If you are still hesitant to get your mermaid hair, DO IT. *pushes off the plank

I can tell you it’s very awesome because even if your hair looks like a PMS mermaid who just received her credit card bill, all you need to do is tie it up in a ponytail or a bun and it looks awesome. Everybody will be like HOW DID YOU MAKE YOUR HAIR SO BIG! In a good way!

Other day at Chezz Technique.



Just dived into the sea.



The mermaiding.



Full of clams in my hair wtf.

So Chezz is now having a  2011 Brand New Look Contest. Basically you just have to go to any Chezz’s outlet and let their hair experts design a brand new style for you (if you spend RM50 and above). Then they will snap a before and after picture of you and post it n their Facebook page for voting.

The prize is damn awesome wei!!!!!! BEHOLD!

Grand Prize:

Female category (Most Like’s): 1 year free service from salun chezz + Schwarzkopf products worth RM500
Male category (Most Like’s): 1 year free service from salun chezz + Schwarzkopf products worth RM500

1 year free service!!!!!!!!!   iosowan!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, i already am getting it *lansi

I spied their FB and saw some make-over pic, quite impressive!



Before and after.

Somehow the guy looks so much more lengjai after the makeover wei!!! How did he do it!!!!!!!

Of course here’s yours cheesily’s before and after.



AHOY the Mermaid Waves!!!!

(Waves, geddit?????  OHMAIKOT i think i just did a triple pun 😀  )

More info please visit Chezz’s Facebook page!

Feel free namedrop haha no promise but maybe they will give you discount!!

Credits to Blivene’s Talents who arranged this sponsorship.





Bocuse d’Or

I will be traveling to Europe in 10 days time OMG NERVOUS WTF HAVEN’T PACK ALL PANIC MATCHING COATS AND BOOT WHERE ARE YOU OK CHILL anyway the main purpose of the trip is to go to Lyon in France for Bocuse d’Or.

Bocuse d’Or is the World  Chef Championship (!), and  is like the world’s most prestigious cooking competition (!!!) and wiki says it is like the culinary equivalent of the Olympic Games (!!!!!) and the best part is I AM ATTENDING IT! Ok la actually that’s not the best part! The best part is, Malaysia won a place into this world cuisine contest!

This is the chart of past winners. Cannot even see one single star all crosses and tri-color stripes and names all cannot pronounce one wtf. Oh wait got one SG flag (!!!!!!!!!) that’s the nearest we get ohmaikot!


Ahem *clears throat first of all our team won a golden trophy (!!!!) for Bocuse d’Or Asia topping China Korea Indonesia Japan (!!!!!!) and will compete in the finals in Lyon France this month end. Among all 24 competing countries! (No, Singapore no have FTL).

That’s still not the best part. The best part is, we are the only all-female team in the competition!!!


Chef See Lay Na (right) and Mandy (left) are both working in Mandarin Oritental Hotel now.


I also tumpang glamor took a picture with the both of them.


Lay Na is only 29 and Mandy is only 21 (!!!!!!!!!) and the are both world class chefs now so talented T____T.

As often as i complain about my home country i’m actually very proud of it leh!!!! I mean, maybe really it’s time Malaysia starts putting itself on the map/ insert whatever appropriate expression here , even though if it means Laser Cheat One™

Dude, get this. If Lay Na wins this competition, it practically means that she is the best chef in the world. And that also means the best chef in the world hails from Malaysia, which also means Malaysia can haz the best food in the world *do whatever needed to summon kiasuness

I love this poster very much because it’s very semangat jalur gemilang wtf.

So please, support our very Malaysian all-female team by voting for our poster on Bocuse d’Or’s website.

Maybe can ask Najib to give one more holiday if we win 😀

Pls pls pls help vote!!!