Northen Rivers, NSW

July 8, 2011 in Australia

The reason this Australia travel log took so long to complete is not because i am lazy.

On the contrary it is the exact opposite. Because i wanted to edit every single picture nicely and that takes time, jerks.

I totally should put a “it took me hours to complete this blog post so you can pretend that you have something to do in your offices, assholes. And it’s time you cut some Starbucks and spend it here instead” donation button at the end of the post. Plus you get to lose weight. By not buying Starbucks. And i become richer. Awesome.

Just kidding.

No i’m totally doing it.



Breakfast at Ballina, NSW. After waking up at 7am and cycling for half and hour in the cold and almost died of breathlessness.



Australian brekkies are really good.


My Eggs Benedict!


Jess’s omelete looks sooooooo good T_T



Soob Ooi’s french toast with raspberry ZOMG


After that we went to a small art gallery. Meh i’m not a gallery person. Somehow these trippy images are quite disturbing i can’t imagine who would want them in their houses.

Then we drove (ok more like got driven) 1 hour to Casino!!


In case you think we’re some gambling addicts let me remind you again that Casino is a town near Byron Bay. It’s a more rural part of NSW that’s pretty much a cowboy town.

And when cowboy is mentioned normally the image that floats to people’s mind is a man and a horse. But in Casino cowboy town, the boys (and girls) are really seen with cows.




Hay guys, look! That’s a cool bench!

(i know. sorry it wasn’t my best one)


This Beef Week thing is a really interesting festival! There are cattle auctions, fashion parade, street entertainment and more.


Took picture with the pride cattle.


Cow and… cheese?!


The representative of Casino Beef Week was briefing the journalists behind and all i did was camho wtf.


Real cowboys and girl!!!




Honestly, i have no idea what this is.



Candy stall!


There was a mini petting zoo!! It was supposed to be for kids but i went in anyway -_-


With a calf. Was about to make some damn lame pun but thought better of it. Please insert your own witty pun.


ZOMG THIS IS LIKE CHAMPOUF IN REAL LIFE. Except not as fluffy. And not white. Ok that’s not that similar after all but STILL CUTE!!!

Let’s make lamb burger!!!!! Screen shot 2011-07-07 at 11.41.38 PM


i miss KFC.


Posted extra cuz i look good in both pictures.



Ok. I probably shouldn’t be going to a petting zoo. AT ALL.




They have a Wood Chopping competition where participants compete to…. chop woods wtf.
How much wood would a woodchop chop if a woodchop could chop wood?


GASP the parents just let their children play with REAL tools like that?!??! They not scared AXE-cident happen ah?!??!

(Sorry i mean i already resisted once.)



With a little girl sitting by the roadside waiting for the parade.


The parade was quite fun to watch!


Lotsa colors!


Hot cheer leaders.

OK end of casino.


Next day’s breakfast. Equally zomg yummy looking.



Went to Lennox Head market!


Beautiful cupcakes!!!! Hungry yet? Now you can mentally nom it.

Ok i lied. Half lied. They are soaps. Now you can mentally vomit all.


Other quaint little stalls at the market.


Proceeded to the Cape Byron Lighthouse after that.

Supposedly for dolphins and whale spotting but no have. Apparently not our lucky day. Oh whale, too bad.

(Ok i will stop doing that sorry.)


Camho from the light house.


After that our tour guide arranged a cheese tasting JUST FOR ME.

Other people were not interested 🙁


Wicked cheese!

We went back for a shower, and at night there was a surprise for us!!!!


A freaking huge limo awaited us to bring us for dinner!


Before that it was champagne in the limo. Living the life man.

Then we arrived at Byron Resort and Spa for dinner at their restaunant!


Australian oyster in Fingerlime sauce (remember the citrus caviar thing i blogged about?)


Grilled prawns


According to people who ordered this they said something like the best steak they have had. I tried a little, it was nice, i thought. THAT WAS BEFORE I WENT TO OTARU.

Man. I can never look at beef the same way again. Ever. Until something tops that. Which i probably need tissue for tears.


My catch of the day was really, REALLY good though.


Sorbet!! Dammit i forgot one of them but i know the other two are Raspberry and Earl Grey. The tea flavored one was surprisingly good!


Passionfruit soufflé. This was really, REALLY good too. Haih i wish i could be a better food write and write something fancier than good wtf.


Last dessert ok i don’t even remember the name. But i sapu-ed everything.


Japan next!



PS: Trip sponsored by Air Asia X who flies to Gold Coast!

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39 responses to “Northen Rivers, NSW”

  1. francesca says:

    chizuuuu : ) i dont really care bout australia but ur posts always alter my thought bout it and making me want to go there. good job!

  2. Pinkystar says:

    The food looks so yummy! Love reading your travel posts! 🙂

  3. melody says:

    yaaa i sooooooo agree you make me wanna go aus okay!!!!
    every pic looks perfect!!!!!!!!!

  4. neko says:

    I mentally ate the cupcake when i saw the picture and vomited when i realize its soap

  5. Pinkystar says:

    The food looks so yummy! Love reading your travel posts! 🙂

  6. Belly B says:

    Lol i want to like neko’s comment haha. I saw those cupcake soap at the Royal Melbourne Show as well 🙂 They were so pretty!

  7. Yuki says:

    ur fotos looks sooo cutee *-* & the food looks sooo yammy ~ i likeee the cupcakeee & ur sooo beautiful ^o^

  8. Kiwi says:

    The food looks amazing,… especially those “cupcakes” haha.
    I really like that stripey top you were wearing XP

  9. Jessie says:

    #17 is Casino’s rugby league for the kids i think – rugby is really big over here.

    Is Byron Bay Resort & Spa food nice?

  10. weyjin says:

    I want those brekkies…NOW!! omg look so yummy!

    nice long post btw.

  11. WP says:

    Cheesie had a little calf… ♫

    And you’re darn right you shouldn’t be in a petting zoo! Keep thinking of eating those animals only… haha.

  12. K says:

    Hmmm… the guy in photo 18 sure has a nice smile for you 😉

  13. agnes sim says:

    foods all look yummy. This is your business trip or personal trip?

  14. Glo-w says:

    the food, the animals, the not real cupcakes, the champagne, sorbet, hot chicks and unhatched chicks
    *gasp u have infected me!* o.O”

  15. Riri says:

    I always always always think of meat when I see farm animals >.< But meat is yummeh~ and all yer pix look yummeh too!

  16. hitomineko says:

    oooo yummy ~~~ Love all the food ^^

    I like the mini petting zoo, I don’t think I ever hold a live chicken b4. lol & the calf is really cute!

    The cupcake soups r so darn cute! Did you buy any for souvenir? ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    * hosting giveaway*

  17. stella lee says:

    you seem had lot of fun in NSW! how lucky youre to be sponsored trip by air asia! :O

  18. Jess says:

    the photos are all sooooooooooo pretty (must acknowledge your hardwork )! and you so pretty too! and those cowboys quite cute, why never steal one home 😆

    the cow not laughing, if not will be “laughing-cow-cheese” .. a brand of cheese.. lol

    u made me miss Australia 🙁 i went like 6yrs ago & nw aus taxes & currency so ex.. FOL..

  19. hide says:

    your travel log is very fun! i’m longing to read next one.

  20. 33 says:

    Waaa I always wanted to go to Australia! It’s on my list..

    Your pictures are always edited so nicely *__* legit!!!

  21. JH says:

    Love the blog post!!! The french toast picture just inspired me to make something similar… thanks! Btw, the last dessert is a meringue.

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