First minimaos koraburo desu wtf.


That’s my longest friend of 12 years Ichigo, everyone say hi!


On ringo: PU Biker Jacket (Black)


On ichigo: PU Leather Super Mini Laced Skirt

On ringo: Bird Feather Super Mini


On ichigo: Laguna Moon Pink Dress

On ringo:  TS Monochromatic Vintage Floral Top


On ichigo: Tsubasa Sheep Fur Earmuff




Hime Style fur gloves, both from minimaos.


on both: Vintage Laced Shorts


Poser max wtf.


On ichigo: Rinka Wig from minimaos.


On ringo: Own hair done gorgeously by Chezz technique wtf.



Order your couple name necklace nao for Valentine’s Day!


–> Couple rings from RM270 (normal price RM296)!

–> RM8 off for all other items except couple rings

Promotion ends like…. TODAY.

Order nao at minimaos!!

(Wow it rhymes!)

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