W♥C + Super Cheat One™ Express Hair Bow

March 18, 2011 in Hair Cheat One™

Minimaos‘ new update: Watatsuki Chinatu’s W♥C



W♥C shirt.

Guess what it says?





W♥C Teddy T-shirt. Comes in men’s size too!




Duffy & Shelliemay Lover Set.

Also if you wonder how i did the hair bow, i think i have just reached the zenith of hair bow tutorial. I can do it in like, 20 seconds, with no pin or spray needed wtf.

Here’s the video.

My mermaid hair has become looser and it somehow makes any hair style super lasting without even any styling products.

Hope you feel cheated!

105 responses to “W♥C + Super Cheat One™ Express Hair Bow”

  1. Evelyn says:


  2. aud says:

    is this the otona style ur going for !!!!

  3. XCB says:

    u look hawt!!!!!!! i love ur recent new otona look!! sexay!!!

  4. vivienne says:

    OMG!! cheat one!!~~~~~ LOL geng ah!! XD

  5. 33 says:

    Your shorts and accessories are so cute!!!!

  6. Jessica says:

    Love your natural yet pretty make up!
    You looked younger in this way!
    Cool video 😈

  7. Naomi says:

    Wow! You’re even cuter in videos than in photos haha!
    Jealous!! :blush:

  8. Jane says:

    Lovin’ the W♥C tops on you! It’s all over Popteen. But it’s so expensive.. *Q*
    I envy you for being able to pull off Jap styles!

    And omg.. Duffy. I went to DisneySea 3 weeks ago and there were so many people buying those damn bears. And after they got new clothes for their bear.. they will literally rip off the old one, rip off the packaging of the new one and quickly put the clothes on Duffy/ShellieMay like savage beasts.

  9. Xiao Wen says:

    wow… 😈 nice one..but i don’t have long hair like you…

  10. fiionx says:

    wah. you becoming skinnier weih!! I wanna see if there is any cat’s ear hairdo haha 😀

  11. Hanie says:

    I notice that you didn’t wing your eyeliner… Style change?

  12. Ying Bin says:

    U look very good in them pictures. 😀 😈

  13. Ying Bin says:

    I love ur hot pants.Where did u get it? 🙂

  14. Ying Bin says:

    Ur hair looks healthy. 😉

  15. crys says:

    ur eyebrow looks nicer.what eyebrow pencil / powder do u use?? 😯

  16. jess says:

    power !!!!! 😈 😈 😈

  17. susuwatari says:

    you have such a pretty face *-* jealous max!!!

  18. Belly B says:

    Ahhhh You’re so skinnyyyyyyyyyy… *jealoussssss* + *inferior* 😥

  19. melody says:

    you look super duper super duper super duper young!!!!!!!
    and extremely extremely extremely pretty too!!!!!

  20. Nicole says:

    You looks so cute in the video! 😆

  21. Ffion says:

    I love your necklace!! where from?! 😀

  22. minoin says:

    You look so cute there!^^ Hope you could have a room tour HEHEH

  23. Kirin says:

    Omg it looks so easy when you do it, when i try to make a bun i take at least 30 minutes ;_;

  24. June says:

    I don’t know the name of the song in the background, but my sister is listning to it the whole day. T__T

    –> Trauma

  25. Prewar says:

    You look extremely refreshing without falsies!
    Much much much like!

  26. first time posting here on your blog, hiiii~~
    you are beyond gorgeous cheesie~♥
    i really love that WC shirt, its so so cute ^ o ^
    && that hugeee bow is amazing~!!

  27. Zany says:

    I LOVE your makeup. Can you please do a tutorial on that? Thanks.

  28. Peter says:

    Pretty , as always <3 😛

  29. Francesca says:

    nice 😈
    of course all style include this one hold and last longer cos of the perm. if i live in south east asia i would perm it but in here, too expensive to maintain hair. i hv been coloring my hair myself 😥

  30. Sonia says:

    oh my god where did you get the necklace!!!!!! it’s so pretty! <3 your makeup!!!

  31. CARINE says:

    hey all your photos looks good..may i know what ISO u are using ?

  32. cookie says:

    can i know this song name? 🙂

  33. Isabel says:

    Your new makeup looks so fresh ^_^ And woah! That is one super big hair bow (the checkered one). Your hair bow looks so easy. I tried it once and my hair went flying everywhere =_=

  34. u look very pretty & young without falsies 🙂

  35. Vivian says:

    OMG. You look so pretty even with light makeup ! JEALOUS *

  36. Natalie says:

    u know what? yr one of d people who inspired me to write a blog ^^ just letting ya know…

  37. Alexandra says:

    Wow!!! So hot in these pics!! Hehe, looking super young and pretty, too! ^_^ Cheesie is magic and ageless!

  38. Laura says:

    WAAAAAH? your hair holds just like that?! haha you make it look so easy ^w^”” XD

  39. Rene says:

    You’re so cute!! The huge bow reminded me of LDS’ show on TCG.

  40. rico says:

    addicted to ur blog…lol 😉

  41. David says:


    Beautiful photos!

    You do indeed look no more than 20!

    Such a baby! 😉


  42. Lita says:

    thank you :DDD now I can finally make a hair bow!

    Beautiful pictures! ^^

  43. SuiPrincess says:

    😉 so cute !! I love the video ^——-^<3<3<3<3<3<3
    Love your style

  44. Huynh says:

    You look so cute. Thanks for sharing of how you do your hair 🙂
    You’re so slim. I’m jealous 😛

  45. ena says:

    your hair super shiny!

  46. Steph says:

    #2 at first i thought it said I’m poop but good looking XD lol

    you look so fresh without falsies =]
    the bow is SO biggggg

    cuteee tutorial =D you’re so grinny~ haha
    i miss my long hair >< humphhhh

  47. Suzy Kim says:

    U are so cute 🙂 I will follow your blog ^^ 😉

  48. KY says:

    i always feel cheated!

  49. Joey says:

    Wow…that is so simple! Absolutely heart it!

  50. kianfai87 says:

    😆 nice video, if strong wind will disturb the hairstyle?

    cute and skinny photo! 😈

  51. Heidi N says:

    love love love the t-shirts!

  52. keikei says:

    cute! love it! 😛

  53. mk says:

    cheesie how are you so cute!

  54. yy says:

    makeup tutorial! 😈 😈 😈

  55. yennie says:

    dear,you look so pretty. may i know what eyebrow pencil you use? and what colour is it. i like the colour 🙂 thankss <3

  56. yennie says:

    in the picture # 5 🙂 what eyebrow colour and pencil is it dear

  57. elv says:

    hey, how many camera do you own actually ? canon s90,g12, and even olympus pen series ?

  58. fernanda says:

    Very nice cheat! Too bad my hair is short and it would’nt look this beautiful ^^’
    Your pictures are really pretty, but watching your videos and looking at the “alive” Cheesie, you look even prettier! 🙂

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