December 27, 2010 in Senti-Emmental

Cuz i didn’t know what else to call it wtf.

Some people call it Micro Genius (really? is that a term used to cheat our parents into letting us play all night long?). The official name i think is NES (Nintendo Entertainment System wtf how boring). Then the Japanese call it Famicon (family computer, means the whole family including parents also should play together with us wtf).

I call it ditditgei wtf. If anyone of you here call it ditditgei too, you know i know everyone knows how old we are FOL. Clue: NES/MicroGenius/Famicon/Ditditgei is exactly how old i am FML.

School holiday had never been happier with the existence of ditditgei wtf.

Oh and if you dunno what is ditditgei, obviously there’s some generation gap happening right here so you can bugger of and jump down the gap nao together with your stupid iPad and Angry Birds.

The reason why i got so nostalgic is because this Christmas holiday got extremely boring. I got bored of winning Monopoly Deals most of the time *lansi  so i thought maybe it was time i re-ignite my long lost love for my Nintendo Wii so i went to a game shop and bought Super Mario Bros 1985.


I diedededededededed at like World 1-4 FML.

I think it’s the controller’s fault! I think the controller cable plays an important role in winning the game one!!!

How did i get so rusty at Super Mario! How can anyone suck at Super Mario! I mean, it is Super Mario!!!!!

So i did the unthinkable—-and yes go ahead and judge me—-i googled the walkthrough of Super Mario.

I mean, i forgot where all the hidden coins was… OK FINE!

i googled the walkthrough of Super Mario.

No amount of explanation can spare me from public humiliation nao. Go ahead. Laugh summore.

But seriously, this whole internet thing is a disgrace to all ditditgei games with all the stupid walkthroughs you can so easily obtain.


But i was so so so excited last night (evidence flooded my twitter timeline) and were so busy reminiscing all the good old games that teman’ed me holidays after holidays until i grew boobs wtf.

Thank you all of you who layan a crazy woman frantically wanting to find out the name of her fav ditditgei game that involves a faceless handsome samurai who eats beans that changes his shirt color in order to save this Japanese princess dressed in red kimono only to have her kidnapped by Ninja over and over and over again FHL really.

The name is Legend Of Kage

The ending is reli FHL lol.

Here are some other games that made me went !!!!!!! OMFGOMFG WTFWTFWTF Waaaaaaaaaa Awwwwwwwwwwwww last night.

Circus Charlie

Wtfwtfwtfwtf <333333

Antartica Adventure

Omgomgomgomg <3333333

Binary Land

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww <3333333

Island Adventure

I can play this forever and everrrrrrrr


Ninja Jaja Maru Kun


I looooooove this Kinnikuman nonsense i think i played until i fought with my cousins cuz i kept somersaulting her until she diedededed (or she kept somersault me until i diededed depends on whose side of the story you are listening to i guess)




What was your fav ditditgei game? Share share!

81 responses to “Ditditgei”

  1. KY says:

    mine is minesweeper! woohoo

  2. kimberlycun says:

    wah i played all the games above. i like Twin Bee the most tho…coz it’s like the only game in the world i could win…kinda 😛

  3. Steph says:

    Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3!! Oh and Goonies, too.

  4. Glo-w says:

    i know ditditgespent so many hours=millions of dits playing….TETRIS!

  5. lyn says:

    oh i used to love mappy so much .. i go up to level 30 ++ 😀

    so yeah, my fave would be mappy .. and i love bird week .. and antartic adventure .. used to play circus charlie too but sucks max at level 5 .. the one with the swinging thingy ..

    there were also balloon fight and battle city! oh! ice climber!!!

    i totally forgot how to play the wrestling one de .. or the kung fu thingy one .. oh! excite bike!

  6. Enrico says:

    I just recall the ninja, the circus, island adventure! Thank you for the reminisces!

  7. Geneve says:

    Circus charlie is my fave 😈

  8. aud says:

    what are you talking about i totally trashed you in monopoly deals !! *lansi-er

  9. JD says:

    I like you! 1st female gamer I know, kekeke! My favourite is still gotta be Super Mario!

  10. Cherie says:

    I love Antarctica Adventure the most when I was a kid! Love the music and the penguin!

  11. sellina chia says:

    i notice you use “wtf”, “fml” etc etc in your style of wrtting. There must be better ways of expressing your thoughts. Abreviating it does not make it less vulgar

    • cheesie says:

      wtf? since when wtf is vulgar. wtf.

