Ok i’m going to show you something really scary.

I’m not sure if you have done this before, but if you have a mirror, go get a big sized mirror. Now.

Got it?

Now sit down.


Put the mirror on your lap.

And look into the mirror, with your face tilted parallel to it.

Like this.

Make sure your hair is not in the way, so you can have a clear look of your face shape.

Like what you see? Well, the breaking news is that, that’s how you will look in 10 years time. In fact, i’m not even that optimistic. I give it 5 years.

That’s my face. I have puffy cheeks of a chipmunk,super double chin (can’t really see in this picture) and excess skin dangling down like chandeliers. And your face feels soooo heavy like a truck is pulling all your muscles down.

Actually that truck is called gravity wtf. The nemesis of youth and vanity.

Now, hold your mirror above you, lie back on your chair and look upwards.

You look 10 years younger!! Your skin is smooth and taut, and you have a defined face contour.  And that’s what every girl wants their face to look like.

And unless we walk with our noses facing the sky all the time, how can we actually look like that?!

And Clarins have answered just the question everybody wanted to know.

It’s called Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-Drain Serum.

Actually, this is not even a new product from Clarins. This was created long ago specially for Asian women who long for a small, refined face that is always photogenic from every angle. No hiding behind big hair and fringe or photoshopping.

Clarins is a pioneer in this product and they are famous for being the plant expert. Everyone who uses Clarins knows that their ingredients are all extracted from natural plants.

And it has won many awards since 2009. Clarin’s 3D refining action helps release fat, drains puffiness and define facial contours.

Clarins vows that you will see significant result in just 4 weeks.

So, i tried it out for myself!!

To achieve the perfect V-shape contour, i followed the Clarins Manual Auto-Lifting application:

I made a commitment to myself to spend 3 minutes at night to apply Clarins Shaping Facial Lift with this method. In addition to that, i also do a slight pressure massage just underneath my earlobe and jawline, which is what Lie from NHK Tokyo Kawaii taught us during the video shoot. She swears by this method that makes her face so small. T____T

Anyway, after 4 weeks of diligent application!!!!

Will show you photos from different angles!

I never ever take frontal photo because i have an obviously bigger right jawline and it makes my face asymmetrical.  You can still see it here but i think it is less obvious already!!!

From downwards.

Actually i didn’t expect like a miraculously small face after 4 weeks, since human’s jaw bone is fixed unless you shave it off or something. But the most significant change that i see is my double chin!!! Ok la it’s not non-existent yet but i really felt that the fatty lump under my chin has disappeared.

So remember to apply the serum on your chin/neck area as well, which a lot of people neglect!

Face up.

This one is a given. Looks good all the time!

My fav 45 dergree angle. According to Clarins though, the perfect angle is 90 degree! i’d have to try that out!

More defined jawline!


Yay to smaller and photogenic V-shape face from every angle!!

It’s really Clarin’s number 1 best selling serum!

Now, curious to find out if you have the perfect V-shaped contours? Go to Clarins Facebook page and take the V-shape diagnosis to see if you have the perfect V-shaped contours. You can redeem free Shaping Facial Lift sample now and stand a chance to win Clarins gift pack worth RM350!

More info at www.clarins.com ^^