(That’s what Korea is saying to me. It misses me i think.)

Just when i thought i was done with Seoul….Surprise!

Just received more pictures and i’m mega happy imma post them all here ^^


This is me just arrived at the airport. Scott was nais enough to come pick me up.


Checking into my hotel.



Went out for shopping.



i forgot where this street is. It’s been seoul long!!!


This is before i took off my Nordic leggings. And i was collecting all the leaves so that i could…


Threw them all over myself wtf -_-

(Ok i’m ruining romantic pictures with potong steam captions. Imma stop right here and STFU until i found something poetic to say.)






At a Korean BBQ restaurant (not exactly poetic i know but i kinda wanted to explain. I mean, like, this is not a mamak—kind of thing.)



Outing with Aud in our Liz Lisa Floral Poncho.



Somewhere in Samcheongdong, which we arrived really late after much tragic effort.



Eat us! wtf



This is “ha-he-ha we’re freezing our asses off really but let’s smile for the camera” face.

Ok that’s it. Bai.