Since a lot of people asked how i style my (already not so) mermaid hair, here are two pictures i just only took this morning to illustrate the process.


Towel dry hair


Scrunch your hair and then use a diffuser to blow dry your hair


(i tried. T___T)


Haih i kind of failed at the hot style so nao trying to do a more Otona/MODE kei look. #dontevenknowwhatitmeanshadtogoogleit

Basically (i think la) it’s simple high fashion with a lot of monotone or black&white. Also means $$$$$$ iiiiiiiii but i cannot afford to spend on branded so can only Cheat One™.

Hair scarf and pants from BACI.


Also i’m keeping my fringe long again to achieve otona look wtf.

Background are new Duffy and Shelliemay from minimaos!



Anyway i also want to ask if anyone remember coming across a Nekomimi (cat ears) hair tutorial on a Japanese magazine which i forgot which one/issue T_T. Spent half a day looking through my mag collection but couldn’t find.

It looks something liddis.


I saw Ellie Rose and other models having that hair style on Tokyo Girls Collection show. So cute i want!!!!!!! #fashionresolutionfail