After the Sharing Happiness video i did awhile ago which received really good comments, i decided to do another video again!

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Perodua is launching their Facebook Fan Page, and are giving out RM10,000 and 5 iPad2 for creative Perodua fans! 😀

Just make a video to show why you’re Perodua’s biggest fan, and upload to their Facebook Fan Page here.

It could be be funny, quirky, meaningful or heartfelt. You can do it with or without a Perodua car. It could be any video as long as you include the line “Perodua, Lagi Best” in your video.

So i did a spoof video of… ok you will see later.

Anyway i’ve been playing Drag Racing on my tab alot and of course it’s nice to look and drool at all fancy cars. But how many of us here can actually afford a Lamborghini la haih i can only afford spaghettini and laici martini .

So naturally Perodua is the natural choice when it somes to pricing and utility. It’s also highly future mother-in-law approved. It’s not economically impossible and most important it’s affordable to maintain. If you run into an accident (choi) also i wish i run into a MyVi lo because that day i reversed into a BMW 5 series and the owner billed me an RM2k bill for a miniscule scratch at the side door .

Also i love spacious cars, ample back seat space so i can chuck all my big handbags behind. So Dumbi’s car is a major frustration.


Until Aud and i have to share seat. Not even share. One of us have to sit on the floor and almost feel the gritty ground brush against your backside .


Here’s my video!

[warning: contains the worst song in the world]

lololol i think it’s very stupid la haha thanks Dumbi for the cameo appearance! The vehicle that he was using is actually borrowed from my apartment’s guard HAHAHHA.

If you like it, please vote for it here!

Also, don’t forget you  can also make your own video, and stand a chance to win RM10,000 or an iPad 2!