12 Days Of Christmas

December 10, 2010 in Commercial Break

If i can has one wish each of the 12 Days of Christmas, these are what i will be asking for.

1. A 3D LCD TV! Ok i dunno why this popped up first on the list, but i was seriously thinking of getting one because it’s so cool! I will watch Sammy’s adventure over and over again.
2. Another Holiyear™. I wanna go to Venice Lyon and Zurich! Then i wanna go to Dublin! I wanna experience the coldest weather and a pint of Guinness and the warmest hospitality at the same time *poetic
3. Eternal youth wtf. (actually i will rearrange the list and move this to the top so i get extra 2 days of eternal youth wtf)
4. More time to hang out with my friends! I lost some friends this year but it also brought me more good friends than ever. You lose some and gain some. So true! You all know who you are and i heart you all max!
5. Less work but more money! Ok paradox but that’s Santa’s problem to figure out not mine wtf.
6. A allergy-free pinky so i can enjoy all the good champagne good wine good Guinness stout good spirit and all! T_T
7. Very, very. very nice hair.
8. More sponsored trip(sssssss) please! Please bring Fourfeetnine and Xiaxue too! Girly shoppaholic reunion!
9. A bottomless tummy so i can eat everything delicious that’s left to be eaten in this world. Oh and the condition is not gain any weight.
10. Less horrible people in this world.
11. World Peace. (I originally asked for a nice, caring, rich, handsome AND loyal boy friend. But Santa told me i’d do him a great favor if i ask for world peace instead. So yea.)
12. A really nice Christmas dinner party with my favorite people in the world!

By Christmas party i don’t mean like expensive steak in whatever House followed by sweaty armpits in Zouk followed by unconsciousness and an explosive headache the next morning. I want like a proper Xmas dinner! I’ve never tried that before!

Neh the one with like, you know, turkey…


And Christmas pudding


And candy sticks


And a whole Xmas tree of Macarons wtf


And a lot of nice deco and dessert!!

I never had that kind of dinner!!

Well i sort of did at this Merry Guinness party, but it wasn’t Christmas yet so it’s not counted.

Have you? If you have not, well i have a CHEESY IDEA™. Let’s have a pre-Christmas dinner party together! (You, me. YES. YOU & ME! *virtual finger point).


It would be a party where good friends meet good food meet good music meet… wait for it… lotsa Guinness! 😀

It’s happening on the 15th December (Wednesday) at Jarrods & Rawlin! Mark your calender wtf.

Leave a comment here, and tell me what you want for your Merry Guinness this year!

I will pick 4 favorite comments and the 4 of you will get to go for a Merry Guinness dinner with me! Not only with me, but ON ME!

😀 😀 😀

Buy 6 pints of Guinness Draught or 1 bucket of Guinness Stout and get a FREE Heritage Collection Glass. And before that, please be a fan of Guinness Facebook so that you can get the latest Merry Guinness update and enjoy fun maximus!


So tell me. What do you want for your Merry Guinness this year?

101 responses to “12 Days Of Christmas”

  1. Jess says:

    I want to have a romantic dinner with my LDR bf. We didn’t see each other for months 🙁

  2. Claire says:

    I want a goood vacation! i wanna take jump shots from every places i go and pin all the pictures on the wall at my home!

    • Chika says:

      Wow.. that would actually be soo cool. And I wish to travel and see the world too. It’s so boring staying in the same place all the time :P. hehe..

  3. Cherish says:

    I want a Christmas Dinner with Cheesie ♥ I don’t want anything, just wish to celebrate Xmas with my beloved one, famliy and friends. That would just much enough for me! 🙂

  4. Jess says:

    I want to have a bf to spend Xmas with.. :'(

  5. Calvin says:

    Hope I can go Tokyo to celebrate. 😐

  6. Hey there Cheesie, I wanna go for your early Xmas dinner!

  7. cheesie says:

    Sorry guys i can only pick those with Malaysian flag hor unless you are 100% sure you will be here on the 15th! >.<

  8. Vicky Goh says:

    I want a Christmas Dinner with Cheesie! I love Christmas the most. Its all about family, love ones and friends. I just wanna have a good celebration with them =) Looking at their happy faces makes me happy too!

  9. Myuniquepast says:

    I want to make new friends this Xmas!!=) Nais people!

  10. Myuniquepast says:

    *with the malaysia flag flying high* LOL!

