Byron bay

June 30, 2011 in Australia

To continue my unfinished trip to Byron Bay, NSW Australia!

I sorta gotten really lazy so it will be less text and picture heavy!



This was still in Tweed, where we went on a Crab Catching Cruise.


Our first proper meal since landed. Super juicy and gigantic mud crab for everyone!

Seriously it was so juicy that we had to crack it open above a big bowl and the whole bowl will be filled with… crab juice wtf.


Look at the size of the claw!!!


Look again


Satisfied with dinner, we then went for yabbie pumping, where you go down to really cold sea water and catch yabbies (an Australian small prawn-like crustacean) out from the sand using a pump and a sieve.

It was a Google size of sea and sand but unfortunately i got zero result of yabbie fml. The sea engine may as well ask me, “do you mean lousy“?


This is me catching crab zomg. Ok the crabs are pre-trapped so it’s kind of cheating. Everybody will catch one.


Cheat One™ victory.


How to tie a crab.


And then after than we went fishing!

Before i actually fished a fish, i would have been, meh, fishing. I’d rather sit next to a cheese and watch it mold.




Like a real fish.

Not like i ever caught a fake fish before. And with the rod… thingie.

and the feeling was amazing i was like ZOMG I GOT IT!! A FISH!!!!! Seriously i have never been so excited about a fish before in my life. Except maybe when i watched Finding Nemo. Ok even that can’t top this.



Everyone else caught fish(es) too!

Ok starting today i will not scoff at people who goes fishing anymore.



Then it was pelican feeding.


Sooo many of them hovering about  like they know it’s dinner time!


That’s me feeding poor fish to the pelicans. Be really careful because THEY BITE. I almost got bitten just because i held my hand out too long for a picture. These impatient Angry Birds wtf.

After so many activities, i just feel a bit wtf because we caught the yabbies so that we can use it as baits to fish, then we use the fish to feed birds. And then we catch crabs and… feed ourselves. There’s seriously a lot of feeding going on there.iii


Beautiful sea-nery!




Breakfast the next day


And then we depart for Tweet Valley, which is a volcanic area circling Mount Warning, so apparently all the crops and plants grow really well in this area!


Bush Tucker Garden that produces some of the most amazing fruit thingies (i’m not exactly sure what they are!) i’ve ever seen.


Habenero chili


Yuzu, the Japanese citrus fruit growing amazingly well here



Ok this is the most amazing fruit thingie i’ve tasted! It’s called Fingerlime, and it looks just like a tiny lime except it’s oblong, and when you tear it open it looks like that! Tiny little… capsules just like fish roes wtf!! And then you bite on them it’s just like sour little… roe thing popping in your mouth, it’s like eating ikura!!!

I was like ZOMG this is like a citrus flavored caviar!!!! And Buck the owner goes, yeap, that’s exactly what it is!


Dunny. Err that’s how you say toilet in Australian. Apparently.


After that we drove to Tyalgum Village, and everything here is very Lovely Lace and Teddy’s Tale. Very cottagy! LOVE!




Even the shop owner and all their staff dress like that! How cool and beautiful! 😀


In an antique shop


This is Flutterbies Cottage Cafe. And we just sat down for our high tea.




Hot choc


This is the famous Flutterbies Cake.

It was just like… ZOMG. Yeap. That’s exactly what it is. Must must must must try.


More pretty stuff!



Then we went to Mavis Kitchen, which is a really famous restaurant recommended by Master Chef magazine.


Can’t believe this is a restaurant! There;s a huge yard surrounding the premise growing all sort of in season fruits and herbs and vegetable!


Restaurant owner Charlie showing us around.

Yeap, the lettuce and whatever goes straight onto your plate. The chef basically just harvests the day’s lunch ingredients from their very own organic garden. It’s incredibly healthy i told Huai Bin i one day will move to a place like this and live all zen before i get old and sick.


View of Mount Warning from the restaurant.

I have asked this question many times and i think grass is really greener on the other side. Whatever side it is.


Arrived at Crystal Castle, another zen-ish place.


Sitting around a massive pink crystal table and absorbing all the love Qi.



And then we did something really interesting!!!

We got our aura captured on a photograph.

When i was asked by the extremely friendly assistant if i would like to have my aura picture taken, i was like SURE!!! 😀 😀

Then i had a look of the pictures on the wall and all of them have like some super quality aura like, wisdom, unconditional love,  spirituality, peace and some other positive nonsense.

And suddenly i didn’t want to do it anymore. I told the assistant, what if later my aura came out BLACK?! I don’t want everyone to know that i am evil and was planning to kill everyone on the trip with a fork and BBQ them for dinner?! Or worst of all,


That i’m just this sad…. colorless being who is #foreveralone iiiiiiiii

Then she smiled and told me, everyone is perfect. And everyone has good aura.

