Guess what? Looks like Aud isn’t the sole person who speaks with her feet, although her obsession might have been reflected more obviously in her blog url than mine. I too have an affair with shoes, mostly no strings attached, but wearing a size 4, finding good pairs of shoes that flatter is really no small feat.

*cue applauses

*ignores awkward silence

(Ok if nobody appreciate my puns i will quit blogging right nao. NAO!)

Anyway, inspired, this is my shoe post.

My shoe cabinet is better than yours!!!!!

Take note that that’s not all. Outside my door, it looks like i’m having a BBQ party for the entire girl boarding school.

Also, the arrangement and placement of shoes was meticulously thought over. At eye level are the most visually stimulating pairs that make me happy every time i walk pass the cabinet. Then on top most shelf are shoes i don’t really want to be reminded of due to guilt, shame, or other unspeakable reasons. And etc.



And before that let’s look at some some Cheesie’s Shoe Statistics:

75% of them are under RM80 or free.

35% of them are only worn once, or less.

55% of them will never see the sunlight, ever again (unless i bring them out to my balcony for sun tan) but ask me and i will deny that fact to my grave.

20% of them i promised to throw away but never did

60% of them are or over 4 inches.

45% of them are humanly impossible to walk in



Ok here we go. I picked a few of them to be featured. And by the end of the post you will understand how loosely i use the term “a few”.



Believe it or not i have never ever bought a pair of sphort shoes (in fact i can’t even spell it right) in my entire life. All these are sponsored. Nike, Reebok and Adidas. I was actually quite apprehensive to let them stay in my shoe cabinet, because i think they are not actually shoes, but something that covers your feet when you are engaged in some ridiculously vigorous and bendy body motions which are not sex.



Pleated bright brown sandals and ankle boots bought for the Liz Lisa Spring/Summer look. Both under RM50 i think.



This pair is purchased when i had the thought “man, a girl can never have enough Liz Lisa Spring/Summer matching shoes!”



This pair was the only size 3 i have from Vincci, bought like some 6 years ago when i tried to look all sexy atas FAIL.



Super cute oxford this is my current favorite that goes with all my otoko style, sponsored by BACI.



This pair is also from BACI, used to wear it with the marine hat mitchy matchy!



No freaking idea why i had bought these but i guess maybe i wanted to pick up fashion-skating.



5 inches prom stiletto wtf. This goes into my shame-shoe list. Bought this because i was in some stupid pageant shit and i was like the shortest and was desperately looking for something that can save me from drowning in a pool of tall girls fml.



Then i realized that the whole pool of tall girls were also capable of wearing 5 inches prom stiletto so i went that extra mile. I mean inch.



Super comfy wedges. This was the start of my malaysian-harajuku phase wtf.



Love this pair of slingback wedges because very summery and matches almost everything. Wore it alot alot during the marine phase. 😀



Bought this Espadrilles because i had the “ahhh, a girl can never have enough marine-theme shoes” thought. But this is probably the saddest pair in my shelf because one of them was eaten by Koyuki before it could even taste my toes. And i was really upset so my mom helped me peel the other one off (not eat la) so they look oddly balanced FML. And then i wore a few times and felt ridiculous so it is in my “to-be-thrown-away” list.



I know you like this. But i may as well hang it on the wall or something for display and sheer admiration because this is the champion of “humanly impossible to walk in” candidates.



Corset Wedges. This is the Runner-Up. Barely lost to the red one above. Pity.



Chanel inspired bootie from Taiwan wtf. Loved them so much but one of the heels kinda broke and it makes me lame. Like literally.



Alexander Mc Queen inspired wtf. Bought it in Shanghai so cheap you won’t believe it.



Also from Shanghai.



Bought this pair when i had the “ahhhh and a girl can never have enough pairs of booties” thought wtf.



Bought this BabyPure  in Osaka during sales it was only RM38 T_____________T Best shoe purchase ever.



Another pair of BabyPure also 1000yen wtf how i love you so Japan.



Again 1000yen from Osaka wtf and the quality is like super duper mega ultra good and this is the one i will be wearing extensively for OjiObakawa style nao!



Beige Mary Jane wore it for Foruchizu photoshoot in fake autumn forrest wtf. The label looks like it says BABI SHIT lolol.



Red pumps. i actually had a gold color pair, was sponsored when i was in MDG, then i lost one of it (like cinderella wtf) was so sad (also because no prince charming occurred)so i went back to buy another pair but they only had red one haih.



Oh i see we have come to the boots shelf. Pls excuse the water bottles wtf.

Ok this pair is TK buy for me one when we were dating. Actually i didn’t like it at all and it’s like 89 sizes too big, but he insisted it will look good on me so dictative fml. It did look good but you will have to wear like 7 pair of socks so after coming back to Msia i never wore it again F the boot’s L.



This is…

Well admit it la everyone had that… erm… unspeakable past wtf. I mean this made it into the shame list too wtf.

Ya la ya la. I was all into goth stuff that time wtf T__T



Oh oh oh bought this in Shibuya 109 together with Xiaxue also we bought a pair for aud and trust me they are like the most comfortable boots in the world.



Whooga boots. Ok i probably do not need this in Malaysia, but this would be perfect for my upcoming winter holiday! It’s the warmest pair of boots i’ve ever tried. The inside lining is so so soft and comfy. It’s just as good as Ugg (if not better!)



This pair of shoes i have never worn before.

But i almost made an entire page of long ass blog entry about it titled “the saucy story of a pair of military boots”.

Oh wait, i did.



This is also part of the long ass story. Basically it is like a buy one free one and many more awesome thing deal.



This is my fav pair of boots in the world (for nao). Also maybe the most expensive pair of shoes i have bought. From Shibuya 109. I love it so much i wanna have its baby wtf.



Liz Lisa style boots i got from minimaos. Contemplating bringing to Europe but my luggage case just shook its head.



Another pair of Liz Lisa Style boots from minimaos that goes with anything from Liz Lisa. How awesome is that. I consulted my luggage case it still shook its head. 🙁



Wow. This is like the most… fucked up pair of boots i’ve ever seen. That’s why it isn’t even IN the shelf if u refer back to the first pic. It was lying in its grave on top of the cabinet. Bought it in Australia for AUD10.

Like, first of all wearing it makes u feel like a centipede. There isn’t any zipper so you will have to lace it up and down every single time you wear them or take them off (trust me you will not do it more than once. Once is more than enough). That takes about 5 hours. And then, when you are finally all laced up, you cannot stand, because it’s made of some kind of hard faux leather till your upper thigh and it is not at all bendable so basically someone will have to assist you to stand up.

And then this, is what i called humanly impossibly boots. You CANNOT walk in it. Absolutely not.  Unless you want to look like a penguin. Now i have to pass the crown to this pair. Sorry red booties.



Last but not cheese, this …. puddle of black…. mess is my thigh high black boots. I didn’t have enough water bottles to make them stand.

And yeap, it is coming with me to Europe. My Extra Luggage Case says yes.

Which pair is your fav? 😀