Dear future blog readers, you are now reading a blog capsule.

I am writing this on the 12th June, 2011, Sunday, 9:23pm and i’m going to bury this post in my wordpress dashboard. The fact that you are reading this means it was uncovered from a dark, dark place, long, long time ago. Congratulations for discovering this piece of magnificently useless artifact. Let me guess. This post was dug out by… erm Auto-Post Timer wtf. I thank you in advance, Auto-Post-Timer.

it’s very likely that i’m 40,000 feet above you right now somewhere in the sky, en route to a beautiful place (literally, i hope, if not that can only mean i’m dead).

(Then again, i cannot be sure if the place i will go when i’m dead is beautiful. Maybe it will be if i squint really hard.)

I’m telling you all these things because i like to sound as if i know what i’m talking about. I mean, things that involve time and space and future always make you sound smart. Or insane. I’m going for the former.

Anyway, it is also because i am a #hardworkingblogger. (That and mostly because i’m paranoid and worry to my grave that i will cease to exist when i’m not connected to the social network. So this is my pseudo existence on the internet while i’m not really on the internet. You are welcome.)

Here’s a Video Capsule i made. It’s in half-broken Japanese. Just in case in the future everyone mutates into radioactive onigiri-shaped ramen-flavored samurai zombies. I mean, i can totally see that coming. Not that i’m psychic or anything. I also predict that you are now hungry.

I also included subtitles. Just in case some of the future half-mutated radioactive onigiri-shaped ramen-flavored samurai zombies happen to still prefer English.


(I have no freaking idea why the audio of this video doesn’t sync. My guess is that it got messed up along the whole time and space traveling process.)





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I also hope that future mutated samurai zombies still eat only brains so bimbos like me can survive.