Like i blogged a little earlier about my irrational fear for the impending zombie apocalypse due to mankind’s ruthless acts to mother nature, i have also increased effort in doing my part to delay having the undead chewing my brains off for as long as i can.

Last week’s mission is to help save the rain forest for 7 days. And i pledged to myself in this whole week, i must maintain keep up the pledge. Here are the 10 things i’m committed to doing:

1. Recycle

Subject: Clothes. Save water!!! I do this ALL THE TIME. So this is not a problem. Next.

2. Do Not Send Birthday Cards

Send greetings via Twitter instead. Wow thats saves me tons of paper every month! Next.

3. Refuse Polystyrene Products.

Every time i see a polystyrene container, i can feel a random person next to me turning grey (zombie color). To challenge myself not to use any, i have personally gone downstairs during lunch time and go to the zhap fan stall and eat among the office workers, alone. You have to know that this is quite a big step for me to take, because for one, i am super lazy. When i’m at home, i’m immobilized in front of my computer. Normally i call the cafe downstairs to send take-out for me. But no. I shall WALK DOWNSTAIRS from now on. And secondly, i absolutely hate eating alone. But to complete this mission, i shall be #ForLunchTimeAlone. It’s all worth it.

4. Smart Tapao

Which i have blogged about multiple times before. If i MUST tapao, then i use Tupperware. There was this one time i got conned into tapaoing oyster mee suah for Dumbi, i tried to convince him to eat so we don’t use another polystyrene foam, he said where got! People in the stall are using the same thing what! I was like, really? Then i went and tapao, and discovered that they use normal plastic bowls, and i got very angry and whatsapp him a picture of the bowls and called him a jerk. From today onwards i will bring Tupperware for oyster mee suah.

5. Refuse Plastic Bags

Every time i shop on Saturdays, i will secretly laugh at those people who nod when the cashier asks if he/she needs a plastic bag. I’m all like haha sucker, you are now 20 cents poorer, watch this!!! Then proudly present my XL size handbag at the counter. (You now know that i am THAT kiamsiap).

6. Reinforce Aircon For 4 Principle

Ok, if you don’t already, here’s the thing you need to know about visiting my house. I will only switch on the aircon if there’s more than 4 people. (A Siberian Husky is counted as 4 people) Because! Well because aircon harms the earth and cause global warming etc! (Ok la actually i just want to maintain my TNB bill at RM20 a month. Yes, that’s how kiam i am). So yea, bring your own portable air-cooler. Thanks.

7. E-books

Well i stopped buying magazines and download them online instead because i want to save the rainforest!!! I also started downloading free e-books instead of real books. That’s totally because i care for the earth. And not because i’m totally broke. Or too lazy to go to the book store. Or because a book cost like 10 zhap fan meals. Or because i am completely addicted to my Galaxy Tab. Nope. I CARE. (The last part is actually a bit true.) I mean, i’m sad that no one invented e-Toilet Paper yet. If not i’ll totally ditch Cutie Compact too.

8. Reduce Car Pollution

By not using my car. Normally i will carpool (read: force my friends to come fetch me). Or just FFK friends who ask me out.

9. Don’t Flush Toilet

Only do it after X amount of usage. WHAT? My toilet doesn’t have Half-Flush option!

10. Actually Make Effort to Know More about the Rain Forest

i could be doing everything the wrong way if i don’t have the right knowledge. Hence the Sloggi Love World Event.


at Sungai Tekala Recreational Forest, Taman Warisan Negeri Selangor. Which is also what inspired me to take up this 7 days challenge to save the rain forest. photo

Received a Sloggi eco shopping bag, which will boost success rate of my Pledge No.5!


Cindy at the event.


It was an adventurous day for a bunch of bloggers… Who almost became… Loggers.


We went jungle trekking to get closer to the nature, and learning more about our local rain forest.


Our magnificent rain forest. Do you know that this park protects the water supply  for the whole Selangor? If Selangor got flood, you know who to blame la. No one but your own fault for not making enough effort to preserve our precious forest.


Look at that massive tree!


And the fern thing, reminds me of the beanstalk thing Mario climbs to enter a secret world in Super Mario Bros!


This tree is old and dying because there’s a huge crack.


It was quite an unusual day from my usual hiding-at-home routine.


Except maybe for the Mozzie-Apocalypse part lol.


I’m sticking close to Aud so that i don’t get any bites 😛


After that, we had to menanam pokok!!! Man, the last time i did that was during Gotong-Royong in primary school! So nostalgic!!!


The kind officer helped us with it, and then we use the cangkul so secure the little pokok and then siram air. (HAHAHHA all my BM vocab is coming back!)


The tree belongs to the 4 of us!



My very low maintenance child and i.


After taman pokok, we had a nice lunch.


Sloggi donated RM25k from the profit of its Love World collection to TrEES (Treat Every Environment Special), to protect the rainforest’s habitats, wildlife and eco-system. These are some of the new ranges from Sloggi, which offers eco-comfort, which means ultra soft, natural and organic fabric that is manufactured using eco-friendly processes.

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