Kuma Koara wtf

May 27, 2011 in Australia

This is for Aud  who asked me what i want when she went to Australia and i told her what i wanted but she didn’t get me the actual thing because she said couldn’t find but she got me a postcard of said item instead which until nao she hasn’t given it to me wtf. #endoffriendship

What i wanted was this.

You can pet a Koala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.


Anyway NSW has been great! Australia never ceases to amaze me with their friendly people and amazing food and beautiful nature. Every time i come here i just wish that one day i’d live in a place like this.

More update soon cuz waking up tomorrow 6:30AM for biking :X

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35 responses to “Kuma Koara wtf”

  1. Lene says:

    Koala! I want to pet one too! *jealous*

  2. stella lee says:

    i once went to gold coast but had no chance no see koala T__T

  3. L says:

    Aww. I’m glad that you’re liking Australia!

    Cute photo!

  4. Nydaoni says:

    omg… so cute
    Koala look so happy with cheesie 😉

  5. Kimberly says:

    Won’t it be cold in NSW ? Perth is quite chill already , 5 degree in the morning 🙂

  6. weyjin says:

    LOLOL, like mother and child! love the way you hold the koala ..did they told you to hold it in such a way?

  7. Isabellmiao says:

    i want one too!! i want baby one.. small fluffy koala ^^

  8. Coco says:

    Wa~ Futari kawaii sugii!

  9. helloaussie says:

    Summer is the best time to be around! Rumours are fake… Best time to be at Byron is during summer! <3 the beach!

  10. Glo-w says:

    OMG IZ SO FUFFY IMMA GONNA DIE!~ got toy version with warmer inside?

  11. Belly B says:

    Hahha I really wanted to hold one when I went to the Wildlife Park in Sydney, but I think they were too busy snoozing to care about me. And I couldn’t bear to wake them up! They looked so comfy. Btw, Fun Fact: Did you know Koalas had 2 thumbs so they could support themselves better on trees? Haha. I’m sure you already know that since you held it! 😉

  12. Arrow says:

    OMG IT IS SOOO CUTE! I wanna hold one tooo *must visit australia*
    or I’ll just get a large plushie – that works too.

  13. Taehreh says:

    Ahhhhh best picture ever!! How did you manage to hold him!? When I was in Perth I went to visit the koalas but they only let me pet them. :@ so lucky !

  14. DAKOTA says:


    THIS IS, CHEESER-MELT-CUTE!!!!!!!! <33333

  15. DAKOTA says:

    P.S Ringo I need your advice. I’m off to Venice real soon, any tips on your fav places? XOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOX

  16. Wendy says:

    I live right near Byron Bay! That’s so cool you’re right where I live 😀

  17. Jake Lo says:

    I love koalas! 😀
    But the eyes get creepy when you look into them for too long.

  18. aud says:

    looks like photoshop!!!!! #denial

  19. awwwww~♥ you’re so pretty~ and the koala is so adorable ♥♥♥
    i’m glad you’re loving Australia ~ and~ you should come to Sydney~ ♥
    yehh i advise not to come in Summer, although the weather is nice and going to the beach is heaps good~ the mosquito’s are terrible D:

  20. winnie says:

    isn’t it Currumbin Sanctuary located in Gold Coast? I am confused. :s

  21. Jamie says:

    I’m in Tokyo now and just saw u on tv program abt gyaru!! In fact I got to know about dolly wink by reading your blog quite long ago. あなたはとてもカワイイ!頑張ってね!:)

  22. jocelyn says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwh,like mum and baby 😉

  23. axiao says:

    anyone that i know that went to aussie for a vacation will say, how i wish i could stay there forever… 😀

  24. WP says:

    I want one too! Good idea, I’ll have to remember to ask for that when a friend goes to Australia 😛

  25. susy says:

    hahaha we’re now in the same country!
    hope you’re having a great time over here even if it is SUPER COLD :p
    take lots of photos!!!

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