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June 15, 2011 in Eccentric Cheesiesm

Dear future blog readers, you are now reading a blog capsule.

I am writing this on the 12th June, 2011, Sunday, 9:23pm and i’m going to bury this post in my wordpress dashboard. The fact that you are reading this means it was uncovered from a dark, dark place, long, long time ago. Congratulations for discovering this piece of magnificently useless artifact. Let me guess. This post was dug out by… erm Auto-Post Timer wtf. I thank you in advance, Auto-Post-Timer.

it’s very likely that i’m 40,000 feet above you right now somewhere in the sky, en route to a beautiful place (literally, i hope, if not that can only mean i’m dead).

(Then again, i cannot be sure if the place i will go when i’m dead is beautiful. Maybe it will be if i squint really hard.)

I’m telling you all these things because i like to sound as if i know what i’m talking about. I mean, things that involve time and space and future always make you sound smart. Or insane. I’m going for the former.

Anyway, it is also because i am a #hardworkingblogger. (That and mostly because i’m paranoid and worry to my grave that i will cease to exist when i’m not connected to the social network. So this is my pseudo existence on the internet while i’m not really on the internet. You are welcome.)

Here’s a Video Capsule i made. It’s in half-broken Japanese. Just in case in the future everyone mutates into radioactive onigiri-shaped ramen-flavored samurai zombies. I mean, i can totally see that coming. Not that i’m psychic or anything. I also predict that you are now hungry.

I also included subtitles. Just in case some of the future half-mutated radioactive onigiri-shaped ramen-flavored samurai zombies happen to still prefer English.


(I have no freaking idea why the audio of this video doesn’t sync. My guess is that it got messed up along the whole time and space traveling process.)





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I also hope that future mutated samurai zombies still eat only brains so bimbos like me can survive.

24 responses to “Blog Capsule”

  1. Belly B says:

    Your Japanese is really good. Even though I don’t understand it, but it just seems fluent hahaha 😀

  2. steff says:

    you did a really good job in speakin japanese!! you inspire me even more to learn the language cheesie 🙂 How long have you been studying the language?

  3. David says:


    Very impressed! Smart and beautifu you are indeed! 😉

    The Japanese language is not easy to learn.
    Your Japanese followers will critique your language skills.

    However you are admired more than ever!


  4. Glo-w says:

    Ah I saw this earlier on you tube ^^ does that mean i’m from the future? or just too much time at my hands? -_-” don’t answer that. anyways practice makes perfect so keep practicing!~ <3

  5. Ninie Ahmad says:

    Hi Cheesie, hope you still remember me – the equally 🙄 tiny girl from Project Alpha 2.

    I read your blog like, almost every post really and if I never said it, you can easily be the most talented person online I know. Super cute, super pandai, super talented (ohh, I’ve said that) and you havent’t known yet 😉 but in the future (time capsule, right), you will be pretzeled by me.

    P.S. Yes, yes, check out my flag – I’m in NYC 😀

  6. Ninie Ahmad says:

    How come I don’t get a flag.. 😥

  7. ani says:

    cute video! i thought it was funny that Chiji is toilet roll too! but it’s okay, when you watch “my neighbour totoro” in cantonese, the little cute girl is also called Chiji/toilet roll!! so it suits you ^^

  8. mishi says:

    Aww I wish I could’ve seen you on TV.. too bad they dont have it here in the US. Your Japanese is really smooth…^_^

  9. Lynn says:

    The way you speak Japanese is a bit weird LOL

  10. MilkySorbet says:

    Make more vids in Japanese!
    Because you’re not speaking so fast yet, it’s easy to understand you for a beginner like me 😀 Perfect practise!

  11. Ying Bin says:

    How come Japenese language so lengthy one? :dunno:

  12. Michelle says:

    Your japanese’s quite good! Very fluent and easy to follow. Love reading your blog! Keep up the good work xx

  13. ooooo says:

    😯 😳
    Prefer you more in english… zzz

  14. Jace♥ says:

    hey cheesie~ you can speak~ but the problem is … the pronunciation i guess~? too high pitch??

  15. Sharon says:

    the pronunciation is really weird XD (speaking the truth :@ )

  16. Reader says:

    hey cheesie, is japanese hard to learn? and where did you learn it at?

  17. READER says:

    Pls, you speaking sucks in eng and jap. Pls articulate it properly.

    • Your English Sucks says:

      If you want to talk about sucky English, please take a look closer to home before you start criticising.

  18. toilet paper says:

    agree.. very high/draggy pitch after every word/sentence.. its like fake jap accent.. and sound so weird.. =.=?
    along the way, sounds like as if im listening to a person speaking tamil…

    cheesie, you look puffy/bloated in this video… and dont wear this kind of dress/shirt.. overall you look like a filipino maid + dark complexion + the fact that you super colour your eye like that…

    Everything is like overdo…

  19. dellomerro says:

    a lot of “etoooo” haha! えと・・すぎww
    well can’t help it. it’s not like we’re (I learn Nihongo too) pure Japanese or learnt it since young. =w= チジさんがんばれ!

  20. Abby says:

    hi cheesie, can u please let me know where u learnt your japanese from? or do u have any good centres in KL to recommend? cuz im really looking for one now 🙂

    btw, u look super kawaii in the vid! really impressed by your jap.:)

  21. hide says:

    (I watched NHKprogram.You uplord Japanese video.I think your japanese pronounciation and last joking were very fun.I will support you. Good luck!)

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