  7. Biopolymath says:

    So what can I become? South Chinese? Malay (i’ll kill you!)? Singaporean (I’ll be flattered!).

    For a reason, although I’m Chinese by blood, I feel ashamed to be associated w/ mainland Chinese.

  8. Ginny says:

    I was mistaken as Korean too when I study there.. lol
    and when I answer that I’m Malaysian in Korea, they were so freak out that foreigner can actually speak their language..
    Quite awesome thou.. 😉

  9. shanjae says:

    Haha… I can totally relate to this cos I had similar experience in Korea too. And I also gave up explaining after a while. 😛

    Anyway, I think you look a lot like Tsubasa in the 2nd pic! No wonder people would mistake you for a Japanese 😉

  10. melody says:

    U r soooooooooo funnyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Esp when d real jap came into d shop!
    Of all places, u guys became jap in korea!!!
    Who would have knownnnnnnnnn!!!

  11. サブリナ says:

    omg those queue cutters damn rude! you should have just shouted back in cantonese. i would if i were you. sometimes we just have to stoop to that level to get our point across to some idiots. :@

    that being said, i think the identity crisis thing sounded fun 😀

  12. hui says:

    yeap! in Myeongdong there’s super duper lotsa Japanese. my hubby & I were there and everyone talk to him in Japanese also. maybe cuz he’s sporting a mohawk hairstyle. 😛

  13. Fiions says:

    Lol you should go to jeju island cheesie!! There is this teddy bear musuem and its effing cuteeee!!

  14. JasLyn. says:

    OMG so cool to have identity crisis! Eh, you should insult them back in cantonese or whatever! then they will be super paiseh and you can laugh at them. :DDD

  15. LJ says:

    hehehe..maybe they really thought that u r a japanese. Nice matching outfits & boots with aud. 🙂

  16. Yuyu says:

    I like the ponchos! I prefer you with a fringe though :/ but still pretty la. I think you look best with bangs.

  17. Joy says:

    of coz guys dressed so much like the hair colour some more..if they said u guys were malaysians at the first place..they should go check their eyes..

  18. David says:


    Very cute photos of you and Aud.

    Any favourite Korean fahsions?

    I have visited a few English language JP blogs and seen some JP fashion models and can really tell the difference between Malaysians and Japanese. Interesting that Koreans mistake you and Aud for JP.


  19. jess says:

    my Taiwanese tour guide in seoul (she married a Korean), told us not to pretend to be Japanese because Koreans still deeply resent Japanese for the WWII and will overcharge all Japanese tourists.. haha

  20. Francesca says:

    people always mistaken me as a japanese, at least you can reply when they are trying to speak with you. okayyy, change subject – love your hair parting 😛 how you do that ??? how you curl your hair like that too ? must do tutorial post, ringo ! plizz ! 🙂

  21. Simon Seow says:

    Both of you can speak Japanese wat. So I think it’s quite hard for them to find out the truth if both of you started to converse in Japanese lol.

  22. Angie says:


    I think you look very good w/out bangs !!

  23. Issy says:

    You look like fergie from black eyed peas with your hair liddat 🙄

  24. yv says:

    middle parting works for u

  25. Sushiholic says:

    just found your blog~! its soo cool! haha you do kinda look japanese >< lol thats a compliment!! 😀 i'm loving your style ~

  26. kai says:

    Went Korea last month and I think its some really big stereotyping over there haha.

    Anyone who doesn’t looks Korean is automatically a Japanese. Or maybe from China. Singapore? Malaysia? what the hell is that? LOL

    And like you, we all just gave up trying to explain ^^;

    But I guess its probably because MyeongDong is a tourist landmark and many Japanese go over to korea for shopping trips.

  27. budleee says:

    lol.. so farny 😀

  28. Ben McC says:

    Well… You and Audrey do look Japanese. (Not sure if that is god or bad, but I think you like it) Even when I speak fluent Japanese in Japan most Japanese respond with with the two or three English words they know. Drives me nuts because I just want to communicate easily. Of course, I appreciate the gesture but when it is obvious that my Japanese is better than their English they should just give up.

  29. ViviFashion says:

    *ROFL* should just say ” lei zi ngo hou mm gam yuen jau mm hou da jim! mm goi, pai dui! “

  30. asstha says:

    hmmm… if i were u n Aud I’d jz stare at dem… n curse dem in Cantonese… 👿 👿 👿

  31. Linda says:

    cheesie, yr #10 silhouette pic looks like u hv a big, flaccid hairy penis 😳

  32. kikby says:

    cheesie i hope you can reply! when you went to korea do you think you can survive if you only knew english? because i am thinking about study abroad there but i can’t speak korean!and i worry i can’t survive there.

    • Syl says:

      I’ve been to Seoul! well – it’s kinda hard surviving in Korea if you don’t know any Korean at all (their English is abysmal). I would suggest you start learning how to read Korean and some basic phrases before starting Korean classes there. good luck! ♥ x

  33. Nika says:

    Hi hi! Heheh I’m korean (but living in Kuching lol) and people judge you by the way you dress in places like Myeong Dong hahahha. The people there think that Japanese have this type of style.

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