How to draw gyaru eyebrows

Since you guys asked for it!

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Commercial time over. Nao watch my video:

(double eyelid tape is super obvious in this video -_- cuz didn’t have time to use Mezaik fiber)

Drop a comment if you have any other suggestions for video tutorials!

48 responses to “How to draw gyaru eyebrows”

  1. Glo-w says:

    Yeah ^^ I had asked this at the gyaru site ^^ <333 Domo arigatou gozaimashita!~

  2. ViviFashion says:

    Thanks for sharing! 😈

  3. saltvinegar says:

    Nice!!!! Now you just have to show us how you trim your brows!

  4. Taehreh says:

    Sadly I have no need to bleach… my eyebrows are light light blonde naturally. The downside of course is I HAVE to draw them in everyday or else I look like a freak with no brows at all…

    Anyways nice tutorial, thanks for sharing. 😉

  5. It’s lovely, thanks for sharing 😉

  6. Rainia says:

    Your eyebrow’s one high, one low and one is thicker than the other…Need more training

    • Ishah says:

      Actually, if you look at her final result it is even.. she probably just did it quickly for the video and then looked properly in the mirror afterwards and fixed it up. Hard to do your brows without looking into a mirror properly! I think you did a good job cheesie :3

  7. Francesca says:

    thank u for making a vid-tutorial for this. just the lighting was bit harsh.
    i always wonder how to even out our black eyebrows after the powder etc. now i know :mrgreen:

  8. Wenjin says:

    I always love all your tutorials! I do make up tutorials too and it is so hard for me to figure out exactly how to do videos sometimes. >< I enjoy your videos and you are quite informative. I do find the lighting in the video kind of harsh on you and washes you out.

    Keep on doing more videos! 😆

  9. KY says:


  10. sera says:

    Hey ringo, yr tutorials are always nais and helpful! Just want to ask tho, where do you buy yr mezaik fiber from? Ebay? Thanks loads! 🙂

  11. Miko says:

    I have question! Can we straightaway use the “eyebrow mascara” if we have nicely trimmed eyebrow? Without drawing it first. 🙂

  12. Reader says:

    you can buy it at sasa online 🙂 ebay has it too but its much more expensive since the sellers sell it in bundles

  13. didi says:

    cheesie, is the mezaik fiber the one u use to sell in minimaos? i cant find it there:(

  14. cheese says:

    abit too long winded :p it could easily be done in half the time lol..good nonetheless

    • John says:

      No way cheese! – I, know long winded. 😛
      Plus, its an example to teach a technique – and that takes time.
      Still – glad you liked it. Me too!

      – Doesn’t that tape bother your eyes ring? I can’t stand stuff bothering my eyelids, tape seems like a… uncomfortable. Suppose you get used to it? Anyway -Cool Vid!

  15. Lucia says:

    I love your voice, Cheesie <3
    Had a bad day today, but now I will go to bed with a smile upon my face 🙂

  16. Gerry says:

    Out of curiosity could you pretty please list the products that you used? 😀
    It’s hard to back track and write it down cause I suck . :blush:

  17. Lee says:

    Cheesie, thanks for the video! This is the first time I hear your voice from video. hehe. I think your have a very soothing voice 😀 Unlike other girls who look amazing but actually have a rough voice.
    I don’t draw my eyebrow but I think I’m gonna get the heavy rotation’s eyebrow mascara 🙂 cos I didn’t know they have that. I’m using heavy rotation’s eyeliner. It’s better than many liquid eyeliner I’ve tried before. 😈

  18. zen says:

    its weird listening to your voice for the first time! haha. but your voice is really cute 😀 why don’t you have a boyfie!!! you look so pretty and funny. why why why? whole world boy dead? lol.

  19. xaxa says:

    omg such a bad makeup tutorial. its so bright, cant even see anything. its so over exposed! and you yap too much. just get to the point, woman!

    • John says:

      xaxa pick pick. :mrgreen:
      I’d like to see you do better. really…

      From a purely tech look – its not perfect… so you missed the point, imo.
      You would do better to be more constructive in your perception, but – whatever. :@

      Still – lol! She’s doing something many never even consider to do – for others, even.
      I respect that, cause I know how tough that can be in this world.

      • xaxa says:

        haha this is funny

        anyways tech wise, for a beauty vid, the lighting has to be perfect, if not we cannot see clearly due to the bad lighting! after drawing her eyebrows, cant even see that clearly that it has been drawn -.-

        so yes, i may have missed the point TO YOU, but ive watched more than enough beauty videos to know what to do or not do.

        if you wanna do a video, then do it properly. if not, why bother?

        • Porcco says:

          Just wondering but who are you to judge and tell others to do a video properly or not at all? If you don’t like it fine but seems like there are others who are most appreciative of the video.

          I’m guessing you’re another of these “couple of comment” posting then disappearing people.

          • xaxa says:

            im nobody and i like it this way! so happy it pissed you off!

            if others are appreciative, good for them! im not mocking them, am i? everybody have their own opinion, guess you’re not happy i have mine? too bad then! 🙂

            i dont comment on every single of her entries but i comment only when i need to.

        • Isabel says:

          I agree lighting is horrible but I can still see her brows (different story if she’s talking about her blusher lol). Anyway, her brows aren’t really ‘sharp’ with exact edges so why are you so concerned about seeing it clearly? Maybe you can sponsor her a good camera & lighting so she can do a ‘proper’ video

          • xaxa says:

            yay, someone agrees with me on the bad lighting 🙂 thats all that matters.

            sponsor her? dont need la, she has so many cams at home, just position herself at a better lighting place should be sufficient =) natural lightings are free!

  20. kelsey says:

    Your eyebrows are so cute, I love em!

  21. fiionx says:

    lip liner tutorial !! LOL love shape lips!! 😀

  22. wen says:

    cheesie, u look abit like Naomi from 90210! 😐
    thx for sharing this tutorial btw 😉 😈

  23. Hello, chanced upon ur site. Nice blog!

  24. Tsuriki says:

    You can get the Quick Eyebrow Pencil from Singapore’s SASA. It’s selling for $24.90 SGD.

  25. kelsey says:

    I love your blog! Esp the fashion entries, do more!

  26. the beast says:

    You women are very strange (I worked that out years ago)
    The new place that I now go to for a haircut (they cut my mothers hair) keep wanting to dye my eyelashes (for free) and have given me a floppy fringe despite me asking for a buzzcut, then hover like vultures


    As a woman , do you think that

    they want to have sex with me?
    They want to get me hooked on beauty treatments and fleece me sometime in the near future?

    I would be grateful for your wise words

  27. anonymous says:

    it is a turn off to hear you speak. get your grammar right woman!
    and why do u copycat wendy who just did a vlog?

  28. chan says:

    actually u need confident v ur look…dun try to cover ur skin v d lousy wedcam or camera u r using..cant see clearly ur skin

  29. Yuyu says:

    My favourite part of the video is when you said “fwei wert” eyebrow tool

  30. vivk says:

    -.- how come this video become private one? den how to see ah? cham liao lor.. 🙁

  31. shereen says:


    video has now bcome private? wanna watch…

  32. Chole says:

    i cant watch the video ><" so sad 🙁 😥

  33. Adeline says:

    would love to be able to see the video too!

  34. hi cheesie! i cannot watch the video either 🙁 it is on private. can you please make this available for readers to see? onegaishimasu! 😀

  35. Nemz says:

    Lovely! ~~~ヾ(^∇^)

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