(means clothes in Japanese it sounds like f**ku but it also means “blessing” at the same time so it’s quite cool.)

That’s all my files’ name for all the pictures i took for my pasar malam sales for people who like cheapskate clothes wtf. Most of them sold out but i’m re-posting some picture here just so you can see what you missed out and sit in a corner in pure regret while other people who got them gloat about it at their own corner wtf.






And some that i have no time to post yet:



Can see myself camho behind wtf. #foreveralone


ok Pasar Malam Sales here! Will update more when i have time la.




Ok nao some other random pix.






Love this top max! So comfy! By MURUA ok not for sale but you can get from minimaos.






This is the KolonyBorg blogging. While reading this you’re already in process of being infected.

Resistance is futile.

We repeat:

You will need KOINZ to perform the cool activities in Kolony. You just need to make calls on the all NEW XPAX PLAN.

  • 1st – 5th calls made in a day = FREE 10 KOINZ per call
  • 6th & more calls made in a day = FREE 20 KOINZ per call
  • The FREE KOINZ will be granted the next day.
  • Alternatively, you can also purchase KOINZ to enjoy KOLONY services: RM0.30 for 10Koinz, RM1.50 for 50Koinz, RM3 for 100Koinz

End of repetition.

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