July 11, 2011 in Thailand

3 hours after i landed, i’m here blogging.


I really hope i’m getting paid by the amount of time i spent on my blog and twitter and FB. I will really be quite rich. I don’t mind lotsa OT too.

This is my second time to Bangkok. The first time was hell because i spent half an hour in a taxi AT THE SAME SPOT (not my fault) and also lost my camera (my fault) so i was kinda too pissed to go back again.

This time i went with Iyvene who emo me because i didn’t go traveling with her last year so this is a mini trip for us.

Anyway wherever we go we always managed to blend into the locals. We went to Vietnam and everyone thought we were Vietnamese we went to Taiwan everyone thought we were Taiwanese. When we went to London, a white woman asked us for direction. But this time her Thai-ness seriously beats me with a landslide victory wtf. She was like everyone talks to me in Thai, wtf? I just joked she has the international look lo.

Anyway this is also like my most cincai trip ever. I brought a total of maybe 5 pieces of clothing and couldn’t even bother putting much make up so no have a lot of pics of me!



in a Tuk Tuk. BAD IDEA.

That was my perfect hair.


This is when Tuk Tuk stopped.


Damn 7 kiasu bought the very expensive offering so the Gods (or whatever almighty being who remotely reads mind)  will prioritize my prayers first before others who paid like 20 Baht wtf.



Totally no planning whatsoever so we just ate some random noodle in a food court.


Went for Mos Burger for snack.


Y we must go Thailand and Singapore to eat?




view of Bangkok! Super colorful!!


Discovering new things in Chatuchak


This thing is quite amazing!! A 30 Baht coconut ice cream with sweetened pumpkin and corn and coconut flesh.

PLUS FREE COCONUT JUICE!!! Zomg worth it!!! #VeryMalaysian

Seriously i always have this thinking that if the coconut juice is super sweet, it normally has shitty tasting flesh, and vice versa. BUT NO! Everything was sweet and nice <3


Picture in a taxi. Apparent, from what i understand looking at the signs, you can’t do the following in the taxi:

1. Eat durian

2. Drink alcohol

3. Bring pets.

4. Play with your friend. (No meh?)

5. Shoot the taxi driver or your friend with guns

6. Become a goat WTF?!

Are Thai people WEREGOATS?! Is that why they have Full Moon Party?!



Then then then!!!

At night, we met up with my Japanese friends who brought us to the BEST JAPANESE RESTAURANT EVER ZOMGGG.

I have heard Japanese food is good in Bangkok but i didn’t know it was that good omg. But be warned. It is VERY expensive. We didn’t pay for it so it’s okay la. Kiam people like us can never haz good food like this >.<

Ok if you say you love me i will tell you where it is.








It is called MARU Kaiseki Restaurant, at
95/5-6 Soi Tonglor 3,
Sukhumvit 55 Bangkok 10110
Tel: 0-2712-5001-2

Seriously, i think the food is so good because the chef is really good and has a personal touch. So much that he writes the menu of the restaurant.


Not only that.









Sushi which entrusted me of the chef.


It was zomg good.



I was enthrusted of the chef so much that i ate the  green stuff in a prawn head.


But it was good.



Mini clam miso soup


Some…. thingie with…. other thingies.



The next day. This is the only picture i took before sweat and dust and other sort of pollution took over my face.







this big space is for 20 other imaginary chio camho shots which didn’t happen





*calls it a day


Night view from our hotel!! Awesome!



Observation deck from Baiyoke Sky.


Took many many shots last night but i decided there’s only one where i look relatively cute.


Which is this.


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70 responses to “Bangkok!!”

  1. stella lee says:

    Dont you go shopping? 😀

    yay first

  2. melody says:

    your captions are just soooooo funnyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
    i likeeeeee!!!!!

  3. Pinkystar says:

    You are a hardworking blogger! I love Japanese food! The night view pic is nice.

  4. Neko says:

    Hahaha! Cheesie your puns are so funny!
    I hate it too when you sweat and your hair gets messed up during trips.

  5. callmewhatuwant says:

    Would you go travelling with me if I messaged/bugged you too ? You can stalk and ascertain that I am not weird or stalker….I’m a girl.

  6. hui wen says:

    Did you think of all the exclusion clauses before you pray!! Haha

  7. Jace♥ says:

    hahaha~ I dun get the goat thinggy~~!!!
    the goat thinggy is probably some kinda~ cannot bring sheeps or cows?

