Otaru Aquarium

Ohai it is Japan again!!

My trip with Xiaxue to Otaru ^^ This is a short one!


Our ticket to the Aquarium!

I never knew all these places existed the last time i went to Otaru!! Really thanks to Park Hotel Group that we discovered all these hidden gems <3. Don’t forget to still join their Unlimited Discoveries contest and win a free trip yourself!!


Beautiful sea-nery near the aquarium


At main entrance with the mascot.


I gave Xiaxue super long legs in this pic lol. You’re welcome!


Guess what this is! It’s the turtle pond!


Close up

This post is so gonna be blue green and turquoise overdose wtf.


The Shark and I.

Zomg let me tell you that the fishes in the aquarium are super creepy! Somehow they all stare at you like the ghoul meme wtf



These sharks look like i owe them two million dollars wtf. Wait… is that why loan sharks are called loan sharks wtf.


This is a grumpy looking dolphin-shark-stingray hybrid… thingie.


What is this i don’t even.

It looks like…




Staring crab


And this guy’s like… LOL.


I seriously doubt that i can say or write or express anything without making reference to internet meme in the near future FML.


Underwater world!



Some worm-eel like thingie. Xiaxue and i were grossly fascinated with them cuz they’re like wiggling out of the sand and we kept wondering just exactly how long they are wtf.

Ok finally something cute!!




But why do they grow up and become so ugly one.


A seal nuah’ing on the rocks lololol seriously like, that’s the ONLY thing they do.


Finally a pic of us together!

We were watching Dolphin & Sea Lion show!


Wa balancing


Well-trained dolphins!


Up close with them <3


Spotted a cute little boy in stylish brown hair! Why even Japanese kids are so fashionable!!!


After the show right, a lady (who is a mom, she has a 4-5 year old kid) approached us and went like,

sumimasen… (excuse me)

and then we turned around and thought maybe she wanted to ask something, which she did, but guess what she asked?





“Are you guys the ones who appeared on NHK tv?”

and i was like

Which is dumb cuz obviously she watched us on Tokyo Kawaii


I have never EVER expected anyone to recognize me outside Malaysia (and maybe Singapore) and this is JAPAN leh wtf!!!

Then on hindsight i think she recognized Xiaxue first cuz she had blonde hair cuz seriously how can anyone remember my face just cuz they watched one episode wtf wtf.


She wanted to take a picture with us.


*feels like superstar #megusta.jpg


We went outdoor to see the seals and other animals!


Penguin show!

It was really sunny that day and was really quite tulan i had to stand under the sun the whole time >.<



A rebellious penguin who refuse to obey the trainer lolol







Eh wait. Here’s video of the Dolphin show plus a brown bear from Sapporo Zoo, which i will blog about next time!!


63 responses to “Otaru Aquarium”

  1. Stephanie Ee says:

    When two top bloggers together, the blog post seems more interesting =D

  2. Bexy says:

    Scenery is so pretty! and seals so cute ^-^
    I live in the UK and follow your blog! You’re funny and cute 🙂 xx

  3. Banana:) says:

    😈 😈 😈 😈 😆 😆 😆 😆 I Wanna go Japan tooooo ):

  4. NeCia says:

    It seems to be great trip, I envy you T.T

  5. Alyssa says:

    CHESSIE! How tall are you? 🙂 😀 😆

  6. Haha. “Sea-nery” I love this post. 😀
    And, totally related but horrible joke: “A baby seal walks into a club…”

  7. blackkoi says:

    That look like so much fun~
    You two are so cute together~

  8. Chibirubie says:

    Sea creatures so scary! I’d hate to pick a fight with them -_-
    but everything else is so kawaii! Esp the cute lil Japanese boy!!!! 😀

  9. Jace♥ says:

    hahaha~~ you girls are really famous already xD
    That mom is really pretty~~

  10. Pinkystar says:

    Beautiful sea-nery & cute baby seal! You 2 are famous, that’s why!


  11. Ida says:

    hehe, cute tickets!~~
    – Ida / couturexx.blogspot.com

  12. MEiRi says:

    I love the LOL fish! xD

  13. hitomineko says:

    awww that looks so much fun~ Funny with ur comparison photos! XD !!! the little seal is really cute too!!!

    I’m a little shock about the little boy too! so young n dye his hair already?! the hair style is really fashionable too!!!

    & Congrats on being recognized in Japan! That sounds pretty awesome!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  14. Arrow says:

    That baby seal is sooo adorable! And why are you so surprised about being recognised in Japan! If you two ever came to Canada, I would definitely recognise you two! 😈

  15. Kiwi says:

    Lol! I love this entry. Your references to the memes made me lol literally.

