Cuz i didn’t know what else to call it wtf.

Some people call it Micro Genius (really? is that a term used to cheat our parents into letting us play all night long?). The official name i think is NES (Nintendo Entertainment System wtf how boring). Then the Japanese call it Famicon (family computer, means the whole family including parents also should play together with us wtf).

I call it ditditgei wtf. If anyone of you here call it ditditgei too, you know i know everyone knows how old we are FOL. Clue: NES/MicroGenius/Famicon/Ditditgei is exactly how old i am FML.

School holiday had never been happier with the existence of ditditgei wtf.

Oh and if you dunno what is ditditgei, obviously there’s some generation gap happening right here so you can bugger of and jump down the gap nao together with your stupid iPad and Angry Birds.

The reason why i got so nostalgic is because this Christmas holiday got extremely boring. I got bored of winning Monopoly Deals most of the time *lansi  so i thought maybe it was time i re-ignite my long lost love for my Nintendo Wii so i went to a game shop and bought Super Mario Bros 1985.


I diedededededededed at like World 1-4 FML.

I think it’s the controller’s fault! I think the controller cable plays an important role in winning the game one!!!

How did i get so rusty at Super Mario! How can anyone suck at Super Mario! I mean, it is Super Mario!!!!!

So i did the unthinkable—-and yes go ahead and judge me—-i googled the walkthrough of Super Mario.

I mean, i forgot where all the hidden coins was… OK FINE!

i googled the walkthrough of Super Mario.

No amount of explanation can spare me from public humiliation nao. Go ahead. Laugh summore.

But seriously, this whole internet thing is a disgrace to all ditditgei games with all the stupid walkthroughs you can so easily obtain.


But i was so so so excited last night (evidence flooded my twitter timeline) and were so busy reminiscing all the good old games that teman’ed me holidays after holidays until i grew boobs wtf.

Thank you all of you who layan a crazy woman frantically wanting to find out the name of her fav ditditgei game that involves a faceless handsome samurai who eats beans that changes his shirt color in order to save this Japanese princess dressed in red kimono only to have her kidnapped by Ninja over and over and over again FHL really.

The name is Legend Of Kage

The ending is reli FHL lol.

Here are some other games that made me went !!!!!!! OMFGOMFG WTFWTFWTF Waaaaaaaaaa Awwwwwwwwwwwww last night.

Circus Charlie

Wtfwtfwtfwtf <333333

Antartica Adventure

Omgomgomgomg <3333333

Binary Land

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww <3333333

Island Adventure

I can play this forever and everrrrrrrr


Ninja Jaja Maru Kun


I looooooove this Kinnikuman nonsense i think i played until i fought with my cousins cuz i kept somersaulting her until she diedededed (or she kept somersault me until i diededed depends on whose side of the story you are listening to i guess)




What was your fav ditditgei game? Share share!