March 7, 2011 in Hair Cheat One™

Since a lot of people asked how i style my (already not so) mermaid hair, here are two pictures i just only took this morning to illustrate the process.


Towel dry hair


Scrunch your hair and then use a diffuser to blow dry your hair


(i tried. T___T)


Haih i kind of failed at the hot style so nao trying to do a more Otona/MODE kei look. #dontevenknowwhatitmeanshadtogoogleit

Basically (i think la) it’s simple high fashion with a lot of monotone or black&white. Also means $$$$$$ iiiiiiiii but i cannot afford to spend on branded so can only Cheat One™.

Hair scarf and pants from BACI.


Also i’m keeping my fringe long again to achieve otona look wtf.

Background are new Duffy and Shelliemay from minimaos!



Anyway i also want to ask if anyone remember coming across a Nekomimi (cat ears) hair tutorial on a Japanese magazine which i forgot which one/issue T_T. Spent half a day looking through my mag collection but couldn’t find.

It looks something liddis.


I saw Ellie Rose and other models having that hair style on Tokyo Girls Collection show. So cute i want!!!!!!! #fashionresolutionfail

38 responses to “#desperateblogpost”

  1. YY says:

    oh oh 😯 ! I wanna learn that style too. Please demonstrate it when you learn ya! 😉

  2. Beverly says:

    Pretty as always Cheesie. 😉

    I suck at styling my hair. On really bad hair days, I just make do with a simple ponytail. Never too late to learn. 😈

  3. Stephanie says:

    omg actually in america, at least where i was born, everyone has natural mermaid hair, but we always try to wear it straight, because natural mermaid hair gets really extra extra extraaa puffy and frizzy over here….so we wear it straight or in my case..chop it off and getting a nice short haircut. Yours look soo pretty and healthy!! i would preffer have it naturally straight and then getting mermaid hair.

  4. hazel says:

    >.< can i ask… what brand of lashes did u use in the Y U NO AWESOME LIKE ME post? its gorgeous on you! 😈 😈

  5. Glo-w says:

    I’m going with the middle parting front long fridge too…kawaiiness has left me -_-“

  6. ashley says:

    i see little pink asterisks falling down.. falling down.. falling down ♪

    cheesie pls dun leave kawaii style! #foreveryoung

  7. Stephy says:

    Love your outfit so muchie…the scarf is cute…you look AWESOME… 😈

  8. Sharon says:

    like ur #2 photo!!!
    look like Japanese a lot! =)
    especially the look that u give..

  9. mumutchan says:

    thanks for the hair tutorial haha
    i figured that you’re using difuser as well 😉

  10. Stina says:

    Giiirl the first picture is so hot ! 😯

  11. xan says:

    I’ve found a cat ears tutorial on youtube, maybe it will help you?


  12. David says:


    Posts like this a simply fun to read and to look at your lovleyness in all the photos!


  13. zaty says:

    i prefer you with this kind of style. i think it is very chic. 😈

  14. Steph says:

    i’m liking the outfit~
    you don’t have to completely convert,
    mix it up~ kawaii some days, “high fashion” others

  15. strawberry says:

    hey cheesie, i’m so admire your make up… can you teach me how you do it?? i’m having a problem on drawing inner eye line like those need to close your eye to draw?

  16. Shine says:

    what contact brand/color are u wearing? its very nice 🙂

  17. chriso says:

    Wei why like ur nose look different one? Did nose job isit wtf

  18. keikei says:

    who’s the girl with the half blonde/brown hair??

  19. Cosette says:

    hihi cheesie!!! can u kindly do a tutorial on how to wear a wig? i just bought one n im not sure how to stuff my v thick hair under the wig… thanks!!!! 😉

  20. js says:

    your nose looks different, it seems u succeeded in ps-ing them!! Pllssss teach us how 😀

  21. kaykay says:

    hi cheesie.. i really love ur make up here. can you teach us how u draw the liner please. may i know wat type of eye liner and mascara u use here. thanks

  22. ellen says:

    How long does it take to blow dry your hair with the diffuser like that? And you just keep it in one place for each section for the whole time before moving on to another section?

    I tried using a diffuser to blow dry my hair, but it takes so long!

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