Fruits de Mer

January 28, 2011 in France

Means seafood sashimi in French wtf.



The last post didn’t satisfy many of you because no have my face. The reason is because i didn’t take may pictures of myself because it’s so bloody cold. How cold? It is FuckFashion Cold. Haih.

Anyway. Ok so today i just anyhow took any picture of my very anyhow face and anyhow published it here. Hope it will anyhow make you happy wtf.



So! Today for the first time in many many years, i ate French Snails.

I really, REALLY hated escargot due to a tragic experience in a local restaurant in KL. Never touched the stupid snail ever since. In fact, the mere mention of escargot makes me retch.


I mean, i am in France nao. And i have tried Frech Fries, French Toast, French Beans, French Kiss… hmmm.




Aiya. Try lo. @_@




Everyone was like WA YUMMY HMM NOM NOM NOM i was also a bit tempted to be honest(!!!!). Plus this one is not the green green smelly garlic butter baked one so it’s not as disgusting. Well, it is in some way actually because you can see its snaily existence even more clearly.

So i use the snail poker thingie, and dook and pulled the fella out, and when i saw it i was like wtf, because mine had this extra thingie at the end and took me longer time to pull out wtf.



I asked why mine look so much bigger and longer than the rest?????

Then Federico said because it was very excited to see you and i LOLOLOLed. 😀 😀 😀

Anyway! I must say it’s quite the yummy! I think i may have ended the curse of French Snail Trauma. Maybe.



Sea Urchin!!!



Sicilian style apparently



Really yummy!

Ok enough of my face have to sleep nao cuz catching a train in the morning tomorrow to Zurich.

Will Show My Flag again bai!

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37 responses to “Fruits de Mer”

  1. cheesie says:

    Showing My Last Flag Before I Change To A New One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. shmuberry says:

    Yummmm I miss all that food! I used to live in France! You have to try Beef Tartare, it’s delicious and you can only get a good one in France!!

    ”Fruits de mer” actually just means seafood. If you were to translate it directly, it means ” fruits of the sea” haha

  3. Johnny Yeong says:

    I still kenot bring myself to eat that escargot!!
    Europe seems so much fun!!

  4. KittyBonkers says:

    Mmmmmmm looks like you are really going with the culture!! I don’t think I would even be BRAVE enough to eat snails!!

    Kitty x

  5. KY says:

    i wanna eat oyster naoooo

  6. jfook says:

    omg i love your half arsed entry. LIKE ALWAYS. You just made me LOLOLOL-ed when I read “I mean, i am in France nao. And i have tried Frech Fries, French Toast, French Beans, French Kiss… hmmm.” haha. You awesome blogger lahhh! Love you max!

  7. Fiions says:

    Wuuuuu!! Au revoir francais!!
    Got more frenchie pics?? Or cheesie travels this time only for noms noms?

  8. ron says:

    SNAILS 😯

    aiya no disclaimer. i nearly fainted, i’m terribly afraid of snails.

  9. xjion89 says:

    oooo, hv to eat snails><

  10. Stephanie says:

    #5 comment made laugh a lot ! haha. It is good to try new things

  11. Synchroflash says:

    I don’t understand, it’s not snails but whelks ! not all the same flavor…

  12. Glo-w says:

    IT’S HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!!!! ROFL I love escargo but only eat in nice restaurants. must be careful. Lols, yeah fruits de mer is fruits of the sea in direct translation ^^

  13. Joey says:

    No macarons?
    Escargots are not as orgasmic as they are made out to be leh. I prefer paté. Mmmm…
    Btw, “FUCKFASHIONCOLD” made me lol

  14. Jodie says:

    Life so good sia go everywhere *_* Eat all the good food~
    im pretty sure french one is yummy x903521401294 cus its more original though.. ok maybe not i dunno
    btw, fruits de mer for seafood sashimi is just weird. why isnt it fruits? TToTT weirdd
    have fun there~

  15. melody says:

    got your face!!!! hahahaha
    faster change flag!!!
    coz means we got posts to read!!! hahaha

  16. donkeypoo says:

    Hahah, the Swiss flag is square one

  17. melody says:

    Why ur flag soooooo prettyyyyyy!!!!
    And cuteeeeeeeee
    Haha u made show my flag so funn!!!!
    I also faster faster come see!!!!!

  18. Annalisa says:

    sea urchinsss <3 *drool*

  19. Johanna says:

    Escargots 😀 😈

  20. David says:


    You can make the funniest faces! ! ! ! 😛

    The food looks so yummy!


  21. Mishi says:

    french food looks amazing!!! eating snail ay? LOL how do u like it?!?!

  22. steph says:

    ughh… seafood… but i swore i would eat some for my NYR

    love your expressions~
    i LOL’d even w/ a sheet mask on when you said the snail was excited to see you~

  23. WP says:

    Never tried sea urchin before 🙁

    But I love those snails! (they’re called bulot in French by the way) I also like the garlic butter one, as you called it, they’re even better I think (maybe because they’re served warm). (and oh, those are the real escargots)

  24. Elisa says:

    I’ve eaten this before, it doesn’t look pretty, but tastes ok =p

  25. I love Fruits De Mer and totally want to experience the whole French experience! Maybe someday. Looks deliciouss 🙂

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