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June 21, 2011 in Commercial Break

This year is like a half-Holiyear™.


I didn’t really plan the holidays, they just sort of happened. Most of them are half work, and i’m really really grateful that what i am doing now allows me to have the free time to, as cliched as it sounds, see the world.

But it is also this very work i do that requires me to stay connected wherever i go. I cannot afford to disappear from the internet for just as short as 3 days. It will kill me wtf.

That’s why i always like to travel with Online People like Aud and Xiaxue, who understands me (or maybe more hardcore than me when it comes to staying connected). Cuz other friends would be super annoyed if i frantically want to find for free wifi and spent half the day in front of a computer while all they want to do is just stay away from their normal work life.

And it’s super stressful to constantly have to keep up with new tweet replies and comments wtf. During my HK and Japan trip i just sort of gave up on finding free internet that’s why you didnt see me blog/tweet much.

It’s not because i want the whole “getaway” shit but simply because it’s too ridiculously expensive. Was jealous at Xiaxue tweetpicing away cuz she was on some cheap SG roaming packages T___T

If not i could have shown you many aweosome pictures real time!

Matching luggage case, bag and Champoufs (sheep plushie from Liz Lisa) with Xiaxue!

Polar bear in Sapporo Maruyama Zoo

Otaru Canal


Japanese Cheese wtf.

Anyway, just so you know if you go traveling to the below countries in the near future:

Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh

You can have roaming rate as low as 98sen/min. Don’t so stupid go and buy expensive local line or pay for some ridiculously priced wifi.

Unlimited Data Roaming per day is only RM38!! Cheap!

Check out the huge amount of savings you enjoy when you roam with Celcom as compared to other operators:


That’s not all, when you roam with Celcom to any other part of the world, you’ll still enjoy a single flat roaming rate based on the zone you are in!

HK and Japan is Zone 2!!! I wish i knew about this earlier!

More rates and info on Celcom’s website:

Celcom Biz

Celcom Exec

25 responses to “Roaming around…”

  1. yumii says:

    Rin!! wanna ask! had you been to Tokyo in mid september? around 15 like that? I want to know the weather there at that time. will it be super duper hot until want to die or it’s tolerable? =D

  2. Simon Seow says:

    When I go to Hong Kong, I’ll buy ‘3’ International Roaming Rechargeable SIM Card, it comes with 3G data that is quite reasonable, HKD$2/MB (Daily Max Cap HK$28). Back in the hotel room, I even used my Nokia E7 as a modem for my laptop to connect to the Internet. I did research to get this prepaid card because I had experience before in HK that free Internet is hard to get. :p

  3. weyjin says:

    aww!!! baby polar bear is too cute!

  4. lb says:

    matching luggage 😯 this matching syndrome seems to carry on and on…

  5. melody says:

    super super super love all the matchingness!!!!!!!!!!!
    its super super super cuteeeeeeeee!!!!

  6. Huai Bin says:

    Awesome! If we’re going on a holiday together again, I’ll just use your tab to go online. 😉

    Apparently, I don’t qualify as an Online Person. *hangs head

  7. KY says:

    you call this only HALF holiyear?

  8. Winnie says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly do you do for a living?

  9. Ada says:

    hey i’m a reader from spore! love the hair! i’m sorry if this qn has been asked way too many times but did you permed it? if yes, what kind of perm did you go for? i did watched the video where you blow dry with a diffuser but i’m thinking of going for a perm. the thing is, i am SCARED that my hair will turn ugly and dry! would love to hear your reply to my qns soon! 😀

  10. hide says:

    (u look enjoy Hokkaido travel !:grin: by the way, in japan, today(June 22) is GESHI,the longest daytime in a year. from today the daytime will be gradually shorter until December Toji.and today Kanto area was Summer it was too hot. Hokkaido was also too hot wasn’t it ?)

    • cheesie says:


  11. Kells says:

    OMG, such cute luggage…what brand is it? Where did u get it, I need pink luggage! I travel alot! <3

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