Venice I

February 11, 2011 in Italy



From the airport, took a taxi to our hotel.



Taxi put us at back door cuz main entrace no water passage wtf.


This is Hotel Danieli  nais anot!!!!!!!! *waiting for Angelina Jolie to shashay down





Haih but the day we arrived was super foggy. Normally on a nice sunny day Venice looks like those in the paintings one.



Venice in night time



It could look a bit eerie i think. Maybe it’s just in winter time cuz everyone just go back home but they never switch on their lights one i dunno why so it’s all dark and gloomy like ghost town wtf



But like, friendly ghost town la. *waiting to meet Casper



The Venetian Carnival costumes. Omg so sad we missed it because it’s only happening in February every year which is like, nao T__T



The next morning was foggy too FOL.



But foggy and gloomy Venice is quite morbidly romantic too wtf.



View from the famous Rialto bridge at the grand canal.



Last time looked liddis one.





Put hair down because erm… it’s natural scarf wtf.



Guinness Boat in Venice wtf.



Went to the morning market where i saw the naked bunny T_T



Fruit market *waiting for Johnny Depp to jump down from roof.



Lotsa fresh veggies!



Spotted shark in the fish market!!! (pun wtf)



Damn pretty rainbow trout. Doesn’t really show in this picture but super iridescent in real!



Kesha and Shinta who was on the trip with me.



Gondola outfit. Nao i know where the whole can can hat look came from!



This is erm.. train station wtf.

Suddenly very lazy! Continue tomorrow ah.

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33 responses to “Venice I”

  1. jfook says:

    HAHAHHAHAA I like this entry. Burst into laughter while I was reading. “pun wtf” lol

  2. Cherish says:

    me too, now I only know (after reading your post) where can can hat come form… is Venice! 🙄

  3. Glo-w says:

    1/4 ass entry?lols..
    I wish can do that iridescent colours onto eye shadow =(
    But venice is still beautiful. Lucky you went before it floods/sinks

  4. Mishi says:

    your pictures remind me of the movie “the tourist” lol indeed you are! You have been everywhere this year. Lucky girl ^_^

  5. kallyempire says:

    Hotel Danielis looks like something in Harry Potter especially the status at the corner~ Carving for more pictures of the hotel 😀 If you would show more~~

  6. Tey Cindy says:

    EWWW!!! The Shark Fish WTF no LEGS so gross but got legs ALSO gross scaryyy max T.T

  7. eko says:

    Gondola outfits look really….Gondolaish! 😛

  8. hannah says:

    Wahh this place is amazing,can see it’s super cold hahahas 🙂

  9. Ben McC says:

    I love all the fish! Makes me wish I could cook. 😥

  10. Melody says:

    May I know where u got the red coat? I am looking for one. And bout how much is that?

  11. Claire says:

    Did u plan an itinerary before going to Italy? Can u send it to me thx!

  12. wen says:

    the 2 European kids so cute! who are they? 😆

  13. XCB says:

    love your red coat!

  14. VALENTINE says:

    Your photos actually look like some of the paintings you shared also, how lovely~ Beautiful Venice T_T

  15. David says:


    The “Posey” shot is very glamorous!!!!!!!!

    You look like Malaysia’s AJ.

    Very nice red coat!


  16. Enrico says:

    Queen, the red outfit is nais!!!!!

  17. gel says:

    haha, i like all your “waiting for” comments! lol.

    and i get what you mean by hair acting as natural scarf. really can keep my head warm, especially when my hair grows damn thick during winter! lol

  18. Taehreh says:

    Wow, beautiful pictures.

    Natural scarf, haha.

  19. steph says:

    the photo of the hotel is absolutely breath-taking!!!

    wahhh i want to visit venice~~~

  20. Alexandra says:

    Hair is the best natural scarf! And your hotel is gorgeous!!! More pics soon, please!

  21. yv says:

    red matches u so much better than yr brown liz lisas ringo 😈

  22. SOF says:

    Ooo I want to see pictures of Casper hehee

    I likes your red coat :cheh:

  23. chocalita says:

    will be visiting venice+other parts of italy
    in april ! 😀 wayyyy excited and your lovely pics
    make the place look so promising ! 😀 was
    just wondering if you have any recommandations?
    or comments about the place+people?? :]

  24. dolly says:

    babe, you got to try out this look:

    just thought it suits you!

  25. 4d2u says:

    😈 Like…so pretty

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