So i did it.


Here’s my freaking aura.

Apparently i’ve got SO MUCH AURA that you can’t even see me anymore.

Yellow and orange means creative, artistic, urge to achieve, ideas and social.

Great. That sounds like me. I was abit disappointed because i wanted more pink (love, compassion) and maybe purple (intuition, faith) cuz they are pretty and also good qualities.

I suspect it’s Cheat One. I’m just full of cheese. 🙁




This trip is sponsored by Air Asia! They currently have a promo on Byron Bay, check it out!


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  1. mabel says:

    Aww.. cheese up! Being full of cheese is even more special than having auras. 😀

  2. Charm says:

    OMG. I want to go .__________. You follow tour or what?

  3. Hayley says:

    Awww… yabbying makes me so nostalgic! We used to do it when I was a kid, except with a piece of meat tied to a string :dunno: We’re very high tech in WA…
    I’ve never been to the eastern states, because Malaysia and Sg are closer -_- but I would go for the flutterbies cake!

  4. Charm says:

    ooo. solly! the food make me so hungry. ._______________.

  5. weyjin says:

    #30 and #31, a sweet way to die!

    #22 amazing fruit looks amazing, but a lime is a lime, still sour.

  6. yumii says:

    i like your japan posts more! hahahhaha i have nothing to say about this post except that i like your style. 😆 i comment coz you told us to!! happy not!

  7. Janet says:

    are those nt pelicans nt seagull???

  8. Katherine says:

    Woww, the crab look so delicious! *hungry*

  9. Jodie says:

    i don’t believe in auras but i have to say it’s so tempting to try that..

  10. melody says:

    i so so so so love love love everything!!!!
    esp the teddy bearssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!
    and you are looking super super super gorgeousss!!!
    and everything is juz perfect!!!!!

  11. Arrow says:

    Now I crave crabs aha. and OMG that lime-looking fruit is SO cool – never seen anything like it O.o. I also really want to try that aura thing – wonder how it really works!

  12. Jace♥ says:

    omg~~ I want to try that aura thinggy~!!!!!

  13. Pinkystar says:

    Australia seems so awesome! I’ve always wanted to visit but never got a chance to.

  14. K says:

    LOL I love picture ten, the girl on the right it like… Eww… I caught this frickin’ fish.

  15. Ida says:

    Your outfit on the first pics is SO cute! 😈
    Love u 😉
    – Ida /

  16. hitomineko says:

    O I thought this post was supposed to be Japan? Oh wellz. just as well! Australia looks like much fun too =) Love the outfits you were wearing <3

    I tried fishing… once when I was really little. & I never tried again cuz I think I would never catch one.. ahhaa… =P

    ♔ xoxo Hitomineko xoxo ♔

  17. Lenny says:

    hahah you’re aura is beautiful, my dear! It’s like looking at the sun; so radiant! That is one helluva giant crab claw!!! Think my mom will love it…she’s a big fan of crab! I should take her! <3 Thanks for sharing ur trip with us babe!

  18. WP says:

    Hahaha full of cheese! So much cheese that we can’t see your aura any more! LOL

  19. miko says:

    Wow i would like to try the fingerlime coz i like ikura so much T_T
    and the aura photographs cool!!

  20. Ran says:

    Australia looks like a beautiful place, I wanna visit there but of course Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore on top of my list! The shop keeper looks so adorable, her outfit sooo cute!! I wanna try the aura thinger, but I’m worried how my aura might look like!

  21. miko says:

    OMG MASSIVE SIZED CLAW! i want that crab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈

  22. pink says:

    i think i went on the same crab cruise thing as you! cuz i recognise the guy. lol. and yea. we didnt catch no yabbies either! i dont even think there are lor! haha.

  23. Mary says:

    OMG LOOK AT THAT CRAB MEAT! salivating!

    your post makes me want to visit australia! i did not know air asia has routes to australia. i flew with them for very cheap when i was studying abroad in hong kong. your trip looked like a lot of fun!

  24. Phoebe says:

    Byron Bay! I love that place, come to Sydney hehe it’s where i live! ^_^ ~

  25. Glo-w says:

    OMG the CLAW~ OOooooOOOooo~
    I’ve always wanted to try real fishing! but bet the probability is much lower compared to playing it on my PS3 -_-” Anyways…loving ur outfits^^ and ahem AA can sponsor me flight to MEL onot? >_<"

  26. hide says:

    Your aura looks like 夕焼け(sunset). very beautiful!If the colour was more reddish it would express your name 林檎(りんご).

  27. Hachi says:

    Nice photos, I enjoyed this post!! Sounds like a great trip~ 😀

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