I’m an extremely indoor person, i’m so dormant i should have been a vegetable polar bear. :X

And i dislike exercise so much that the only sports i’m REMOTELY interested in is Wii Bowling. #cheesiepun

Also i have quite serious height phobia that i cannot even play Super Mario Galaxy because i will literally hyperventilate and experience vertigo when i’m about to fall off a planet iii. True story.

So during our trip to Switzerland, it was like minus one thousand degree and somebody suggested to go ice skating and skiing. All these while i just remained unadventurous and stay clear from any form of physical activities especially it involves the possibility of sore backsides and broken arm T_T. And even more especially when it is winter and all i want to do is stay warm and comfy indoor and snuggle and hibernate.T_T

However, since we flew like a million hours there and since i will probably not experience cold climate for a very long time, i said YES. Even though i shivered at the thought of all the horror stories about getting your hands rolled over and slashed by an ice skating blade. Which i think would be a great inspiration for the next SAW movie.

But anyway. Trying new things could be fun, right? I mean, you will never know you like it until you try it out!


#challenge accepted.


At first i was really afraid i kept holding the polar bear (!!! I think i’m fated with this furry white animal) aid thing that’s supposed to be for kids. -_-


I think the kids are mocking me. -_--_--_-


Then slowly i let go of the polar bear (because the parents kept giving me the “come on, you’re too old for that”  judgmental staresiii), and Marcel was helping me to glide slowly on ice.


Then in the end i could ice skate as fast as penguin!!!!! And it was so so fun! 😀

Ok i don’t really have a picture as proof but issokay i don’t need to prove you to win *proud

I was so glad i decided to try out the things i’ve never done before because if i didn’t, i’d never know how it would feel.

Which is why when a friend recommended Libresse to me, I decided to check it out!

I went to their website, and guess what I found!

On the site we get to watch them do adventurous and exciting stunts. And those are not just videos, but it is a live interactive websites, that allows you to decide their path and faith, on YOUR mobile phone!

This is how it works.

I pick Adibah Noor because she’s funny and not afraid to make fun of herself.

So we watch her be a drift queen for the first time. After lots of screaming and sweat, she finishes the task and whips out a phone and ask for your phone number (!!!!!! How often do you get asked phone number by a celebrity!!!)


After long thought, aiya… give her la since she asked *feigns nonchalance

And then she appears to be listening to her phone…


So i pick up my phone, and she asks me to decide her next path. Hmm this is interesting. It’s almost like directing a movie!

And to do so, i just have to press 1 or 2 on my phone. I made a choice, she thanks me and hangs up, then magically appears in another space…

With a tiger.iiiiiiiii

Of course, you can also watch sweetheart songstress Yuna or the free spirited Chong sister (and have them ask for your phone number!!!) and interact with them.

More of it on www.libresse.com.my

Which i also tried for the first time, since i was on a roll of trying new things! 😀


Colorful inner wrap.

What is the most important thing you look for in a sanitary pad? Most of you will say, of course, absorption. BUT! Have you ever tried wearing a super thick old school roti-bakar-style maxi pad YET having leakage? *counts hands

And you know why? Because “Absorption is nothing without fit”.

Nao, introducing a pad that is designed anatomically to fit your body. It is a patented design as illustrated:


Libresse is the only brand that offers Secure Fit–a design of the pad that keeps it intact with your body at all time, and Deep Flow Channel—Quickly channel wetness into the pad and prevent fluid from flowing back to surface, & act as fold lines which allow folding at strategic points, thus keep the pad intact with your body at all times.

Panty liner is a best friend during traveling to keep you fresh every day.

But it so happened i was having my period when we were in Zurich. -_-

Period and going to skii. Hmmm. Sounds like everything is going downhill from there. (pun hahahah!)


But I’m glad i packed Libresse in my luggage before i flew. And i had a great day at the snow mountain that day. 🙂

So, you ready to try something new?