My Europe Fashion Graph

February 7, 2011 in France / Italy / Switzerland / Useless fashion

This is my usual post-travel style shot post. Two weeks worth of fashion diary.

Before i start, here’s a graph i painstakingly drew on Photoshop after some Herculean effort (i had to stop chatting for 20 minutes and completely shut my mind to conserve some brain cells so that i could come up with this challenging and almost puzzle-solvingly enigmatic graph).

Please stare at it for at least 5 minutes to give it some well-deserved appreciation.

As you will notice in this post, the temperature of the day in the place of my travel directly affects the whateverness and anyhowness of my awesome fashion sense.

We traveled from Venice to Lyon to Zurich, which only got colder by both location and day. The temperature was dropping as we moved on so i sort of had to wear thicker and thicker.


This is another graph to illustrate also the corelation between the day of travel and said awesomeness.

Day one is low because everyone looks like shit after a 20-hour flight. Then steadily but rapidly decreasing  from day to day, until somewhere in the middle of the trip where guilt begins to take over, hence the occurrence of a surge in graph, a result of a desperate attempt to bring up the awesomeness almost, but not really unsucessfully.

Here are some pictures for reference. They are almost all taken in hotel rooms so they are a bit blurry. I couldn’t take the picture outside, because i would have looked the same from like day 1-7 because there were only so many winter coats i brought T_____T.



First day checking in to Hotel Danieli in Venice. It was much colder than i expected, because just a few days before we flew the temperature was about 9°C. I know if i didn’t do this Liz Lisa thing it would just sit in my luggage forever till the day i send it back to Malaysia. I didn’t exactly have a pair of matching leggings, that explains the lack of full body shot. Also because there wasn’t full length mirror in the hotel.



Taken on the same day evening. Already put on the warmest scarf, gloves and jumper because not used to the cold yet fml.


This is day 2. And my best effort ever. That’s why the picture is bigger.  It also deserve a longer lingering stare because this was the only day i ever bothered to put on this much make up complete with falsies and circle lens. And the only day with a conscious hair style. T__T


So this day deserves two pictures.


Actually, three.


Day 3. Braved myself to wear leggings and shorts wtf. And please look away from my exploding wastline wtf.



Day 4’s fashion was so shit i should have taken picture of my shadows instead.


With my new Hello Kitty top i bought from Venice!



First day in France. A brand new (and foolish) mood  trying to wear my 4 inches Liz Lisa suede boots wtf.



Trying to look smart for Bocuse d’Or day.



Oredi deliriously confused about the whole fashion thing cuz i started to have to repeat wearing the same things so just anyhow threw in things that i haven’t worn so that the  KGs and all the sore arms from luggage hauling didn’t get wasted T___T



This is don’t-really-care-anymore-and-i-look-fat-but-here’s-a-picture-to-warn-the-future-me-not-to-make-the-same-mistake photo.



Just arrived Zurich. Have been reserving my warm boots for the snow. That was me eating hotel’s complimentary Swiss snack.



I know. If i could, i would never, ever have worn a dress with a pair of jeans. If only i could.



Had to recycle my Liz Lisa top cuz running out of things to wear wtf *panicked



Outfit to the snow mountain. Minus the jacket. I kind of want to give myself some credit here for even bothering to want to mix and match each day so that i look different inside when i had to the same jacket for the rest of the trip that makes me look 8 months pregnant.



Let me praise myself again for even trying to escape that Pregnant Jacket so that i could give this it’s-really-not-that-thick-you-will-definitely-regret-this black rider jacket a chance to be on this blog since it was the last day of our trip before i flew back. Decision was made right after i checked the weather of the day— it was the coldest day in Zurich thus far (-8°C).

I survived.



This is the same evening. Really kenot tahan so i put on my Preggie Jacket.



Double picture to reward my bravery wtf.

AND THEN!!!!!!!!

On the last day, i packed all my luggages and wore the most comfortable clothes so i could be at ease on the plane. What i forgot was it was a night flight and we still had time to do some sight seeing. So we went to some Swiss Castle and i looked like if i squat down with a hat people will start dropping coins in fml.

This is how comfort looks like.

Thanks but no thanks. Never again.

69 responses to “My Europe Fashion Graph”

  1. yumii says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA why lahhhh so sad!!! but ok lah, at least you didn’t repeat a whole look in two weeks. damn awesome i tell you!

  2. stella lee says:

    but still looked good la! if i were you i wouldnt care for fashion even from the beginning! max awesome

  3. Glo-w says:

    Aw cheesie you can rock any outfit!
    Just rock that attitude^^
    Happy CNY!
    now go get some ang pao, exercise and full body massage. you deserve it.

  4. Manzy says:

    awww so pity the last pic XD

  5. melody says:

    the last pic really really funnyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. steph says:

    you still look great 😈

  7. Xiao Hui says:

    i tot for ur case fashion will always triumph over comfort. i veri de disappointed in u. ha ha kidding! 👿 have u tried wearing uniqlo heattech shirt? i see the ads like they wear very little but still look warm leh dunno true or not.

  8. sharank says:

    Hi, something to consider would be thermals espcially d super warm ones to help reduce the bulk of clothing..

