What did i tell you?

After Radioactive Wolves and Earless Mutant Bunnies.


Who will infect you with their sleepy virus and send you straight to eternal slumber hell.

I mean, at least they have non-existent eye sight, so there’s one less thing to worry about.

Still, i’m buying ammo and setting up explosive booby traps and emptying my brains as much as i can in preparation for Sleepyhead Apocalypse. I’m totally not overreacting.

And i’m stocking up strong cough drops in different kind of flavors.

That errr…. wakes wtf Sleepyheads up wtf. Apparently that’s the way to turn them back into human.

So this is how it happened…

It’s a fairy tale reversed. Once upon a time everybody lived happily ever after…

Until a dude fell into a deep, deep sleep. And there was no Princess Charming to wake him up with a kiss FHL.

Instead, he turned into a sleepyhead and infected everyone around him became Sleepyheads.

So two vigilante Shocketeer volunteered to save the village. With… cough drops. That’s me by the way. Err, the Red Head.

Yea. Apparently i’m a Fish Monger. I hid behind a counter and an ocean of Sleepyheads is approaching my way and in order to save myself i have to shoot Halls candies into their mouth to shock them up from their zombily slumber.

And man are they fast!!!! You wouldn’t have expected sleepwalking zombies with their eyes closed can walk so fast! I got defeated in no time 🙁

Then i discovered that you can actually unlock powers!!

There are four different powers including Triple Shot and Shock Troopers.

And in order to get the powers, you have to obtain your Halls candies and insert the barcode number.

Your objective is to get the highest score!!!

Instead of wasting your time on Angry Birds (you) and Stupid Zombies (me. i seem to have a thing about zombies. Hmmm.), go to Shockville and shock some Sleepyhead.

It could win you RM15,000.

Now *i* am SHOCKED.


ALso, there are FOUR DISTRICT in Shockville. Each week, a new district is revealed, and this week it is the INDUSTRIAL PARK!

And if you get one of the highest scores for Industrial Park this week, you will get to win the weekly prizes:

Good luck guys! i don’t seem to be doing to well waking Sleepyheads up, maybe i need to power up >.<

Have fun, for more info visit HALLS Malaysia Facebook page.

There are also a Inter-Campus Challenges, where you can join the crowd and be the highest scorer and stand a chance to win yourself a private party with your friends at Bar Sonic, Zouk!