April 26, 2011 in Switzerland

Forgotten photos from Switzerland!











Other kids going skiing.




We only went sledding that day!


Here’s a mysterious hand molesting me lolol




Sledding like this!

I couldn’t take more picture cuz i was busy tumbling down and eating snow off the ground wtf. -_-



Walking snow dog in the snow. So jealous i want.



This is our car park lolol






Infinity hill.



Our lunch that cost like RM200. -_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_-





The cloud sea thing is actually fog covering the city.





Sunset at 4pm!




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  1. omg .. lunch that cost RM200 is.. ridiculously expensive 😳 😳 😳

  2. Ahh, looks like you had so much fun!! I want to go ~ 😀

  3. Swiss Sausages must be very expensive…then again, it’s one of the most expensive cities to live in.

  4. wth @ ur lunch…
    but isdfjsa so nice..
    sigh i’m not very good in resisting cold weather tho QQ

  5. I’m shivering when i saw all (;゜0゜)

  6. I bet you need a lot of sunblock when you were at the alps.

  7. Switzerland is so beautiful,been there once,would like to visit again if I have got a chance. 🙂

  8. RM200 for lunch? I’ll rather starve. hehe

  9. RM200 for lunch is not expensive in Switzerland…
    Everything is soooo expensive in Switzerland… compare to other EU countries =(

  10. amazingly beautiful

  11. Oh the alps are so beautiful! 😀

    but yea, 45 euro is too much. Switzerland is just crazy, but then again, so is Paris! Yesterday I paid 55 euro for drinks and french pastry for 3 ppl. >__<;

  12. Looks wonderful! It takes me back…

  13. All that snowwwww!!!! So glorious!!! I wanna do snow angels now!

  14. hmm…shall consider bringing instant noodles to Swiss. either that or make nasi lemak there and sell for rm200 tambah telur mata ^^

  15. while reading this, i am eating my RM1.20 breakfast! hohoho!

  16. ur so super cute ringo! glad u had fun there!

  17. no fair cheesie why you so cute!!!!!! rawwwwwrrrrrrrr. hehe (:

  18. Ekaterina says:

    Hello, Cheesie! I just wanted to say that I really love your outfit coordinates! They are very nice. 😯 😯 I also tried your Hairbow idea! 🙂

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