  16. $moke says:

    OMG that baby seal just so cute 😆 And i love both your outfit 😈 Woah, you guys damn famous, admiressssss :mrgreen: Anyway those creatures are creepy when they stare at the camera~

  17. weyjin says:

    waahaha the two of you look like life-size-walking-doll that’s why making heads turn everywhere..:idea:

  18. Pris says:

    Niceeeeeeeeee 🙄 but but… why your short update so long? 😳 :cheh:

  19. EvaRuri says:

    #18 baby seal omg so cute!!!!!!!!!
    N congrat on bring ur popularitly to Japan!

  20. kelly says:

    why do you always write so many wtfs in your blogposts?? it’s so redundant & it sounds disgusting. a few is acceptable but when it gets excessive, it looks stupid & queer. xiaxue rites it too but she doesnt write too much. just adequate amount.

  21. Your style is super cute! I’m in Japan, and yet I get tonnes of Japanese fashion ideas from reading your blog. Sometimes the Japanese fashion scene can feel a bit impenetrable, since something that’s in style one minute can change the next. Oh, and I also love how many posts you can squeeze out of one trip. It’s amazing. I love reading everything you post.

  22. TcPinG says:

    Wow! I love reading your blog. Got lenglui to see, got funny things to laugh, got information to know and bla bla bla!!

  23. fiona says:

    i knw right!!!animal’s expression cud b super LOL sometimes.ROFL!!XD

  24. Abigail says:

    Yay Aquarium post!

    Sea creatures staring back O_O so scary!!

    I loved all the pictures!!

  25. KY says:

    i thought i read otaku aquarium for a bit #megusta

  26. guest says:

    looks like wendy should stop bleaching her hair.. she bleached it so bad that her hair broke off.. you look prettier btw cheesie.. shes not very attractive too much photoshop and face fat.

  27. Riri says:

    Recognized! You guys are getting really famous! <3 Fish are… er… rather disgusting looking and reminds me of food… mmmm shark fin… sushiiiii… that little kid is more stylish than all the guys in my class combined 😡

  28. decimalshoes says:

    i love how you dress 😀

  29. Awesome trip ^__^ pretty pictures~~~ love it! 😉

  30. CALifornialove says:

    Hi Cheesie can you stop saying “wtf” pleasE? You are overusing it without really thinking what it means. Its not a nice word to keep saying cos that is kinda rude, especially for girls.

  31. Yoshie says:

    Hi Cheesie, I haven’t been to your blog in years! You look really different now, so much more mature.

    I’ve always wanted to learn make up to look older because I look so much younger than my actual age and I really need to look my age for work purposes. Clients don’t seem to take me seriously sometimes, they commented to my boss that I’m too young to lead their project (until my real age was revealed)

    What is it you do? I’d be grateful for a few simple tips! 🙂

  32. veronicca says:

    Xiaxue brought me here ! I’ve missed so much 😀 your blog is amazing !
    Kisses from BULGARIA .

  33. Kirsty says:

    OMG I wish i could go there! But i’m stuck in boring England… 😥 Love you Cheesie! 🙂

  34. Lixin says:

    After watching The Cove, a documentary, I view aquariums very differently and even though I love dolphins and seals and many other animals, I will never visit another aquarium or dolphin-related attractions.

    • M says:

      yeah the members of the cove are quite racist people who are not able to accept the different cultures and push the western values with lies and violence instead. you know what? the authenticity of the movie is highly questioned now and they make so many derogatory remarks towards japanese like calling jap or yellow monkey and even F-words…and destroyed so many cultural important heritages like shrines and temples in japan…oh i totally forgot they send the intimidation letters and DVDs to each one of people in the town…how about you? you must be a vegetarian right? if not, youre a total hypocrite

  35. Chris says:

    Hi Cheesie are u a pro photographer?? u took wonderful pics eh..any chance u are a freelance to take for wedding etc??

  36. Lila says:

    Ah you really look japanese in some of these photos 😯
    even more so than part japanese me :blush:

    thank you for the post; it was very interesting 😈

  37. icee says:

    hi!what contacts are you wearing?? they look beautiful! especially the pic where you show your necklace. i love you and xiaxue’s blog ^^ you’re both very pretty <3

  38. Nat says:

    Lol the pict
    Nice dress u wore during ur trip. Love it.
    Jap boys so cute

  39. Z says:

    Hi Cheesie

    Do you think Japan will be cold in November? Should I bring a warm jacket along?

  40. Jac says:

    Hi Chessie,

    Loved your style! Also, i love the colour of your lip!! Can you receommend? Thanks!


  41. 布丁妹 says:

    Hey Cheesie ^w^ Wow you got to visit japan ? *Admires* 😀 You’re from Malaysia right ?

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