Ok so i sang and recorded a video for the first time, ever.

I think God (or the whatever you prefer to call it) is fair to a certain extent. I was made an awesome writer but i’m also given zero talent in singing. T_T

So today you are going to witness something unprecedented. I sang, and made an MV out of it, and for the record, (punny or what HAHA) it is a Cantonese song. (Didn’t think i could do it did you!!)

All thanks to Danny One who came over, helped me record my dreadfully tuneless voice, helped me do the background singing, GAVE ME HIS SONG TO PLAY WITH, helped me write the lyrics, helped me mix the song, stood beside me and helped me act silly in the MV.


Anyway, this song is actually adapted from Danny’s bEUtiful ONEderful.

The original one was a love song, but i wanted to do a song for the coming Merdeka Day, so we wrote the lyrics together.


To be honest, i have never been a very patriotic person, as you all could see from the way I travel excessively and always fall in love with new places, and complain way too much about my own country.

But as you wander abroad for too long, one day you will start missing home, because that’s where you belong. And this is what the song is about.

And a little bit of me inside has changed after catching up with all the #bersihstories. Maybe i’ll write a separate blog post on that.

This was me freaking out during recording lol.

This was Danny acting all professional with recording lol.

This was us doing the MV because we only had 10 minutes top to record an MV as Danny had to rush to his next appointment.

And then i spent one whole day editing the MV lo.






Ok before that let me warn you again. i am not a singer, AND I SOUND MAGNIFICENTLY BAD. i’m only doing this for fun so yea you can go ahead and laugh lo. I’m ok one. πŸ˜›




Ok la you have been warned.

*digs hole and hides

Once again thanks to Danny One. Please go buy his album la.

Ok la actually i have one hidden agenda one. I was hoping i could go on national tv wtf.

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