May 25, 2011 in Happenings

The most last minute trip ever wtf.

Just confirmed a trip to Byron Bay, NSW Australia 3 days ago and i’m flying today wtf. Means I’m going to miss Dumbi‘s show (miss as in like cannot go, not Ms Dumbi, although he in wig can be abit consfueing) (oh and which is sold out today, sucks for you all who didn’t buy earlier) and i feel very shitty cuz i’ve already bought the ticketssss sand stuff and was so looking forward to it and i think he got funny jokes HAIH THIS TRIP BETTER BE WORTH IT WTF.


Ok calm down.

Anyway i’m posting some shitty photos of myself here just in case you assholes forget about me. (Please miss me la.)

Trip to Penang for Hennessy Artistry.

Wa Hennessy Ninja wtf.

You slice the Hennessy ingredients lol

With the artise

Partying at Voodoo

Here different outfit because we partied like 3 days in a row wtf i seriously don’t think my body is catching up with my age…. wait. I think it’s the other way round.

And yummily unhealthy Penang food! Everything looks like rojak wtf.

This is Hennessy KL >.<

With Helen

DJ Eva

And some cool apps thingie you can do at the booth!

And then some other shitty pictures i took for my Pasar Malam sales, which will come to a halt cuz i’m away nao.






While i’m away you guys celebrate and spend RM15 instead of RM87 for 3 Full Pints of Guinness draught at Finnegan’s Desa Sri Hartamas. If you owe your friend a drink, this is the perfect time to repay!!! Summore you can bring two extra friends wtf. Nao THEY owe you drink HAHAHA.

Limited to 400 vouchers only! Awesome deal brought to you by Milkadeal!

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28 responses to “NSW!”

  1. Ishah says:

    Have fun, go to Orgasmic Food and eat some falafels… go to Fundamental Foods and eat a mexican pie. And buy some hippie clothes just for fun.

  2. jillian says:

    Will definitely miss you! 🙄 Have fun. 🙂

  3. Simon Seow says:

    Ah, I have to go to Asian Music Festival at the MIECC so wasn’t able to make it to Hennessy Artistry. Hope I’ll be able to make it to the next one.

  4. chriso says:

    I was there I was there (and i saw you wtf)

  5. Jade Love says:

    Your style is just awesome!!
    I love all your pics!!

  6. Belly B says:

    You should go blond!!! Like REAL blond 🙂

  7. xan says:

    beautiful cheesie 🙂

  8. Arrow says:

    Awww! Have fun! When will you be back?

  9. Laura says:

    Yoi goryokou o ne~~! ^_^

  10. David says:


    Once again Cheesie proves there is never a bad photo of her! 😉


  11. Tey Cindy says:

    Y 1 look like Donnie Yen 1 DJ look like Adeline & 1 looks like Jolin in the end WTF

  12. tokumiyuru89 says:

    hopefully the weather here in NSW will gradually get better when you come over. The winds went siao the past few days. haha

  13. alysha says:

    eyhhhh how come ur going to byron bay??!! my favourite place in australia to watch sunrise!! are you comin up to brisbane too??? i’d LOVE to meet you!! 😀

  14. jane says:

    Hope you will have a blast in aus cheesie!!! 😆

  15. Jasmine says:

    cheesie, any advice on how to get white teeth? your smile is so perfect! and i love your wig. looks so pretty!

  16. Carmen says:

    good luck to your trip and waiting you come back with coolest photos

    miss you 🙄

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