Awhile ago someone asked me on twitter if i am naturally dark skinned, or is it my make up.


to which i answered, Tan is my surname. True story.

God has never been fair to me on the skin tone chart. To be honest, i was very conscious about my tan skin since i was very young, cuz a decade ago all our relatives are obsessed with fairness. Like “Aiyo, why you so dark already one? Tsk tsk, always play never study isit?”. Fml. Also it didn’t help when people think i bluff them when i told them i’m Chinese. T_T

And ever since i started my first skin care regime, it has always been whitening series. As if i would be super popular and pretty and score 100 for Geography if i was vampire-white.


In recent years, i have grown to like my naturally tan skin (also because people started to giving it cool names—sunkissed, honey glazed), and very recently, i even started to do very dark gyaru make up, with extra bronzer and lots of brown tones. I realized that dark make up can camouflage flaws even better. It makes your dark eye circles less obvious, and it also covers up lots of imperfections.


I have totally stopped using whitening series skin care since then because i love my tan skin now. However, i discovered what a huge misconception i have had, after going to Clarins White Plus HP event.


With redmummy and Aud. During the event, i learnt that whitening is not just about making you look like bloody Edward Cullen. It’s about protecting your skin from sun light, pollution and oxidation that cause pigmentation and premature aging, no matter what kind of skin tone you have. iii Now it sounds scary doesn’t it?

And get this! Even at night, our skin still produce melanin  that cause dark spots and freckles and uneven skin tone, even though there isn’t sun light.=)

During the explanation by a Clarins professional, Aud and i were just like =)iii=) iiiall the way. No wonder our skin is still shitty because we never cared about all these things. And i listened very very intently so i can have nice tanned skin that is actually even, bright and radiant.


It should start with Clarins UV Plus.. This multi-protection day screen has a new secret fomula—I will give you a hint. It’s a kind of melon that isn’t allowed to run away and get married. =hehe Can’t Elope! Ok pun time over. Anyway!

Cantaloupe melon is from Provence, France, and it is clinically proven to obviously reduce the DNA damage caused by UVA exposure.


We were served the yummy secret ingredient while getting to know more about sun protection.


*noms and goes under the sun


We even got a melon bun!


At the end of the session, Clarin’s had made the day for three very, very happy girls who couldn’t wait to try out the new White Plus range.


First of is the hero– UV PLUS HP Day Screen High Protection SPF40 is lightly pink-tinted.

It’s super light-weight and oil free, even if you put extra there will be no cakey Joker-like white residue after application. And with SPF 40, now even vampires can go out and play in the afternoon.


This is Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum, which reduces dark spots and brighten the complexion around the clock.

It contains sea lily extracts – this active brightening ingredient has a “locking” effect on melanin distribution to help prevent the formation of dark spots while it soothes skin.

I always love serum because i’m a kiasu Malaysian i like it very kao. Even though it is very concentrated, the texture is soft and light, and smells refreshingly floral! <3

I apply it during day and night before putting on my day/night products.


This is Whitening Repairing Night Cream, which is the first night cream that contains two very powerful ingredients: sea lily and daisy extracts, thatsoothes and calms skin to inhibit hyper-pigmentation at night, leaving it soft, fresh and fair again in the morning.

According to a Clarin’s study, after a 3-week usage, there’s a 100% (!!!!) reduction of dark spots!


So there you go, i have embraced whitening series once again. And after one week of usage now, i do feel that my skin is less dull!

And that almost makes me the next generation of sexy teenage vampire—tanned but bright and even skin that sparkle (with the help of glitter powder), not fatally allergic to sun light, and doesn’t suck. All i need is to grow some fangs.

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