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March 12, 2011 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Japan

Still in great shock reading all the tweets about Japan earthquake/tsunami on my timeline. So horrifying to witness the live tweets on how they still feel the aftershock every so often and everyone seems to be still panicking. It is so heartbreaking to read i actually cried.


Was reading my fav Popteen model Sun Wei’s live tweets, she was alone at home when it happened and fell unconscious during the tremor  and injured herself. She also kept saying how she panicked and felt helpless and frightened all by herself. T_T


It’s also touching to see the Japanse celebrities and models i follow sending out messages and RTing to help out. I just hope there’s something i could do to help out too. For some reason it has greatly affected me and i’m more upset than when disasters happened to a much nearer place like, Thailand or something. It’s a place so dear to me, and you can see the ♥ in the title of all my Japan posts wtf.

Not like i drama or something, but i really feel real pain in the heart just to think about it. Didn’t even dare to look at the live video feeds, confirm cry maximus. I just think it’s way too beautiful to be destroyed like this.Plus Aud and i will be traveling to Tokyo in a couple of week’s time and it would sadden us to see it in such a calamitous state. But thank god the authorities damn fucking efficient judging from the updates on twitter, everything was restored so quickly i want to cry again wtf. #overactivetearduct. Hopefully death  toll will be kept to miniminiminmum.


The top of Tokyo Tower is fucking crooked. My heart feels hurt. T_T

Just sent out emails to my host families, hope they are all safe since they are outside the affected areas.

For once i actually feel quite glad that i’m in Malaysia and it makes me ponder alot about the time (which is almost all the time) i loathed it so much and swore that i was going to move out someday maybe to a country like Japan. I may want to really appreciate not the good things (still cynical and bitter wtf), but some of the bad things that didn’t happen here.

But all these disastrous events really made me paranoid, like, what’s next? Will anything happen to Malaysia? When will it hit me?  Will we all die? When will the world come to an end? Isit 2012 wtf?

Please please please let this pass soon, whatever divine force that created this earth. Just to show my sincerity, i will even pray, to you, free thinker’s equivalent of God. I want my beautiful Japan back.



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  1. Porcco says:

    damn tragic..reading about sendai is like super heartbreaking..ship n train unaccounted for etc 🙁 but yah my twitter oso goin crazy with japanese celebs i follow twitting about this. everyone on my fb back home oso praying japan too!!

  2. stephanie says:

    Cheesie, I feel you. I cried while watching the CNN video. :(((

    Help Japan!


  3. ji says:

    I can’t believe that girl has the balls to post a picture of a stupid tiny scratch on her chin, when other people are injured near death. Jesus, talk about insensitive.

  4. isa says:

    This is too horrible. Human’s hurts, cries, and pain are so hard to support. I hope that they will find a way to built everything which has been broken and that they will save some life.

    I know that we can’t do nothing except praying and maybe give some money for association to rebuilt the north of their country.

  5. Hanie says:

    I cried too when I saw this. Luckily when I mailed to my friend in Wakayama, nothing’s been affected.

    It’s so sad to see Japan <3 to be hit by such disasters… (; 😉
    Stay strong Japan~~!

  6. Siham says:

    Oh my, so much is happening in the world. We need to pray for everyone in every country

  7. mei.ahn says:

    my gosh, if I think about that I was there just a few days before that! it’s so heartbreaking. i cried that much. I’ve send immediately mails to my host families, too, and I’m so glad that all is good with my friends and them. Cheesie, all will be good again. I’m absolutely afraid and scared about it at all but I hope so for japan and will absolutely pray. love for japan.

    • cheesie says:

      Glad you’re okay. Japan is very well prepared and their crisis management is just fantastic. I too hope everything will be restored soon and hopefully by the time we get there people will seem happy and hopeful again.

  8. Ben McC says:

    Considering that I just went through Sendai about three weeks ago I simply can’t believe this… All of my friends are fine, but it took awhile to hear from them. I’ve had tears in my eyes all day. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

  9. Kati says:

    I’m from the USA and I also cried my eyes out when I heard about this. I love Japan and my heart is broken for them. I hope they can recover quickly.

  10. jo says:

    too many disasters happening, both man-made and natural… 😥 😥 😥

  11. Francesca says:

    i feel u, cheesie ! i feel the same way … not sure following all the news is helping, just devastated! I am glad your host family are safe n sounds. all the infrastructures, nature, people … i cant imagine how long it will take for the country to recover cos they’re in such a deep debt oredi 😥

  12. Jun says:

    when wil u & aud going to japan?? i will go japan on early of april as well.. if possible can i join u walk around?? due to im going to japan alone.. 🙁

  13. Jun says:

    wat happen wt the flag?? im from m’sia not aust.. :dunno:

  14. leen says:

    its really sad how this is happening. I couldn’t stop crying today. i feel really bad because i cant do anything to help. I guess that all i can do is pray

  15. Melly says:

    Hi cheesie, I feel you. ): I really wna go to Japan, but haven’t been able to do so ): Cos of language barriers and all that. Seems like if I don’t go soon, I wouldn’t be able to see Japan anymore. ):

    Anw what happened to the tokyokawaii tv ep of you and aud??