      • sellina chia says:

        Oh…. you better check out …http://www.internetslang.com to see
        maybe there is no real intention to .. but have look –> WTF, FML

        • reader says:

          shuddap la
          since its her style, then its her style
          many ppl find it cute anyways

          bugs off

          • sellina chia says:

            i wasn’t rude here why are u?

          • Lulu says:

            Hei Reader from Singapore are you a communist, no freedom of speech and respect for others?

          • Colleen says:

            honestly, i don’t think “reader” was trying to be rude.
            it’s just his/her manner of expression can be mistakened to be that way.
            just like how sellina, you are trying to ask cheesie to find better ways of expressing her thoughts?
            why are you even telling her to check out more on internet slang etc.
            i’m sure she’s well aware that wtf, fml has the tendency to be mistaken as being vulgar, but we, as her readers are just accustomed to this way, and we know she means no harm.
            by pointing that out and all, you are passing off as being a “know-it-all”.
            if you don’t feel comfortable reading her way of writing, then you are most welcome to not read?
            i believe all of us other readers actually enjoy cheesie’s style.

  12. joanne_mas says:

    OMG totally can related to all the games! We same generation meh? I tot you are so much younger… no offence to those who can related too ya 😀 i love all of them!

  13. Cherrie says:

    I played every single one except for the last one! So nostalgic!

  14. stupidgirl says:

    I only remember super mario and circus charlie :dunno: :dunno:

  15. zyinw ty says:

    i like circus. antartika and mappy……….my childhood plays!!!

  16. Roo says:

    Mappy, FTW! 😀

  17. pinksterz says:

    i know those games!! mario is the best! I have the pc version haha and the graphic is almost similar to the old skool one!

    Used to fight over the controller with my mom. Shes a fan of tetris and jewel tetris wtf.

  18. JuLs says:

    I’ve also played every single ones here…. fav also Mario used to complete 8-8 without any life sacrificed… but now i tried playing Nintendo Wii Mario at fren’s place, totally sux at it 😛

  19. suz says:

    your boobs grew part was hilarious!i have heard about when women hear babies cry and their breasts grow… never knew when you play ditditgei your boobs grow, so i guess boobs aren’t the only things that are growing LOLOLOL

  20. winnie says:

    awwwwwwwww! the good times before! i remembered there were like 100 over games in one “tape”, its so funny we call them “tape”. Some other i can recall like Pacman, some aircraft which moves forward and have to hit some alien shits, then got what duck/dog(?) hunting one, we even got the gun! (so nostalgic weh), Street Fighter, the one u need to kick,punch ur opponent until he reaches the very end on the left/right side. Among all, Mario’s the best! 😀

    • lyn says:

      oh .. is the alien shit hitting one called galaga or galaxia or something ? and the other is duck hunt .. where the dog laughs at you when miss a shot at the duck -.-

  21. Rebecca says:

    OMG. I played all the games except the last twoo.. Gameboy was my life.Ahh good times good times.. No wonder I need glasses to correct my vision now. LOL.

  22. Ben McC says:

    The old games were the whole reason I bought a Wii. I download them all the time. I love Super Mario and Mario Cart the most. I also like the Legend of Zelda. Great, now I look like a perv and a nerd on your site… FML. :dunno:

  23. Joanne says:

    btw, since when is fml vulgar…………………..swt.

    BTW I dunno wht is it called so I called it the orange controller game >D

    What does ditditgei means ==

    I’ve played CIRCUS CHARLIE! 😀 I always cannot go through the monkeys one 🙁

  24. Adrianne says:

    Flashbacks man! I remember all the games!
    When I was younger, we had to share the ‘ditditgei’ among me and my younger siblings and my mum made it so we can only have one game each turn. I always pick Super Mario when it comes to my turn because I know where all the hidden extra lives (green mushrooms!!) were. Haha

  25. Vee Ling says:

    I love all the game above.. And one more game I love the most will be Contra.. Whee~~ I miss all the game so much!!