  11. Chriso says:

    I’ll have my Turkey Roast… on you?! Wow, can count me in ah 😛

  12. Cherish says:

    Eh Why my IP address not found? :dunno: Btw, I’m from Malaysia, Cheeesieeee ♥

  13. isabellmiao says:


  14. Charmaine says:

    I want a Merry Guinness with Cheesie! 🙂

  15. yomi says:

    i want a Merry Guinness dinner this year with Cheesie and lots and lots of Guinness stout! Then we will all be Merry this Christmas with Guinness! 😛

  16. Jem says:

    I want to have Merry Guinness dinner with you ! 😛 Let’s have a cheeselious Xmasss dinner ! <3

  17. Joanne says:

    1. I wanna get 7As’ for PMR .

    2. I want my family to be healthy always .

    3. I WANT MONEY!!!! $_$

  18. Hayley says:

    I want to go Paris again! Just because I miss Eiffel Tower and I miss the branded there ^^ (But I think its snowing crazily there at the moment… =_=) But dont care la!

  19. vnie says:

    I want to go for a Merry Guinness dinner with Ringo Tan 😛 Grant my wish grant my wish 😳

  20. Vicky Goh says:

    I want to celebrate Christmas with you!
    For Christmas, I would like to celebrate with my family and friends and love ones every single year and for years to come! After all, they are the ones who support me through the years =)
    Someday I would like to spend my Christmas overseas probably Japan because I love Japan and I would wanna know how is Christmas like during winter <3
    So, dear Cheesie, would you let me celebrate christmas with you?

  21. I wish there will be snow in Venice during Christmas this year as I will be going there for Christmas!! Also I really wish I could get to reserve a great place for dinner there during Xmas eve.

  22. Vicky Goh says:

    How do I cheese??

  23. terence goh says:

    I have three loves in my life!


    Now 2 outta 3 gonna spend xmas with me is a gonna b a great pressie for me. Muacks heart u max

  24. Vicky Goh says:

    I wanna celebrate this Christmas with Cheesie! I love Christmas the most. All I want for christmas is to celebrate with my family, friends and love ones every year and for years to come! After all, they are the one who supports me Through thick and thin~ I wish one day I could celebrate Christmas with my family in Japan because that’s my favourite country.
    So dear Cheesie, would you let me celebrate Christmas with you? <3

  25. Lynx says:

    For this Merry Guinness Christmas, I’d love to experience how Christmas is celebrated in Malaysia ^_^ I’ll be flying down there on Dec. 15 to stay with my mum based in Perak, and will be staying for a month.

    Honestly, it’s kindda sad to be outside my homeland during this season — I am missing the parties and reunions but I hope I’d feel the same warmth and glitz that I usually get back at home. I hope Guinness will make my wish come true and make my xmas a not-so-away-from-home experience.

    Moreover, I’d like to meet the every-stylish and wacky Cheesie ^_^ it’ would be such a starstruck opportunity since I’ve been following her blog and tweets for quite some time ^_^

    • cheesie says:

      it’s evening wor can u make it u not jet lag ah!!!!!!!

      • Lynx says:

        Come to think of it, yeah I may be too tired — jet lag and beer can be an awful combination. Anyway, I hope someday to have a bottle Guinness w/ u. I think spending Christmas in Malaysia may not be bad after all ^_^ it’s gonna be a different experience. Cheers!

  26. Coco says:

    I want more money for Christmas to buy more stuff from Minimaos.

    Christmas shopping FTW!

  27. KY says:

    I oso wannnn, I heart Guinness!!

  28. Jessy says:

    I wish Christmas is celebrated the way I wish it will be, that is to have an Awesomeeee Christmas dinner with lovely people just like Cheesie! 🙂

  29. terence goh says:

    Hao come I’m malaysian but with candian flag? Lol oi subang mali lah

  30. Jasmine says:

    I want a Merry Guinness with lots Guinness Stout to drink and shower to make me smell exactly like one Guinness Stout! LOL 😆

  31. Confeitoiren says:

    😥 wtf the first one post i try to comment is sumthing i kenot participate 🙁
    so just gift my wish to you then cheesie, i wish you get all you want except number 8 you already have gorgeus hair no need to add more 😆

  32. Leney says:

    I wanna have cheese fondue with cheesie on Christmas!

  33. jean says:

    Yay make u brownies wtf

  34. lilbunny says:

    i wan the santa to bring away my mother-in-law to live with him so dat i can have happily every after. bleh

  35. melody says:

    i wanna look 16 forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    and have free flow of cash
    and a super duper cute prince charming!!!
    so we can live happily ever afterrrrrrrrrrr

  36. jean says:

    Uh, why is my flag in canada when I’m in kl

  37. Jeff says:

    free flow of Guinness then i am ready to die. 👿

  38. asstha says:

    I’m going to be jobless after Xmas 😥 … I hope I can find a job by then if not Xmas is pretty much ruined for me this year… in dire need of some Xmas joy… it’s sposed 2 b my favourite time of the year… so can Cheesie help? :blush:

  39. Porkie says:

    Proper Xmas dinner ah? Told you many a time to come over here for Xmas cuz defo can lah!! then Boxing day sales after..hehe.