  16. jyorin says:

    i got inspired and wrote a song on the tragic event. the disaster really affected me and i just couldnt sleep if i don’t finish this tribute song. stayed up the whole night to share my feellings and to reach out for prayers. took about 9 hourse right after i reached home to write, compose, record, arrange, just the motivation. up till now i still haven get decent sleep since yesterday.
    have a look : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImAwjDwH6Pw
    *prays for japan*

  17. eternaldays says:

    i’ve got friends from Tokyo saying the situation’s under control now but it doesnt seem so for the seaside areas >: as well as the nuclear power plant area.

    even though i’ve gotten the news they’re okay, there’s an urge to fly there with drinking waters/food/medication for them ><

    -_- i'm not happy with how much effort my country placed in. (sending ONLY 5 specialists and 5 dogs for the whole of Japan? D: ) it's true Japanese are well prepared but it doesnt mean they don't need much help booohoo!

  18. fiionx says:

    seriously im really sad for japan, after i went to japan. im so in love with the place, the people and the environment. it’s like… i dont wanna leave there. I cant express how much i love the places.

    It’s quite sad for disneyland and disneysea in japan too. everyone got stucked inside. and..worse of all i saw this on facebook.


    god, japanese it’s like… aih. angels 🙁


  19. cookie monster says:

    It’s so heart-breaking to watch the news of Japan now… 🙁
    I’m so tempted to take the offer to go for the communication restoration support in Tokyo now! *torn*

  20. David says:


    I am praying for those in Japan suffering or displaced by the earthquake and Tsunami.

    I have also sent money to the RedCross for Japan relief.
    I urge you to post a link to the RedCross and for all your readers to donate as much money as they can spare for the relief effort.


  21. misshermes says:

    OMG I felt the same way as you! Because I was obsessed with Japan ever since I was little so it had a huge impact on me when I heard the news and I cried. But when it was Indonesia or Christchurch I didn’t feel anything at all .______. *feels rather bad* I really hope that Japan will get up again and be restored to the beautiful country it was T_____T

  22. miao miao says:

    my host family moved up to Japan and i emailed them. Otousan works in NTT and he said they are having a hard time doing the repair work.
    my dad’s best friend (japanese) lives in Kamakura, i cried so badly when i read the news! so afraid that something happens to them. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  23. Amelia says:

    earthquakes keep happening everywhere and it really makes you wonder…and scared 🙁

    • David says:


      Japan is located on the Pacific rim of fire. Japan itself rest on the meeting points for FOUR tectonic plates, hence Japan has more earthquakes than anywhere else on this planet.

      More people live near volcanoes and in earthquake prone regions and with social networks and nearly instant communication, the scope of such disasters is quickly spread. The number of people in danger from these disasters is also greater.

      One however cannot always move from their homeland.

      Our prayers and support for the Japanese is the most important thing you and I can do at this time!


  24. anazon says:

    if u need volunteers to japan rescue team..i m offering myself..physically healthy and willing to help..no afraid of dirty job n tiredness..:-) hope to hear from u soo

  25. Blurcheryl says:

    Cheesie, I am going to Japan too mid of April. My friend in Japan told me to postpone the trip until end of April because of the disaster. Now I’m like lost dunno should proceed with the original plan or delay it. All my friends and their families in different part of Japan- Tokyo and Hiroshima are safe and unhurt- Thank God!

  26. amiriaaa says:

    I’m praying so so hard too! >___<

    I've also planned & booked tix already for 1st April to stayover at my friend's house in Saitama for a week… Now… So much uncertainty in the air…

    Glue myself to the news even though I know it makes me so upset… But it's the only way I can also decide whether to go or not…

    Are you still planning to go over? (saw above that you're flying off on the 8th April…?)

  27. Latifah says:

    you mentioned “i’m more upset than when disasters happened to a much nearer place like, Thailand or something.”… this is like the berita harian comic joke…. u mean if something happen in thailand you won’t be so upset, just like how the cartoonist…. he/she is not upset because it’s japan….

  28. Karyl says:

    Hello, I was just wondering have you heard about the 10000 Shakyo for Japan, it is for the victims of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident.

    I was thinking maybe this could help to pray for the victims and because they are left with a month and they only have 2588/10000 pieces.

    Because I know your love for Japan, just thought that you might want to help 🙂


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