  26. kim says:

    OMG, you’re seriously awesome! I mean because I was too young that time to know all the names of the games. And now I finally knew all the names T__T though I can remember all the scenes perfectly. Hahaha

  27. Nicole says:

    I’m only 14 so my favourite games are also Mario! I also love the latest one, Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart! Whee~

  28. Jeff Tan says:

    OMG.. we same generation??? lolz 😯 bring back all my best memory…
    i like all the above and I like these the most…
    — Contra (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj2soNexYKs&playnext=1&list=PLC571465EE46C9B2E&index=24) – played until police tangkap. wtf. and the joy we had when we know the secret of the 30 lifes…
    — Double dragon (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCQ-Nbinx78)
    — 忍者龍劍傳 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKcyCwdV2ak&NR=1)
    — G.I.JOE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ6u9AYScIE) shit… i know G.I.JOE before some teens even born… wwwwaaaaa

  29. Joce says:

    Snow bros, island adventure and tetris!
    Miss playing those games.. 😉

  30. Pork Pork says:

    i remember ditditgei..still got mine lying around somewhere!! next time u in uk i find n we play lol…not sure it will look very good on 40″ lcd tv tho!!!

    Eh…you din feature ice climber meh? one of the best ditditgei gamers eeeeeeeeeeever!!! oh and you like kinikuman as well? 😀

  31. Dianaaaa says:

    wahhh 😯 i have never heard of them wahhh

  32. Dreams says:

    you really bring me back to that time when i was like 7 or 8 years old. so much memory from the games. 😛

  33. Eve says:

    OMG THESE ARE ALL THE GAMES I PLAYED WHEN I GREW UP!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU FOUND THEM!!! I didn’t know the names and now I know! OMG OMG OMG. I’m so gonna show this to my boyfriend cos he always doesn’t know what am I talking bout =(

  34. doinkdoink says:

    I love Circus Charlie and many more!!!! the games u said, i love them all and always play last time!!! oh my god, u still can manage to find this video, so cool!!!! ^^

  35. Coco says:

    Circus charlieeeee! I miss that game! My favorite ditditgei game is actually Pokemon. 😀

  36. OMFG. This brings back a hell lot of memories. The videos you posted up were the exact games that I played in my Uncle’s NES. I beleive he had it in secondary school and now he’s in his twenties!

  37. Lee says:

    Thanks 😈 You helped me to recall alot of my childhood memories! I think those were the coolest games at that time. Being able to play with those games already quite lucky !

  38. ShaolinTiger says:

    Hehe I had a NES too wayyy back.

    Fav game was Zelda! I think back then it was Zelda 2 or something.

  39. Steph says:

    I laugh like nobody business when i first saw the caption Ditditgei!hahaha it made me think of the time when I was young playing it! wonder all this game u post played with Wii? i want to play all this game again!!!! 😆

  40. mimid3vils says:

    Can resist to leave a comment for u, bravo on finding those games!!! But I wonder now we still can get NES ar?

  41. Fel says:

    Omg ! All these games are my childhood favs ! 😀 I remember those times i keep fighting with my cousin for the player 1 controller. And we always play circus charlie i think. xD And i think there was another one, i forgot what was it called. Some pipeman game? LOL.

  42. Simon Seow says:

    Micro Genius is actually a pirated version of NES. I think at that time NES machine is a bit too expensive for most people. Only starting from Sega and Super NES we have the original machine and then some genius came out with a floppy disk emulator that can copy the games into floppy disk lol.

  43. mint says:

    :(( i got no ditditgei, me poor kid play tetris with 2 AA batteries only :((

    but soon i play emulator king with 200 ditdit games in it :DD

  44. Sharon says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brings back so much memories!!!!!!

  45. psb says:

    are you born in 1984 lol??

  46. Rara says:

    OMG!!! i almost forgot all these games.. super mario bros, legend of kage, mappy, circus charlie, goonies. those games are available on wii now??

  47. Torrent says:

    OMG, thanks for relieving all of my memories, I played all of them before, except for Binary Land and Ninja Jaja! The controller I used was really really funny though, buttons are hard, not so good for fingers when you grip and mash too much.

  48. Joey says:

    OMG I called it ditditgei also!! Didn’t realize I’m so old that no one calls it that anymore *delusional*

    I played nearly all the games you put up. Love Adventure Island so much! And until now, I still hum the Mappy tune sometimes.

    No one have mentioned this (I think), but I LOVED Bubble Bobble! Damn cute la can trap monsters in my saliva HAHA

  49. Pokupie says:

    Doesn’t anyone play Chip and Dale? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaFGnA2mP1U

  50. Valerie. says:

    Why ditditgei is old! Not old lo! I’m only 16 and I played all the games you played! HAHA!

  51. mich says:

    omg! most of the games i played when i was young! i missed!! i totally forgot how it look like! can u let me know? i so wanna play again!

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