Just how expensive is Zurich?

February 2, 2011 in Switzerland

The objective of this blog entry is to ruin Switzerland’s tourism.

People have to be insanely rich to travel to Zurich. Or just insane. I mean, it is already stated  in the name of the city itself. Take a hint.


This was our breakfast at a very very ordinary cafeteria inside a shopping mall just nao.

We didn’t look at the price and ordered a plate of salad and some pasta, an espresso for the Italian and OJ for me.

And when we paid it was a major FOL moment. I  successfully stopped myself from strangling the cashier. Or grabbing my food and run away. Then i also had to bandage my heart so it didn’t bleed to death wtf.

Anyway, our breakfast cost 49 Swiss Franc.

That is RM160.

I can eat Kobe beef back in KL. We really didn’t know how it came up to that, i tried to take a picture of the receipt as proof but i couldn’t find it.


Did a quick research,  most of the recent survey still says Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world. According to one of the sources in 2010, 4 out of the 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World are from Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Kobe) wtf??? And Zurich is only ranked 10th.

If cost of living and property is taken into account then it may make sense, but i couldn’t seem to find a survey that is meant for tourism. But out of so many cities that i have traveled to, Zurich is by far, and very very far, the mostestestest expensivest one.

I didn’t realize it is that expensive. Normally i measure the general cost of traveling by the price of a bottled water. in Japan, bottled drinks cost aroud ¥150 (RM6). But none of the bottled water here in Zurich is less than 4 Swiss Franc. Normally a bottle of mineral water costs 5 Swiss Franc (RM17).

And water is not normally free in Zurich. You have to buy it. Although you can try your luck asking for tap water, which is Leitungswasser in Swiss. Have fun pronouncing it.


This is inside a grocery shop. A few pieces of sushi (doesn’t even have any fish in it just some bloody pickles) is like RM65.

Seriously, i dunno how people live here in Zurich. Even if i become super duper rich i will think twice… no, think eight hunfred times before considering coming back again. Damn these Swiss people who have it easy when they travel to other countries T_T. Federico says they should have a rule that Swiss people must pay 4 times the price when they wine and dine in Malaysia lolol.

Anyway, returning back to RM soon tonight! Will Show My Malaysian Flag soon. Was glad for a moment that i will return to RM3.50 zhap fan soon enough but then u realize that it is CNY and only mamak is open T_____T.

Spending my Chor Yat on the plane fml.

Anyway, Happy Bunny Year 2011 and Fatt All Your Life!!!

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53 responses to “Just how expensive is Zurich?”

  1. Coco says:

    Omg RM160 for that, I’ll cry wth. Can buy a Liz Lisa top from Minimaos d. 😳

  2. cheesie says:

    Bloody hell, paid scho much must Show My Flag again!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cherish says:

    What? RM160 just for breakfast only? :dunno: RM160 can eat 160 nasi lemak in Malaysia! Hahahaha…

  4. melody says:

    Can’t wait for u to get backkkkkkkk!!!!!
    Happy bunny new year to u too!!!!!!

  5. wintergurl says:

    wow …water cost Rm17 … really damn expensive

  6. You must try going to moscow. According to my mom, if you join a tour to moscow, you will have “mou tam hou sek” because food there is too expensive to the point that the tour does not have that much of budget to feed you properly. I wonder if it is true.

  7. David says:


    Welcome to the Euro zone. Switzerland has among the highest tax rates of any European nation. For citizens a good deal. For tourtist, you gotta pay.

    Safe travels homeward!

  8. Glo-w says:

    My friend paid RM54 for 2 lousy pieces of Roti Canai in Sydney before -_-“

  9. Phyllis says:

    There is no one to blame other than your own country for its weak currency and low wages.

  10. Kate says:

    damn, it’s sweet if u speak so suprised about all the things which are absolutely normally here :3 *was living with Leitungswasser and damn expensive breakfasts in Zürich about a loooong time* I hope you’ll like it even if it isn’t really cheap >w< chu, kate

  11. cheesie says:

    show my flag *weak energy

  12. XCB says:

    i could have gotten into bankruptcy after travelling to Zurich! mad expensive wey!!!!

  13. jodie says:

    not gonna go to zurich kthx

  14. zaty says:

    happy CNY to you cheesie! 😀 😉

  15. eehui says:

    Hehe when I was backpacking in eu, I practically only tapao from supermarket or eat in McD/foodcourt when I got to Zurich. Totally feel you!