  8. hitomineko says:

    ooooooooo u get to travel so much~ i’m so jealous!! the jap food look super yummy * drool * & super LOL at the cab’s signs! =P Is there a lot of goats in Bangkok or what? lol I didn’t understand the last sign either! haha

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    *hosting giveaway*

  9. Marjolein says:

    View from Bangkok looks like those cars are toys, they are so colorful and cute! :]

  10. the night view looks really nice!

  11. KY says:


    they had it here at KLCC once but .. somehow failed.

  12. 1. You look awesome in every shot, even with the previously perfect hair 🙂
    2. The sign is NOT ABOUT GOATS. It means “no buffalo allowed in this taxi”, and buffalo is a Thai idiom for “stupid person”/”idiot”.
    3. How did you find out about Maru? Really great place!

  13. WP says:

    Er…maybe some Thai people have pet goats and they might want to bring them into the tuk-tuks? 😛 Anyway that Japanese food really looks good!

  14. Hayley says:

    Why you always go travel one?? So jealous…. 😛

  15. TcPinG says:

    Yes, seriously, your captions are just toooo funny!! Love reading your blog! XD

  16. jc says:

    dammit…that ice cream served in a coconut shell has me drooling 😛

  17. Jess says:

    wow i miss BKK..

    lol no playing with your friend.. i think F.Their.Lives… lol

    MOS got sell pork one meh? i have never eaten pork in MOS Burger.. u go open MOS in KL lor.. wahaha.. be a franchise boss

  18. David says:


    Somehow even in a tuk-tuk or with less than perfect hair you manage to look great.

    Only in pic 20 do you look truly tired.

    Have fun and more photos soon, be safe!


  19. Magwang says:

    Just wondering. What camera are you using yea?

  20. $moke says:

    Aigoo cheesie. i love your casual wear. 😈
    And those sushi just made me hungry like hell leh. 😥

    i am a typical malaysian leh, sama sama. 🙂

  21. Amber says:

    sign number 4 in picture #9 looks like “no sex allowed” in the taxi. LOL

  22. SaeWei says:

    I spotted GUCCI bag! 😀

  23. beast says:

    Just what does prawn brain taste like?

    I always smile when I see “prawn balls” on a Chinese menu and wonder where they find a cook with fingers so nimble that they are to remove them

  24. chibirubie says:

    love ur adventures around the world!
    and u so pretty without makeup too! 👿

  25. extreme says:

    sawadee cup.. yup. cup cup cup… 😈

  26. RUN MBK says:

    Baiyok Restaurant is so awesome! It’s unfortunately what happend to you the first time here, I hope this time you can enjoy it more 🙂 Very nice pictures here by the way.

  27. Sachie says:

    Ooh do you have miniature mode in your camera? The cars and buildings look like toys! 😀

  28. Maggi mee says:

    cheesie,can i ask what camera are you using? these photo are so nice…

  29. Carmen says:

    cheesie~~~i wanna know which hotel u stayed~~
    i love the super nice night view weii~~~
    n you are super farnie~~u made me laugh for many times

  30. libby says:

    😛 you are beautiful cheezy, love your blog x

  31. Lizzy says:

    HI!! Um.. Rite now I’m livin in Thailand!! Just saw ur blog!! Next time you need some help with Thai or where to go you can ask me!! ^^ พี่ Cheesie ถามหนูได้น่ะ!! ( u can ask me )

  32. ~ WinneEe~ says:

    Can i know which hotel u stayed for this trip??

  33. shyanne says:

    which hotel did you guys stay in?? =))

  34. James says:

    Bangkok is an amazing city, and it’s more beautiful when you’re visiting 😉

  35. Jake says:

    nice post……

  36. Fwicked says:

    The last of Taxi signs, it isn’t goat but is buffalo!!!

    Some of joking in Thailand. Buffalo(ควาย) on Thai word was slang.
    That’s sign mean to……Do not be IDIOT!!!! 😉

  37. PPRAE says:

    i want to little bit explain about the goat sign.
    That’s not the goat. And Thailand is not fulled of goat +++
    The last sign is the buffalo (buff). It like a silly ppl.
    Don’t show silly like this. But all of sign are the joke.
    Not think too much. +++

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