Limbless dream

June 6, 2011 in Eccentric Cheesiesm

I had this dream a long time ago. I wrote it down and read it again today. And this post is a complete waste of your time. If you have any to waste.

I cut my limbs off. Out of curiosity. I think. I cut both my hands off the shoulder, using a knife. Just slashed them like a piece of cake. It wasn’t painful nor was there any blood.

I think I was trying to prove a point, that the limbs can still be attached to my shoulder’s joints after i cut them off. What a brave point to prove. WTF, me?

After that i woke up, and i talked about it to a friend.



i had a super tragic dream today. You wanna hear? It’s long.

Haha yea.

Today, i cut both my hands off. up to the shoulder. With a knife.

Ok question. How do u cut the 2nd hand after the first one is gone?

…… Good question. Why did i not think of that?! (nvm don’t let the details get in the way of a good dream story)


then i reckoned i need medical help, so i went to the clinic. the doctor was so meh. she looked so scared wtf.

And she went and attended to some other kids. WITH ME STANDING THERE ARMLESS. What kind of doctor does that?!

did u bring ur arms with u?

Yea somehow they are attached to my shoulder still. i mean they are falling off but when i try to press it harder, then they stuck there for sometime.


It’s okay. Like Velcro.

HAHAHA and then and then?

then i got help from an older doc. he said he cant do it because it’s not his expertise. He’s a Singaporean pediatrist wtf. Anyway he teman me to another clinic/hospital, but i really panicked. Because the limb will die ma, right? After a long time if it become dead then useless liao, right?

yaaa have to put ice

so we went on a bus/train thingie to go to another hospital, and i panicked because i scared they ask what happened.


“what happened to you?” “oh i cut them off”


while i was trying to fabricate some lies, i also worried about my insurance.

hahahah wanna cheat insurance some more!

Yea i mean who the fuck’s gonna pay someone who cut their limbs off?!?!?!?


ok then i reached, got this young doctor and young nurse, somehow them seemed like they have done this a million times, never asked me what happened also. Put me on a dirty bed with green spots, that time my hands start to feel numb d. IT’S DYING!!!

(already cut can still feel numb )

so the nurse jab me with a freaking huge needle, poke through real hard, but it wasnt THAT painful cuz numb ma.

haha okay

then i realized she was sewing my limbs back, she was DAMN SLOW! so i tried to help her, but screwed up. end up injuring my detached hand. so i stop la.

HAHAHA then? did u use ur feet to help?

you know what they did?!



hahaha so tragic! i think it must be the neil gaiman influence.

I wasn’t angry, but i panicked. i wanted to switch off the tv, but FML i got no hands.

HAHAHA so weird. Totally defying all logic.

then walked to the doctor and requested for some drugs that make you sleep. With my limbs half attached.

Hahaha then?

I woke up.





The lesson i learnt is, NEVER CUT YOUR LIMBS OFF. Especially not BOTH.


Since my hands are still attached to my body nao, i wanna do something nice for them. Who knows the dream’s a subtle hint that they got sick of me and wanted to leave me right. Ok not that subtle.

RM68 instead of RM185 for Gelish Manicure  & OPI Ginger Lily Lotion Massage + OPI Pedicure + Gel Removal (on next visit) at Colors Cabin, Damansara Utama via

I love you all, hands. And fingers.

33 responses to “Limbless dream”

  1. mommo says:

    HAHAHA! I like it :p

  2. JD says:

    Weird dreams you have. You should start a collection/book and compile all your dreamoftheday! 😈

  3. Val says:

    after reading.. it reminds me of mannequin somehow. haha scary dream ><

  4. LL says:

    So random!! xD But weird dreams are the only dreams worth having :p

  5. Caryn says:

    Hahhahaha totally weird n lagi random nailpolish advert below Hahhahaha

  6. KY says:

    wtf u had that chat log, was that me?

  7. lb says:

    I was looking up the word ‘amputation’ on google.. then came here saw this ‘limbless’..

    😛 😛 😛 creepy!

  8. Belly B says:

    HAHAH That so was not a waste of time. Soo funny!!! Lol.

  9. fiionx says:

    HAHAHAHA. i cant stop laughing :X.

    i always have weird dreams too LOL.

  10. zachary says:

    ape ni?? 😯

  11. melody says:

    u shud really be a director or something!!!!!
    Were ur dreams in color? Haha
    Oh ya green spots! Faint! Haha

  12. LynthiaWong says:

    Weird dream.. I often have these dreams where a part of my body falls off especially my teeth! Apparently, they have interpretations about these kind of dreams. If you dream about your teeth falling off, it means that you are very conscious about your appearance.
    Btw, btw, I had a dream about me cutting off my hand (up to the wrist) and cooked it like the chicken feet. And I ate it! And my hand miraculously grew back and I cut it off again to cook! 💡

  13. [Mike ] says:

    Your funny, it’s a good thing that the doctor didn’t charge you an arm and a leg, or you would have been screwed. 💡

  14. Mila Awal says:

    Waking up from a nightmare can make us a better person sometimes… We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone.. I’m happy that you had learned something from your dream 😀

  15. Moa svedberg says:

    scary dream!!! 😳
    which country do you live in and what country were you born in? 😛

  16. Kat says:

    I actually had no time to waste XD but so glad i read it.

    ….actually that dream could be a horror movie D: I would be so scared! But its funny how in dreams, like when you get shot/stabbed/cut it doesn’t really hurt… like i remember getting shot in a dream and thought (in the dream) “hey…this doesnt even hurt!”

    …..and yet dreams feel so real :S

  17. WP says:

    Hahaha…funny dream. And you can remember so many details! Usually when I wake up I can’t remember my dreams very well already. (but yours sounds like a dream I would have 😛 )

  18. Natasha says:

    I actually had a dream similar to that once, so weird. Except, my legs were the ones that was missing 😯

    *cue suspense music*

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