I made two videos on Xtranormal! It’s so addictive wtf makes me wanna be a script writer wtf.

This is an animated version of my blog post on “Things You Say When You Have Too Much Shit“. A lot of people didn’t get it but watch this shit and you will have a better idea lol. *Puts on trippy music.

And this one is “Daily Argument with a British Bitch” wtf. I can only have two robots so obviously i’m the chioer one and my Brit Bitch looks like crazy frog.  I couldn’t find a Malaysian accent so i made myself Indian English Female cuz that’s like the closest thing to Malaysia wtf.

Just pretend the setting is inside a car 😛




Shop in the U.S.  for Christmas!

Remember vsHUB.com?

They are nao having a brand new make over!

Gorgeous new website! With the brand new face-lift, vsHUb has also added many features that makes shopping in the U.S. super affordable and easy. Just go to any U.S. websites, shop your heart out and let vsHUB ship back right to your doorsteps!

I went through some of the websites and it’s so addictive cannot stop wei!!! T_T I wasn’t a big fan of U.S. brands but some of the stores really surprised me! I didn’t know they could be so cheap! For example, i always thought Abercrombie is like super expensive one cuz a lot of fakes and all the foreign workers all wearing A&F right wtf.

But one Tee is only like USD30 and i like their Nordic sweater a lot only like USD58 T___T.. That’s totally like Topshop price!

So much sales going on in the U.S.!

Like Forever21. Some items on sales are as low as USD5! With vsHUB’s latest Budget Shipping, you can ship items that are less than 1KG back for only RM50 flat rate!!

Also, if you are a blogshop onwer, don’t forget to check out their e-Fulfillment Service, where they store, pack and deliver your packages for you to your customer! No more mountains of stock and home and running to the post office everyday. Sign up for a 6-months plan now to enjoy a 50% off the normal rates!

Nao vsHUB has over 11,000 fans on FB page and reaching 10,000 registered members. Stay tuned for their weekly auction in vsHUB’s FB that starts from RM1. Items include Coach bags, branded watches and other popular U.S. branded items.

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