Ngo fan zhor lei la!!!

June 20, 2011 in Cheesellaneous

From HK and Japan!!

If you haven’t already, watched this video i did before i left home.

It’s about the crap i brought to HK and Japan.

If i’m hardworking enough (which i am, if not i won’t be blogging the moment i got back home wtf) i will do a video about the crap i brought back from HK and Japan.

Shitload of stuff so it’s gonna be a boring long video.

Still want to see?

43 responses to “Ngo fan zhor lei la!!!”

  1. Bev says:

    Welcome back Cheesie!! xD

  2. zachary says:

    u’r so adorable in the vid~ <3

  3. Co0kies says:

    Why your mole mole on d other side liao de…? But still adorable. 😀 Lazy eyes~~

  4. Glo-w says:

    Ngi zhon loi la!~

  5. Nic says:

    YES! 😀

  6. amy says:

    yes i wanna see!

  7. mandy says:

    cheesie is so pretty and sweet pls!! *jealous* i LOVE your hair. =)

  8. jane says:

    cheesie~!! u r so kawaii… especially the ending there with the eye mask and mirror.. hahaha.. made me laugh… lol

  9. Emily says:

    Is your left eyebrow a little droopy? Sorry for being a little too honest. Anyway, you are still very cheesie cutie.

  10. Neko says:

    Okaeri nasai Cheesie 🙂 im looking forward to see the video ^ ^ take care!

  11. francesca says:

    that’s not much of clothes at all : )
    make up in the video looks nice! hair also looks good

  12. Taehreh says:

    boring long videos are my favourite anyway.

  13. melody says:

    happy that you are back!!!!
    can’t wait for more vidssss!!!!!!
    there should be most hardworking bimbo blogger award!!!!!

  14. jj says:

    yess i want to seee the stffuzzzzzzzz u boughtttt!!!!!!!!!

  15. Aleanor says:

    Haha you are ever so cute Cheesie. I see we have the same TV cabinet in white haha, wonder if you have the matching hanging one as well?

  16. Jas says:

    hello cheesie, Can you use your hair curler in Japan???? I had a tough time in Japan due to their different power voltage ler… Tell me how la?

  17. emi says:

    do you understand cantonese too 😮
    cute stuff and you are so so adorable in your video ^^ can’t wait to see more!

  18. Jace♥ says:

    I dun like kumiko too~ 😛

  19. bobo says:

    love your hair! do a vid on how to achieve that pleasy please please~~

  20. nicole says:

    😥 You get to travel all the time, and from your “about” page, you don’t have a job? You just blog 😥 😥 😥 And travel…You are not even close to hardworking.

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