    Hmm..what I want for Merry Guinness this year is the same yet different. Something that I don’t think I can ever have lo..something not buyable.

  40. Jacklyn says:

    I wish the due dates of my uni assignments will be extend alittle later so n do not need to hand in right after the christmas break!! so that i can hv fun wif my frens & family!!!sob~~~& i would like to meet u!!..hehe…

  41. Chika says:

    Ughh.. Like you, I also wish I had a bottomless tummy. The way I would eat like there’s no tomorrow is a mystery. I love all types of food. But one thing I just can’t get enough of is Asian Food. *Cheers to the foods of the world*.

  42. Blurcheryl says:

    I want to have unlimited supplies of of Guinness Stout whole year round, and I want it in barrel so that I can have all the stout anytime of the day, Now I am thinking having Guinness Bath, Guinness Pudding, Guinness BBQ, Guinness Tonic, Guinness Stout Party for X’mas too! Guinness Turkey would be nice!! Awesome!!

  43. Jess says:

    I wan makan, minum, tidur, shopping and shopping and shopping. I think i need $$$

  44. alamak says:

    wah so 😈 ! got macaron tower somemore!! 🙂

  45. Nicole Chang says:

    I want just a simple bucket of Guinness and get happy loud party with Chessie~~ Hope that’s not going to gain my weight!! XD

  46. j says:

    awesome whole Xmas tree of BLACK macaron! I’m dying to try!

  47. Ping Wey says:

    cheesie cheesie, let’s get drunk with Guiness for the Christmas party night! Hohoho, merry xmas!

  48. Quirky says:

    I would like to fill a pool up with guinness and “sambil menyelam minum air”.

  49. Amok Yeah Yeah says:

    The most wonderful things to Celebrate X’mas together is ……. with Guinness Draught …. I like the taste so so much . To Arthur’s …. !!! 👿

  50. Brenda says:

    i want to go home and be with my family, i wish my sister can come home too but not this time 🙁

    before i go home, a Merry Xmas dinner with Cheesie will be able to make it up for my sister who won’t be celebrating Xmas with me this year.

  51. sweesan says:

    I want a white christmas! and eat Bûche de Noël and warm my toes rubbing my dog’s tummy. 🙄

  52. dilys says:

    i want Liz Lisa Floral Poncho wtf =D

  53. XCB says:

    Dear Santarina,

    I want my closet to be filled with everything from Minimaos and dress like Cheesie and has hair like Cheesie’s and travel to the countries that Cheesie has been to. I also want my refrigerator to be filled with cheddars and mozzarella cheese. Thank you very much.

    Yours Truly,
    Is a Malaysian and currently resides in Malaysia despite the fact that jalur gemilang is not shown.

  54. eric says:


  55. eric says:


  56. Natalie says:

    Yes come to Dublin!! 😀 We’ll give you all the Guiness you want! 😛

  57. Mouina says:

    too bad i do not live in malaysia 🙁

  58. denise says:

    oh my god, i didn’t know christmas pudding look like that!!

  59. Amanda says:

    your blog is snowing! <3 <3 I wanna have snow in my blog tooo~ how you do it?

  60. ling says:

    i want to never have to want anything ever again 😀

  61. wintergurl says:

    The turkey looks nice 💡

  62. you’re so cute in that guinness hat!! XD

  63. Lin Wan says:

    There’s a lot of things I want this year T____T! I want a new camera, a new room decorations, new bag and most of all I want to be forever 17 ! I can’t believe I will be 18 y.o next year though my look doesn’t looks like it*teehee :P*! Owh btw, I want to have a Merry Guinness dinner with you too Cheesie ;D! I bet it would be fun :))))) !
    P/S: I’m a very shy person though 😡

  64. jane says:

    like omg! i will actually be in KL for the whole week!!! 😆 i would love to have fabulous dinner, fabulous guinness & fabulous camwhore session with cheesie on Merry Guinness day!!

  65. Sugar says:

    I want my heart back. my ex stole it from me and smashed it into pieces and i want a new heart for Christmas. so far black label has been helping, but i think i wanna give Guinness a shot. bring me cheesie, i promise not to cry during dinner. =.=

  66. cheesie says:

    Participation closed!!!!!!!!! Picking winner nao!!!!!!!

  67. kaigee says:

    i want my ex boyfriend to trip and fall down.

  68. wafflescream says:

    wtf is my real name doing thr

  69. Jay says:

    You should come have xmas with us, we do it proper way! x ever heard of turducken??

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