  16. Waiting for your sms….. Visit me when you are back! Miss you dear 🙂

  17. Misha says:

    …could have been one of those ‘pay by the weight’ places. We have those here too in grocery stores…

    “Only $1.99CAD per 100 grams anything on this counter~!”

    Until you realize 100g is like not even half a spoon full of anything. Then you can easily get carried away and pay lots.

    Well better luck next time I guess. BTW… do you ever see Cheddie any more? O_O what happened to the times when you used to post lots of cute vids of your pets? Too busy travelling now? D=

  18. The beast of london says:

    Try England
    Breakfast in a decent hotel is 140 rm ( at least and per head) also badly cooked and served by surly Phillipas who have100 children and an alcoholic husband to support whilst spitting upon your bacon

  19. Mindy says:

    Thats so expensive..RM160 for breakfast?? At least u’ve tried having a breakfast thats cost u that much in yr entire life. Happy CNY, Ringo.

  20. yv says:

    happy cny! 😈

  21. Ben McC says:

    I have to show my flag too. Just to make you jealous.

  22. Belly B says:

    Omgosh. And I thought Australia was expensive 😡
    Anyway, Happy New Year, Cheesie! Hope you have an amazing year ahead of you 🙂

  23. xes says:

    チョコレート ください!!

  24. LianaLaurie says:

    Leitungswasser is a german word by the way 😉
    Really interesting how this seems to be expensive for you. These prices are totally average around here (I live in southern Germany and visit Switzerland many times a year)…

  25. KY says:

    zu have to be richhhh

  26. fern says:

    my sister told me she had to pay rm30 for orange soda at zurich! and then she explained why – the taxes there are SUPER high. Like up to 50% sort of high if you earn a lot. (imagine half your pay going back to the government O.o)

    but then again the tax is then used for many things.. like paying for education up to university level. That’s why many people there have phds

    also, fresh graduates there earn about 5k euros starting pay. mmm

  27. t3peace says:

    unfortunately things in Switzerland cost more than other places in Europe, but the result is that at least the system in general is better than other countries. We citizens are used to these prices, but I understand how expensive they are for tourists 😳
    I hope you enjoyed the landscape though, and our delicious cheese of course 😉

  28. Mei says:

    I used to stay in Switzerland for 1.5 years. Many M’sians do not realise that 1) Swiss people DO NOT eat out like we do, and 2) they earn more numerically than we M’sians.

    Oh, just in case you are curious, a kilo of beef (not even Kobe beef) can hit SGD120 per kilo. 🙂 That’s why people eat more veg and processed meats there, especially in the German part like Zurich.

  29. jon says:

    well, if you don convert to RM the price is reasonable though. Just a thought. When I go on traveling I will not convert anything I eat or buy to RM, it will be a pinch in the heart. LOL. Just enjoy the trip and get the experience. 😉

    Currently living in UK and the price of food here is almost the same in Zurich after conversion to RM. AHaha. How is the place? Gonna visit there after my exam. =D

  30. Jean says:

    I studied in Switzerland back in 2007 to 2008.a simple double cheese burger meal in McD costs CHF8-9 which is about RM27-28.no sauces provided, unless if you want, you have to buy and it costs RM1-2 per sachet(small like ours).but try going to MIGROS or their local supermarket.they do have cheap drinks sold there..you can find it at the train station…it’s everywhere…
    i love their fresh yogurt..only CHF2 for 4.. 🙂

  31. Faye says:

    lol, I’d like to know which shopping-center you landet at, 49.- is expensive, even for Swiss standards…
    btw, we don’t actually say “Leitungswasser” in Switzerland, that’s the standard-german word
    we say “Hahnewasser” or “Hahneburger”
    come visit again soon, thx 😀

  32. Nathalie says:

    I’m so surprised you visited Switzerland, I actually live there. I’m sorry you thought it was so expensive, most of the tourist traps around here are pretty pricey. But after I read your entry about the water bottles I had to comment (cheese): You don’t need to buy water here!! Just find the nearest fountain (there is one each on all of the platforms of the main train station) or you can even drink the water straight from the tap in the hotels…. maybe you should do some more research for your next trip, but judging by your attitude there prolly won’t be one.

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