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Tweed Heads is the first place we stayed in NSW. I spelled it wrongly as Tweet endless times. I blame social media.


View from our hotel–Outrigger Twin Town Resort.


The first place we visited was the Tropical Fruit World. Of so many other more interesting and better looking fruits, they chose an avocado as the star of fruits!! If anything, the star should be…. err star fruit wtf.


I was so amazed because i didn’t know tropical fruits can grow in temperate climate! i thought all their pineapples and watermelons are imported one!


With Alycia and Huai Bin. That was our first meal after an 8-hour flight (via Air Asia). I’ve never had a healthier breakfast.


This yellow skin dragon fruit was like the sweetest dragon fruit i’ve ever tried! Normally i don’t like dragon fruits cuz they are tasteless and they make your poo purple wtf.


Star fruit. 😛


Touring around the fruit plantations!


Really? Apple can be Malay? #racist

Also we passed by a banana plantation, there was a banana tree called Pisang Banana lol.


Guess what’s underneath my feet!!!!

Hint: something you can get in Malaysia but everyone still buys for themselves and friends every time they go to Australia and quite expensive but it’s really yummy and comes in many flavors and i used to think only rich people can afford it wtf.

Ok in a nut shell, actually, in thousands of nutshells, it’s macadamia.


Nut cracker.

All the shells are engraved into the ground it becomes some kind of zen foot massage path.


(nails are hideous because they are damaged from gel nail remover. Sucks to be a girl)

Zomg i didn’t know raw macadamia nut straight out from the shell is soft-ish!!! I always thought they are crunchy like the roasted ones!


Also visited a petting zoo!


Sooooo cute these calves, but the only thing on my mind was… Hmmm, yums! ngee #kenalightning

But it’s really quite sad(istic) to think that eventually all these cute animal will end up on somebody’s plate. Probably not this one but many others do.


It’s time to repay them with what we always get from their mother.


Feeding a roo.





Dude, why the long face?


Feeding ducks!

I love this Topical fruit farm! It’s the only place you can litter EVERYWHERE and get free food for yourself and to feed the animals!!! You can pluck some mandarins, eat them and just throw it back to the tree lol. Then you can crack open macadamia nuts and just chuck it on the ground and contribute your share to the zen footpath. And feed sheep cows horse roos ducks birds!

Fun fun fun fun! 😀


Beautiful river



Going on the smallest train ride ever



Smallest traffic light lol


And ended the tour with homemade fruit ice cream!!

At night, we went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (in Queensland), where i took pic with a koala and had many people commented we look like mother and baby -_-



I’d appreciate then if you would please refrain from making any comment about the picture below.




Aboriginal dance.


A Dingo!!! Ok la i don’t mind this one if you say we’re like brother and sister because memang it sounds like our parents gave us sibling names.


My bro, Dingo Tan.


Spotted a joey in mama’s pouch!

But the joey was so big that it keeps dropping out from the pouch.


It’s THAT big. Man, i don’t know how it feels like to have a 9 year old kid who still wants to be carried and suck on your teats wtf.

It was night time in the safari and we could hardly see anything without the torch light. Then i vaguely saw a bunch of hay in the middle of the road.

Turns out it wasn’t a stack of hay.


It’s an emu lol.


Haven’t posted useless fashion pix in a long time so here they are.







Bottom from Modestarr.


Same bottom from Modestarr, different style.


Floral top from Modestarr.


Opening Hours :
12pm till 8pm (Everyday)

Store address:
14-1, Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru, 59100,
Kuala Lumpur,


Ok bai!!

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  1. LL says:

    WAHHH! All the animals so cute!! >.< esp the koala and dingo… but koalas are apparently quite disgusting? :/ And the fruit and ice cream soo pretty! lol i always thin abt food when i see cows/chickens/pigs/rabbits/any form of sea creature xDDD just imagine… when u eat beef with cheese… the cow in its own mum's milk!
    always looooove ur fashion pix! love the pix from this post, so spring! c:

  2. JL says:

    First! 😀

  3. weyjin says:

    #4 Whole plate of OMGgoodness !!! Lol at star fruits part. 😈

  4. jfook says:

    errrrrrrr dingo tan… you are like combinations of different animals hahaha

  5. Li Ean says:

    Omg the emu. If the feathers/hair was soft, can make extensions lolol!

  6. Belly B says:

    I love your outfit in #37! SO fun. I wanna hold koalas too!!! 😆

  7. melody says:

    Looking super super super pretty!!!!!!
    Love ur fashion postsssssss
    And also the Tropical fruit farm coz I can throw stuffs everywhereee hahaha

  8. wen says:

    so avocado is their king of fruits!? pity the calves looks anorexic 😯

  9. Glo-w says:

    i love avocado! super food and great for the skin. trying to plant ^^ so far got a mini tree adi <3 wow it seems like so much fun Fun FUN!~ WEE~

  10. Lissii says:

    Wow! So many cute animals!OuO
    And you are so beautiful!^^

  11. Like look #37 A LOT!

    AArrggg…. I want go NSW too!!!!

    Where did you get the outfit in pic #10


  12. mommo says:

    which camera you’re using? I wondered..
    I’m searching for a good camera to buy :dunno:

    Love those outfit!

  13. Arrow says:

    I have never even heard of a yellow skinned dragon fruit 😯
    and that mini train ride looks so fun!
    All the animals are also so cute – especially the roos!

  14. jillian says:

    #36 you look very holy 😛

  15. Mila Awal says:

    Wow! You look really ‘hot’ in anything!

  16. Beth says:

    You posted avocado rather than star fruit.

  17. 33 says:

    I love fruittttttt *____* that platter looks so yummalicious!

  18. goowakmeow says:

    LOVE your outfit in #36!!!! 😈

  19. yv says:

    looks like fun!

  20. Ben McC says:

    Looks like a great time. I always like your pics. Keep’em coming. 😈

  21. Mishi says:

    Dang.. what a trip! Looks freaken amazing especially the fruits and.. ftw a Kaola?! LOL That’s awesome. By the way I love the bottom with the red bow ^_^

  22. june says:

    hey…cheese,ur skin not really smooth n white ..n skin tone not in gd condition..izit u apply too many chemical cosmectic ya….

  23. Dw says:

    Male kangaroo carries the young. Not the female. Like the seahorse. You’ll even see the balls on your photo ;-P

  24. Daniela Umemoto says:

    Visit Brazil

  25. Huai Bin says:

    I loved the macadamia nuts raw too!


    OMG the horse caption is PURE WIN! 😈

  26. RINA says:

    HI ! do you know when is the Malaysia salesssss ?

  27. chibirubie says:

    fashion pix super awesome!

  28. David says:


    Great photo set. It appears you could not hold the baby croc far enough away.

    Fashion pics 37 and 39 are beautiful – the best legs in Malayasia!


  29. John says:

    Looks a fun time you had! Never seen so many macadamias… The foods look yum!
    A Dingo eh? – looks like a very nice dog. MAybe likes to play bingo, Ringo. 😆
    jk. – I agree with david’s comments as well. Lata ~

  30. denise says:

    love ur outfit! so stylish.

    the cows so kiut

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