Before that, this is like the last Liz Lisa look i’ll do because i’m ditching Liz Lisa forever! (until i change my mind again.)







Liz Lisa outfit from minimaos.

And nao it is time for Ojikawa and Obakawa.

Aud and i had been wanting to change to a more Otona (adult) style since forever but we keep getting sucked back into Liz Lisa because it is just too irrisistable wtf. Plus they have like the coolest fashion themes ever that make so much perfect sense, like Happy Gyptic, Warmy Magic, Whitish Eskimos, etc.

But we were really determined this time to do Ojikawa and Obakawa style, which is the new winter/spring look.

Ojikawa and Obakawa literally means Grandpa Cute and Grandma Cute wtf. Old is the new new wtf.

When i saw that i was really like wtf all these Japanese people really ran out of idea on what to wear izzit how is anyone ever gonna look good in granny outfits, ever?

But surprisingly it is actually quite erm… cute. I mean, i really can’t imagine my grandparents wearing this but what the hell, fashion trend whores never question. *resolute

These are some of the scans from Popsister January 2011!













Lotsa checkers, vintage elements, camel, brown and khaki colors, socks, brogues and mary janes. ^^

So Aud and i set out to try on our first OjiObakawa look. And it was quite successful wtf.


I mean, considering everything is done inside a fitting room.


lol with price tags.


Ok la the outfit is not complete cuz we don’t have the full get-up like socks and hats and whatever.

FTS us and our unmatching shoes esp Aud’s slippers. Instead of OjiObakwai it’s like some poor little English boy look. Audliver Twist HAHHA wtf.

I mean, her slipper really looks a bit aud in this pic cuz it’s so out of place.

She really aud to buy a pair of new shoes. *test limit

Ok sorry i really couldn’t resist any op-pun-tunity. *crosses limit

Ok i did it again.




Ok this one maybe not exactly OjiObakawa and look more like Hermione with extra hair but still!

The point is! How many people can actually look good in granny outfits! *lansi

Until i went out yesterday with one of my newly purchased Ojikawa emsemble and somebody commented i looked like a tiny German wtf.




This pic is taken at Aud’s fake birthday. This is taken by Jam’s cam, which is the new camera i’m going to buy cuz it’s so freaking awesome and i won’t tell what it is unless they sponsor me wtf. Did you hear it Canon?????? Oops.

From left: Suet, Jam, Cracker and Cheese. We all make a good lunch wtf.

FYI according to wiki suet means raw beef or mutton fat, especially the hard fat found around the loins and kidneys FHL.

Any next month it’s my turn to have my 19th fake birthday.  Anyway, fake birthdays are so awesome! We will do it every other month!!!