So i was editing these photo last night until hand pain and i came up with a genius idea. I was thinking Xiaxue and i could just each edit half and then exchange photos THAT WOULD SAVE SO MUCH TIME!!!

But then today i woke up that woman for once is more hardworking than me and spent one whole night writing her HK entry so i conveniently stole some of her photos wahaha!

In case you are extremely bored, you can also compare our photos and see who photoshopped what wtf.



I flew in from KL and Xiaxue from SG and we met at HK airport!! This is a limo Park Hotel Hong Kong arranged for us!



It’s about a 45 minutes ride from the airport to our hotel. Throughout the trip we met some funny and friendly taxi drivers, one of them was like so gung ho keep asking us to go to Temple Street so much that we suspect he has a stall there haha.

He was also very amused that we look like Japanese, sound like Taiwanese but are actually Malaysian and Singaporean.



We wouldn’t have been to HK and Japan if it wasn’t for Park Hotel Group!

The hotel has super friendly receptionists and helpful staff and all of them speak perfect English!

I have an impression that all hotels in Hong Kong are super duper narrow! The one i went to some 5 years ago was so small that when i turn around in the toilet i knocked on the door wtf.

This is ours! It’s huge and spacious we have plenty of room (as in space. But actually we got one room each but we decided to stay together and gossip, so yea in a way we had plenty of rooms) for our massive luggage cases!



Night view from out hotel room!

The hotel is within 5 minutes’ walking distance to the subway station and a 10 minute drive to the Airport Express Kowloon station.

It is really like in one of the most happening places in HK! We reached our hotel about 12:30AM midnight, but we just walked out and there are still a handful of restaurants opening for supper! We walked into one dim sum shop and had our first meal.





Some quail egg dimsum. We went to sleep and woke up for a full day of shopping the next day!



I posted this in one of my previous post and someone asked if the fruits behind are real. They are fresh fruits!! Prepared by the hotel 😀


Camwhore nonstop in the hotel room (you can see that we set the temperature at 24C)




Morning view from our room. The red ones are all taxis!



Went down for hotel breakfast!



For bacon lovers



HK style porridge!



Right outside the hotel



The foggy effect is not photoshopped!

For some reason my camera became like that when i came out from the hotel, maybe the temperature outside is too hot hence the blurry effect so nice!!




Our most important mission of the day was to find this Argyle Mall in Mongkok, and like Xiaxue said none of us know how to pronounce Argyle so we were all neh the Arghhhrrrrg Mall place wtf. Then we found out in Chinese it is written liddis:



WTF is wrong with HK people! If in Japanese i know how to pronounce la but how the hell do you say の?!? Turns out it is 新之城.That would have saved us so much trouble. -_-



Arghhhr Street. Actually based on the Chinese translation, it should read Ah Gay Lou street.



Went shoe shopping!



This is where i bought my yellow bow hehe.



Matching bows!



A lot of Cheat One Liz Lisa shop selling floral dresses!!

Speaking of dresses i’m really damn angry.

The first shop we went into has really nice dresses, so Xiaxue and i each bought one, and asked for discount, so the shop assistant gave us 10% off. Then we walked upstairs, there are at least 600000 shops selling the EXACT SAME DRESS, for LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE.

Xiaxue was all suan le ba let’s not think about it but i was all, this is blatant cheating!!! So i insisted going back to the shop and Xiaxue was all, have you rehearsed your speech yet? Do you know what you want to say yet? Cuz based on her knowledge on my chickenness i will just end up eeeeh–ing and ermmm-ing fml.

So we went back, i asked the sales girl if she could at least give more discount for give us another dress (which is a big compromise already because for that price we could have gotten 4 dresses instead of 3).

And she said, “what do you want me to do? Every shop sells at different price.” (read: who ask both of you so sorhai.)

I went mute for a while, then i proceeded to punch her in the face, kicked her in her stomach, grabbed the dress, and started walking out of the shop yelling,

千企唔好向呢间店买衫啊!!呢间系黑店啊!黑店! 黑店!黑店!

Which in english basically means, fuck this shop.

Except that everything that happened after i went mute was only happening in my head. I just turned around and walked away. So instead of punching and kicking her and yelling like a mad woman in the mall, i’m yelling here.




Pls if you go to Argyle Mall please tapao sticking tofu and spill it all over their dresses. Thanks.



Wow that was a long rant. lol A bling bling shop!

After that i went to toilet, and when i came out i got the shock of my life.



I thought Xiaxue got kidnapped and sold to some Hongkie ganster who poisoned her mute then make her his slave selling veggies outside a toilet in Argyle Mall.

For a brief moment i wonder if i should feel very guilty that all these happened because i went to pee.

Turns out she got tired and sit down on the nearest stool she could find. We have no freaking idea why the vegetables are doing there.


#27 We got very tired shopping so we cabbed back to the hotel first to freshen up!





But we were hungry so we went to a roast goose restaurant just next to our hotel! Got George Bush’s face on the wall there or whatever. Maybe it’s Clinton wtf

. photo

#30 Our lunch!



Zomg the siup is boiled until milky. Super yummy!!!



Siu ngor!!



When i took this picture Xiaxue was like, don’t pretend you’re camwhoring, please tell me you’re just trying to take picture of that guy!!

Which has some kind of truth in it wtf.

So like, this guy walked in and he smiled at me and he’s quite cute so i smiled back la! But then after that Xiaxue kept commenting that he is gay because he never looked at us at all after he sat down and was just very preoccupied with being grumpy.

If you read her blog already you will know i made an awesome pun and she high-fived me and then laughed about two whole minutes wtf.

Ok la it is quite funny also lol. So she was telling me how this guy is so incredibly grumpy that when he ordered coke and his straw rolled off the floor he just did the dramatic TSK face and grimaced, and i was like, “poor dude, maybe that’s the last straw for him” and both of us went LOLOL.



Haha Xiaxue took this pic.

So we went back to hotel to freshen up. And by freshen up i mean changed a complete set of clothes. And hair. So that it will look like we did it in a complete different day. Also so that my luggage weight is not wasted.






And begin camwhoring haha




Even in the elevator. The hotel is awesome because mirror is EVERYWHERE.



We then went downstairs and shopped in the mall adjacent to our hotel! It’s called DNA.





Xiaxue kept asking why i took picture of cum on a phone cover wtf.



After that we went to Fa Yuan Gai! (Garden Street)





Super juicy cherry!



Foot massage after shopping.



The person who massaged my feet was like, so you are from Malaysia?! Then she asked for my phone number because she said next time she come to Malaysia she find me.

FML. Just because i PAID her to massage my feet now i have to bring her around when she travel to KL.



Dinner at Sweet Dynasty, which was highly recommended by my friend Porkie!




The food didn’t disappoint! Pork Porridge was awesome! And love the century eggs too albeit not as good as the $28 one in Yung Kei i had 5 years ago.



Very very good fried lobak gou! So Xiaxue and i decided to splurge on something nice to reward self



Hence this brocoli and scallop but it was mehish. 🙁



Famous tofu pudding but also meh-ish. I can’t wait to blog about food in Japan it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. So good that we teared. #truestory.



Last picture!

Taken at Disney store in the airport. Because i had so much HKD left i almost considered buying this massive Duffy.

OK THATS ALL BYE. Japan entry next!

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