Useless fashion new video

July 28, 2011 in Useless Vlog


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Blogging about Japan next!

22 responses to “Useless fashion new video”

  1. Glo-w says:

    I feel so useless o.O”

  2. Abigail says:

    I love Liz Lisa! ^^ Adorable outfit in the video!
    Just wanted to comment, now I’m going to go ahead and finish watching XD

  3. agnes sim says:

    wow..the snacks are so crunchy!!! wish to try it 😛

  4. fern says:

    wah! cheeserland so kawaii. wondering the different between korean and jepan style…

  5. Chi-chan says:

    Hi Cheesie 😉
    We had good time! 😈 😈
    I’m embarrassed my video 😳 😳
    I’m HAPPY you are enjoying to SakuSaku 😀
    Hiroko & me waiting at Tokyo~~
    We know OC so if u want to know about OC let me know, cause we lived in OC, have friends over there. It will help u!!

  6. angel says:

    cute romper! 😈 I wish liz liza will start opening stores all over asia(like in the philippines perhaps if!) the baslet style bag is also super adorable! sigh… will go an die of envy now! buhbye! :blush:

  7. melody says:

    Wowwwww meeting your jap friend in malaysia!!!!!
    that’s like superbbbbbbb!!!!!

  8. $moke says:

    I love that part when you lift up your leg like 90 degrees LOL. And you really got a great passion for fooooood! Yeah! 🙄 And those snacks look so delicious hmmmm.

  9. MEiRi says:

    Wish minimaos would ship to the US! They have such cute stuff! 🙁

  10. bleusnow says:

    what colour is maxi romper ? white or pink? thinking of buying :mrgreen: ….. but pricey leh.

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