Holy Cheese

March 3, 2011 in Switzerland

I always say Swiss cheeses are the most divine because they are holey wtf.

We had Raclette party and also cheese fondue in Zurich! And here are some of the food we had.



Muesli for breakfast



Why is it french cheese



Pancakes and like 90 kinds of jams



Rosti and calf liver.



Some ham thing. Even if i knew the name also i can’t pronounce it.iii



I know this thing. Let me check what it is called.



Of course! What else, it is a Weissweinschaumsuppe!



Apple jam not for dessert but for the pasta iiiiiiiiiiii



Oooh i like this thing. It’s Soba noodle with whipped cream topped with cherry wtf.

No la. It’s some chestnut meringue dessert, yummy!





Marcel’s dad’s birthday that day and he got to blow champagne candles!



And on another day, we went to a Raclette party. Raclette is a type of Swiss cheese, so it is indeed a cheese party! And it was my first time attending a cheese party as… Cheesie wtf.



There was like 90 kinds of salads that night!

Europeans are so healthy. Their food party always have lots of greens. They will have, say, a bowl of buttered corn, some vinegared shredded carrot, a bowl of fresh mixed lettuce, some boiled broccoli, some artichoke, some beet root, sour cream and cucumber…  I wonder why Malaysian cannot do the same, is it because our veggies suck?

If i mention a Malaysian house party what comes to your mind? Hmmm. I’d say curry chicken. Fried chicken. Fried bee hoon. Fried nuggets. Fried samosa. And maybe fried spring rolls. Then coleslaw from KFC wtf.



The kids love popcorn!



Some salami!



Shinta and her doodles.



Star of the night! This is the half moon Raclette to be heated, melted and then celebrated in our happy tummy.



Queuing for the cheese that’s…



…Hot and bubbly!



Cheese master scrape the melted Raclette onto our paper plates (one thing about the paper goods  in Switzerland, it’s so good quality thick you almost feel criminal to throw it away. Their toilet paper is as thick as kitchen napkin wtf. Wonder how their sanitary pads feel like wtf. Good pulps you have, Swiss trees.) and ready to eat!



I had 4 plates of these things. It was the best thing i’ve eaten in Zurich.



And the last night in Zurich we went for cheese fondue! This is the starter plate.



And then it’s just cheese. ALL THE WAY.



Cheesie and bread.



“Wow. Swiss really fondue cheese.”



It may look abit disturbing but trust me, the best part has yet to begun.



According to Marcel, for some connoisseur, it is a huge fondue faux paus , to let the base harden and get burnt. That means you are a lousy fonduer (?) because you didn’t stir the pot enough. But for me it’s heaven wtf.



Who likes to scrape burnt rice in a claypot? Hand please!

This is only like 90 times better than burnt rice.



Burnt cheese. If i tell you how good it is you will be jealous so i won’t elaborate wtf. #lazytothinkoffooddescription



This is Celia, whom i think looks really like Keira Knightley!



Burger King ad.



Which i think is really cute 😀



Fried cheese. Why don’t they have it here T_T



And their fondue burger!

That’s all! Hungry nao bai!

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40 responses to “Holy Cheese”

  1. audrey says:

    woweee this is a very cheesilicious entry! 😀

  2. Glo-w says:

    *hands up* I love the burnt part especially in clay pot rice. Not burnt hangus but just brown n crispy enough^^ BEST PART! can only imagine how heavenly the burnt cheese is >_<"

  3. Stephanie says:

    yummy !a lot of food

  4. Allison says:

    OMG Im so hungry now! All the food looks so good especially the bubbling cheese fondue and fried cheese. And of course the burnt cheese. I wanna have cheese now!! 😛

  5. ShaolinTiger says:

    Burger King here had the deep fried cheese, dunno if they still have cos I don’t eat there.

