February 5, 2011 in Korea

(That’s what Korea is saying to me. It misses me i think.)

Just when i thought i was done with Seoul….Surprise!

Just received more pictures and i’m mega happy imma post them all here ^^


This is me just arrived at the airport. Scott was nais enough to come pick me up.


Checking into my hotel.



Went out for shopping.



i forgot where this street is. It’s been seoul long!!!


This is before i took off my Nordic leggings. And i was collecting all the leaves so that i could…


Threw them all over myself wtf -_-

(Ok i’m ruining romantic pictures with potong steam captions. Imma stop right here and STFU until i found something poetic to say.)






At a Korean BBQ restaurant (not exactly poetic i know but i kinda wanted to explain. I mean, like, this is not a mamak—kind of thing.)



Outing with Aud in our Liz Lisa Floral Poncho.



Somewhere in Samcheongdong, which we arrived really late after much tragic effort.



Eat us! wtf



This is “ha-he-ha we’re freezing our asses off really but let’s smile for the camera” face.

Ok that’s it. Bai.

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  1. number 6 is such a lovely picture! and i want the nordic leggings *___*

  2. the leggings are epiccc *^*
    i love how you threw the leaves so naturally.. it looks good.
    like a boss.

    dsifnsifnas nice clothes in all the pics, wantttt.
    please let me be yo garbage bin yer LOLOLOLOL

  3. Wakakakakaka love ur non poetic captions too! Threw leaves all over urself haha good one!!!
    All looking super duper gorgeous as usual!!!!
    Love love love all d shots!!!!

  4. Love 9, 6 and 4!

    In 9 and 6, the background is so pretty, looks like u must be in front of blue screen haha.
    And just love 4, autumn colours are so pretty!

  5. Your nordic dress is pretty but sooo short !! i wouldn’t be able to wear that >< but this is pretty! XD
    your friend's tights are gorgeous!

  6. so nice pictures!

  7. love the pictures 🙂

  8. i love that black dress ! <3 :]

  9. cheesedinsg says:

    love your legs in the leggingless shot

  10. I love your nordic outfit. You look very purdddyyy cheesyyy

  11. 😈 😈 😈

  12. Dont remember Seoul being so pretty when I was there. -_-

  13. why never talk about what happened with scott? :/ did something really horrid happen?

  14. I love those boots *-* I’ve been searching everywhere, but I can’t find boots that cool. Damn!

  15. Ringo,

    Photo 6 is just beautifully you!

    Cold winters in Korea!

    Thanks for more great photos!


  16. Waaaaiii, those boots and cute dresses make your legs look like they’re going on forever!!!!! So pretty!

  17. Whats are they pouring in your wine glass?

  18. omg your legs look super long. :O

  19. #6 is super awesome…….

  20. Hihi may i know which camera you are using now? Love those photos and you!

  21. Wah! You look like a doll in 4 and 6! pretty! 😉 Btw, Where did you buy the bag (photo 2) at and what brand is it?

  22. #6 . super double thumbs up.
    Looks very fairytale and animeish.
    Just so adorable. 🙂

  23. What’s that white drink in the Korean restaurant?

  24. Kajima or Gajima means “Don’t leave” , Cheesie ^_^

    Anyway that legging is GORGEOUS! I’m looking for the white color actually. Would you mind telling me where’d you buy it? ><

  25. Reading your blog makes me happy:)

  26. big cheese:

    wondering about prescription contacts??? GREAT IDEA! we need your help with this in the united states!

    -blurry in manhattan

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