Lately i very  gung-ho ah first of all i pledge to do 10 things to save the environment everyday, then i vowed to drink two small bottles of Nestle BLISS yogurt drink which is full of live culture everyday to save my intestines, next maybe i want to climb the moon to extract rare plants to save blind ostriches.



Fashion+ wellbeing.

The challenge wasn’t challenging at all. It was easy as a piece of cake. Except that it’s better than cake because cake makes you fat.


14 days with two small bottles of Nestle Bliss. (The one in the mirror doesn’t count)

It feels like your bowels are going through a 2-week bootcamp. Wake up early in the morning and exercise…… in the toilet wtf. What happens is that, if you (and your bowels) work out for 14 days like that, it comes a routine you don’t want to stop because now you feel lighter, fitter and more energized 😀

I think my next challenge is to actually exercise, physically, since now my digestive system is doing the same thing. I guess it’s important that you work out on the side, as well as outside too.


After the 14-day challenge, i really feel healthier because at least now i am having something good for my body as breakfast. It was like an insurance plan for your digestive’s wellbeing, having that 28 bottles of Nestle Bliss in your fridge.

When i really feel extremely lazy to go out and eat (since i also pledge not to tapao and waste plastic), at least i will have something nutritious to fill my tummy out before lunch time. So it doesn’t only make me physically feeling better, but emotionally too because now i have the comfort of knowing that i have committed myself to living a healthier life.

So now i pass the challenge to you all.

To take up a 14-day challenge with Nestle Bliss that is made of REAL FRUIT juice without artificial colors and contains Inulin and live cultures that will improve your digestive system, and make you feel different after 14 days.

More on Nestle Bliss’ Facebook Page.