  6. renae says:

    omg niceeeeeeee i luv cheese T____T

  7. Pomme-Pomme says:

    omgwtfbbq! fondue burger!! *wishes hard to go to zurich*

  8. jymei says:

    wow this is truly cheesie weesie swissie post! 😛

  9. SOF says:

    that soba noodloo with cream lots SO x33 delicious! I am going to try make it one day….hahaha 😀

  10. I had raclette party with my german flat mate and ended up with cheese overdose -> diarrhea!

  11. melody says:

    never tot that there is such a thing as cheese party!!!! but with glamor name some moreeeeee!!!!!!
    hahaha ok be hardworking and copy paste the glamor name haha
    Raclette Party!!!!! hahahaha

    • melody says:

      wahhhhhhhhhhhh i love your blog!!!! coz i love the flag i have!!!!
      is it a sign?????
      orchestra music and spot light shines*

  12. Hanie says:

    Not much of a cheese fan but this is just unresistable!

    They surely look delicious!

  13. Ying Bin says:

    Pic #5 is gammon isn’t it? 🙂

  14. David says:


    The pictures are heavenly!

    Great looking and yummy food and Cheesis all together.

    Who could ask for more….?

    Well for one I wiil!

    More Cheesie please! 😉


  15. WP says:

    Wow, so much cheese…definitely heaven for you huh?

    Oh yeah, why isn’t there fried cheese in M’sia? We love fried things so much… (think KFC) Maybe one day McDonalds will have it! 😉

  16. ani says:

    drooooools I’m so hungry now ><''

  17. XCB says:

    paper plate???? i tot u were holding a wooden tray leh!

  18. mun says:

    TGIF have deep fried mozzarella cheese.

  19. gel says:

    oh no! i’m one of those people who don’t like to let the cheese boil too much.. cos the oil will seep out and it makes me feel v jelat :p

  20. Francesca says:

    u make it look so yummmmy *the post i mean 😉 * i only had fondue one time ! once ! n thts it, no more … what u call in malay “jelag” but not in this post. hmmmm scrapped burn cheese, i can tell that’s sooo gooodddd *droolll*

  21. Huai Bin says:

    Cheese fondue! Love it, it’s like the national dish of Switzerland or something. I love all the cheese (cheeses?) in Europe, it’s the best ever.

    BK cheese fondue burger looks good too but it’ll be awesome if they actually came out with a fondue pot! 🙂

  22. KY says:

    oOo the guy in “DB” shirt..

  23. Laura says:

    Ich möchte gern den weißweinschaumsuppe mit croutons bestellen JA xD
    omg how I looove the german language (not!)

    btw, did anyone translate that for you? “white wine foam soup with croutons” ITS CRAZAY (but I’d love to try).

    When will you come and try out the dutch cheeses?

  24. yv says:

    im feeling dizzy now :@

  25. ashley says:


    jeles max -____-

  26. weirdo says:

    Just use a non-stick pan and whatever cheese you like and you can haz your own homemade burnt cheez. People in the shared kitchen always give me weird looks though.

  27. Mei Anh. ♥ says:

    “Some ham thing. Even if i knew the name also i can’t pronounce it.” do ya mean Kassler? :3 your blog is absolutely cute <3

  28. June says:

    I’d like to hear you speaking german one day 😀

    The swiss way to have Raclette is soooo much cooler than the normal german way! (We only put a slice of special raclette-cheese on our stuff and let it melt).

    I also love burnt cheese. <3

  29. bloomzy says:

    But then I am just a big fan of cheese 😛
    I’ve tried fondue here in Tokyo and it’s a bit odd, but then so is their cheese in general. Did you try any when you came? Oh god I sound like a cheese freak haha 😳

    The ‘noodle’ cake looks like Mont Blanc. I also told my friend it was noodle when they saw it and they believed me.

  30. Ben McC says:

    I want some cheese!!!!

  31. Steph says:

    YUM cheese~
    LOL@#7 of course that’s the name… can’t believe you forgot it XD

    #9 i honestly believed you for a second thinking it’s soba noodles tsk tsk

    looks so goooddddd *drool

  32. chibirubie says:

    cheeseorgasm. 😈

  33. Porcco says:

    show my flag if it shows!! 😛

  34. Hey Cheesie!
    I’m a long time lurker, but this is the first time I’ve actually commented here *shy* =p
    Just thought you’d like to know that I recently posted a pic of you and Aud on my tumblr account, and it got the most reblogs/likes out of anything I’ve posted yet ^_^


  35. Esther says:

    wow, everything looks yummy!!

  36. tartlove says:

    i love cheese and this is making me hungry! the cheese fondue looks awesome!

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