December 24, 2010 in Photoshop Tutorial Cheat One™

Wow. I spent my Christmas eve practicing Photoshop and edited these 3 pictures! Looks like i have reached a new level of unhappeningness.

Very sad cuz cannot go to Japan to celebrate Xmas 3 years in a row fakku mai raifu!!!




Ok bai.

PS: If you are reading this nao on Xmas day, i really dunno what the hell is wrong with you.

63 people cheesed “Merikurisumasu”

  1. i guai lui stay home watch tv countdown christmas lor.. lol.. merry christmas cheesie! the first photo looks fabulous! 🙂

  2. I like your hair! 😈 😈 😈 😈

  3. wth is wronng with meeee


  5. wah the last pic really look like popteen ex model tsubasa! 😈 😈 that’s her name right…the one who did dolly wink lashes

  6. HI cheesie merry x’mas n i love pic #1 very animated,ohh n btw congrats u reached a higher level of photoshopping picture 😀

  7. i just got back from fam dindin^^ hmm…i see u really embracing the fur bra^^ feliz navidad~

  8. aw you look so cute!!

    and actually, it’s christmas eve right now in Puerto Rico (12:16pm)

  9. Merry Christmas to you too! I love that furry bra. 😯 I may just have to order one and save it for my next girlfriend. :roll:

  10. i know you didn’t ps your boobs!!!!

  11. yeah wth is wrong with me? +________=

  12. actually i was out partying but after i see ur tweet feel so kesian so go take a look lol wtf juz kidding i guess i hv sumthing wrong too -______-

    nice editing! btw u know meituxiuxiu? must try! easier to do than spending hours on PS!
    funny how i said easier when i dot even speak mandarin, aishhhh fml -________-

    merry xmas cheesie! ♥

  13. Merry xmas cheesie ^_^ having a quiet xmas eve n xmas as well~~

    jus v curious wat fake eyelashes r u using in these photos? so nice!

    Also.. really love ur hair with the front fringe ^_^ makes me wanna get mermaid hair too but im scared to perm =(

  14. The second photo is sooooo cute. Jealous. 😥

  15. Merry Christmas, Cheesie! Hope you have an awesome day and get all you want for Christmas 🙂

  16. u look like a doll! pretty! 😉

  17. Wow pretty good with the color change! Love the 2nd pix! Merry xmas =)

  18. I really love your mermaid hair ms. cheesie 😈 pretty! 😉

  19. Cheesie, you look like Rainie Yang in the first picture! So cute!

  20. the last pic <3
    all 3 are so cute, but the last one is just too adorable for words <3

  21. That’s the furry bra? 😯

  22. heart the 1st pic 😀
    メリークリスマス Cheesie!

  23. i worked the whole of Christmas eve right up to Christmas morning that’s what’s wrong 🙁

  24. why u so pretty hmfp! 😯

  25. wtf I am damn no life. reading your blog on christmas day. hahas. Like the last pic (:

  26. oi. distracting leh

  27. hahahahahah… indeeed….. chris~ do u mean u saw something really.. ahhemm *

  28. OMG what’s wrong with me? @@

  29. my gawd..
    you photoshopped your boobs?
    LOL at you cheesie.
    i want to see a pic of you without MAKEUP.OKAY?
    pls 😀 haha

  30. why you show your bra in your blog? lol!
    you show it in your blog.
    not scared ppl use ur pic and post in facebook?
    my friend kena leh..
    becareful cheesie.
    just saying….

  31. D= I can’t help it it’s still night time on Christmas day… so I didn’t get any presents yet, so I’m boreedddd~ Give me a break, k? ^^;

  32. 横浜からのメリークリスマス! 😉

  33. i like 2nd one 😀

  34. Synchroflash says:

    Joyeux Noël !!!

  35. omg when i just opened the page, ur 1st pic hair look stunning!

  36. Merry Christmas Cheesie!

    The purpley hair is…omg I dunno…adorableish! <3

  37. Merikurisumasu! ^_^ I wuv you, Cheesie!

  38. Cheesie, you’re gorg !
    What ethnicity are you ?

  39. GOT SNOW IN UR BLOG ! WHY SO COOL WAN ! last pic damn cute !

  40. pretty but prefer the unphotoshopped ones 😀
    are you using blogger? or wordpress? or livejournal? i know youve changed to a domain but wut platform are you using to blog?

  41. are u christian?

  42. dunch complainnnsssss

  43. duckface! kawaii photos though

  44. i read this after xmas, tadaaaaa


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