  9. maruko says:

    muahahahaha *pointing at ur comfort look* muahahahahaha… 1st time c my idol wear like tat.. XD

  10. David says:


    These photos are great! You make the mistakes most Asian make when exposed to cold.

    Thin layers are more effective for keeping one warm, rather than thicker clothing.

    My wife learned years ago. Fashionable high heels just do not work in slippery weather.
    You 4″ heeled boots look fab, but did not work well.

    Pic 6 – your most American look! My wife will wear a warm thin wicking type long underwear under her jeans, looks good – stays warm.

    This has been one of your best travel adventures!


  11. Yuyu says:

    Is. that. really. you. in. the. day 4. photo.

  12. Hiyo, fashion sense vs crazy weather, i would say, i will bow to crazy weather. I don’t mind wearing the same things as long as i don’t die of brain freeze. or in your case, cheeze freeze

  13. Crystal says:

    Yeah I agree with the thin layer. Overall I liked all your photos! If I had the funds I would love to dress for winter (and room closet) 😀 Agepayoo! LOL (wanted to try this word out XD hee hee)

    PS I like that guys read this and into fashion too. I hope my hubby is like that also? 😀 I had a wife tell me she thinks her husband is gay because of his fashion sence. I’m sure if he were really gay he wouldn’t be married. Or you might be able to tell.

    Rambling___ Enjoy your trip!

  14. Blovetbeauty says:

    U are hilarious! I lov those tights!!

  15. Love your style ! You could wear a trashbag and make it look hot ! Lol

  16. JC says:

    lol… next time get 5 uniqlo heattech shirt for 2 weeks holidays in those kind of weather pls…

    I got mine from Japan dirt cheap but they are selling it here now at Fahrenheit… they have nice designs and colors too… provide the best heat ever..

    also wear those inside wool leggings under your jeans or without… damn nice fashion sense…

    get the 3 inch hidden wedge healed knee high boots instead.. full soft leather is the best for heat and walking comfort, dear… good fashion too… can wear with skinny jeans or leggings

  17. psb says:

    omg cheesie!! do you know where to download blackberrry themes, that are nice and free? pls help!! the themes in aps world are like … ugly…

  18. icecream says:

    Always love your style, you manage to look good in every situation! Your makeup is soooo pretty, where do you get your contact lenses from?

  19. gel says:

    -9degC isn’t too bad!
    If you’re afraid of the cold but want to be fashionable, just get tights that’s got wool inside. Super comfy and your legs still look skinny! And i’d usually be lazy and wear ballet flats but long leather boots are good too!

    and usually for tops i would just wear one layer, but have a thick scarf and wrap it over my neck + have a good warm coat 🙂

    but if i’m picking my friends up from the metro i would just wear shirt + shorts + slippers. haha. in -10degC. bleahh.

    • cheesie says:

      ya my colorful leggings is liddat very nais love it <3

      whaaaaaaaat how can u tahan with us shirt and shorts T_T

      • gel says:

        hahah. I don’t know!! got used to it after a while i guess? i wear like that to the supermarket too, so obviously i got a lot of disapproving stares from the fashion-worshipping aunties at the supermarket! 🙁

  20. royalmasala says:

    funniest post ever!!!

  21. susuwatari says:

    I actually think the dress looks better with jeans than without ._.

    Anyway, nice pictures :3 You really made an effort and it pays off, you look fab!

  22. Francesca says:

    it doesnt look that bad, rin ! lol
    brave, ya (seeing some of the outfit you put on) – warm, errr *teeth chattering* … i can feel how cold you must be cos right now, here the temp is like that. freezing cold.
    Black black black is the best and wear different outerwear/coat to spruce up lol

  23. Laura says:

    hahahaha xD why don’t I pitty you? I am so totally used to having to dress crappy now!
    I am an absolute pussy when it comes to low temperatures so I wear crappy clothes all winter T___T;;;;
    in summer I go crazy on fashionable clothes though xD <3<3<3

  24. Belly B says:

    Haha If I were you, I think I’ll be dressed in thermal underwear every single day. Don’t think I’ll even be bothered to change as long as I don’t smell haha.

  25. Helena says:

    You look really good in that outfit you wore on your first day in France! Love the jacket as well as everything else. Great combination!

  26. wen says:

    you look like a teenager in pic #18 #19, mad cute 😀

  27. steph says:

    LOL you’re too funny~
    although i didn’t stare at your chart for 5 mins i stared an adequate amount of time haha
    my fave outfit has to be #10 but its not very cheesey lol~

  28. yv says:

    #16 is really nice i think! looks comfy n simple

  29. Ben McC says:

    すてきな写真ばかりやで。Sorry, I’m in Osaka right now. Can’t turn off the Kansaiben.

  30. doreen says:

    It shouldn’t be that bad Cheesy. All you need is a good thermal inner wear to turn it back to awesome.

  31. Janice says:

    Wa I wear like the last pic everyday coz I’m just too lazy n tired to change everyday! Plus can’t style much too coz my workplace has a bare below elbow policy n hv to tie hair wan

  32. belz says:

    cheesie i really salute you how do you fit in all your clothes and shoes into your luggage??? awesomesauce really!

  33. WP says:

    You know, you could shop for some warm clothing that are still awesome 😉 (but then you’d still have to find a way to pack them into your luggage…)

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