Grand Park Otaru

was the hotel we stayed in Otaru, also our very generous sponsor!!!

Anyway this post is not funny or witty because i just woke up and had a non-alcohol related hangover wtf. Feel free to insert your own funny puns where you deem necessary thanks.

Anyway back to Otaru!

So after eating the tear-inducing Roast Beef and Angel Brains, we retreated back to our hotel room!



We stayed on the 18th floor!


And guess what, we can haz Executive Suite woohoo!!!


Our supremely spacious bedroom!




An amazing tray of toiletries including Hokkaido Lavender shampoo and body cream!



And we also had a MASSIVE living room to camho in!



From the front



Japanese style pajamas in the closet!



After shower dry hair also want to camho lol.

And here comes the epic picture:








Xiaxue and i were doing mask together and i tried to camho, and when i saw the picture i burst out laughing until breathless wtf.



Ok the next day!!

Believe it or not this is the view from our hotel room. Amazing or what!!!!



Proof. Sitting by the window


Ok after the ugly Superhero Chipmunk here’s 20 act chio camho shots to make up for it.


Gigantic mirror to camho with. Bliss!!


You can get this floral laced dress from minimaos!!


Vintage necklace from


Picture with our hotel room!


Bathroom. The idea is to show off my dress not the bathroom.


By the window!


Went down for breakfast buffet!

(And gobbled up tons of Hokkaido whipped butter again). The Angel Brains Chef was there early in the morning!!!! Zomg he worked OT for us then had to wake so early to cook breakfast again T____T


Sashimi and lotsa seafood to make your own Chirashi Don!!! <3


Super light and quite healthy breakfast!! I can eat like that forever!!!!

That’s also one of the reasons why i want to stay in Japan. If you want me to choose between Japanese food forever or Malaysian food forever, i’ll gladly give up char kuey teow and hokkien mee for a healthier life.

After breakfast we’re ready for our day tour in Otaru!!

Guess what! Our hotel rented a taxi to chauffeur us FOR THE WHOLE DAY around town!! Awesome or what!


Our taxi


Us in the taxi


On the way to Mt Tengu, our first stop! So green so beautiful!




Tengu in Japanese literally means “Sky Dog”, but it’s a totally un-dog-looking statue that’s supposed to give you blessing if you touch its gigantic nose.


Panoramic view from the mountain top


Our taxi driver actually followed us up to the mountain (!) and doubled as our tour guide + photographer (!!!!). This is him pointing out some tourist spot to show us.


This picture is taken by our awesome taxi driver who climbs on top of a standie thingie so he could capture the city behind us <333


This is where we spotted our Tanpopo!!!

You can watch the youtube video again!



Posing with tanpopo





We’re so happy blowing off the dandelions!


Xiaxue said she’s very jealous of me cuz she took a picture of me blowing Tanpopo with visible flying bits. She’s just hinting i was a bad photographer T__T


lol phailed. i asked her to PS the flying bits into the picture haha


Went to some glass making factory


The oldest church in Otaru!

After that we went for lunch near Otaru Canal!



I know Suddenly i changed hair style wtf. I did it in the taxi lol.



This ice cream is called Santa’s Beard. It’s melon flavored but i have no idea why it is purple.


This is the restaurant we went! It’s a seafood place!


And these are the food we would be going to eat!!! Excited or not!! Ok probably not you but i was!!! 😀


With Xiaxue who was a bit apprehensive about the meals in Otaru the whole time because… guess what?

She doesn’t eat raw food.


I was feeling abit like FHL because Hokkaido’s seafood is easily one of the best in the worldddddddddddd zomg what is she missing out!!!



Apparently this shop is famous-ish cuz there are notes written by travelers from all over the world stating how awesome the food here is.



Someone made a drawing of the shop owner, who is really hilarious cuz while making the meals he kept trying to get more customers to come in by yelling

“Best seafood in the world!!! I didn’t say that, people who have tasted our food did! If you don’t believe me, come inside and read!”


“It’s touchingly delicious!!!”

And this is the face he makes when Xiaxue tried to snap a picture of him



Really look like the drawing right? HAHAHAHAH


He specially made this for Xiaxue, it’s three kinds of boiled crab because she doesn’t take sashimi.

The crab was SO SWEET T_T


This was mine. Looks EXACTLY like the picture in the poster!!!

There was Tarabagani (snow crab), amaebi, ikura, scallop and sea urchin!

Very very very good! Not until teary but still very good! Xiaxue was being adventurous, she said she always was curious how sea urchin tastes like, so she tried and said she liked it!! 😀

I was secretly hoping that this trip will convert her to a sashimi lover because sashimi is just…. to good to miss.


Our seafood miso soup that has yummy sweet crab in it too!


Ok that’s all for today!

Too many photos, continue next time!



Jealous yet?

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  1. Val says:

    Never fail to make me feel like flying to japan straight away!
    Hungry now~ ><
    😈 😈 😈 😈

  2. Glo-w says:

    i wish someday i can go to Japan with you… zho dead mou?

  3. Bella says:

    Japan’s food looks so hungry but it’s midnight 😥

  4. SaeWei says:

    “Anyway this post is not funny or witty because i just woke up and had a non-alcohol related hangover wtf. Feel free to insert your own funny puns where you deem necessary thanks.”

    This itself is funny ady! 😆

  5. francesca says:

    yes jealous! very! 🙂
    especially the food !

  6. yenshann says:

    arrr…i would also easily give up all malaysian food for japanese food ( p/s my friends and family always give me the skeptical look of are you malaysian ar? when i said i hv not eaten asam laksa before…o.0)

  7. Joanne says:

    I went to the page, only for 18 years old and above >:(

    They age-ist!!

    #37 is a very good photo. Xiaxue is indeed a good photographer! xD

  8. $moke says:

    those tanpopo are so pretty 🙂
    and you still looks pretty in that mask la, no worries. :gr
    those sashimi makes me hungry like hell now. and love yal outfit 😉

    by the way, can you speak/read chinese? random question.

  9. chibirubie says:

    you two look sooo gorgeous! and everything looks so yummy! 😀

  10. Ok the last few pictures made me go wow!

  11. Yuen ling says:

    Awh! Been not eating crab for a year.. and I’m even craving more after looking your food pictures!

  12. Amai says:

    omg so many cute pics 😀 you look amazing!
    tell me what circle lenses are you wearing? they are gorgeousss!

  13. Belly B says:

    I LOVE THE DANDELION PICTURES!!! I wish I could take lots of pretty photos in a dandelion field too! 😀 I wonder what happens to the dandelions, do the white fluff grow back?

  14. Jace♥ says:

    I would love to sit on the ground that full of dandelions~~!!
    So sweeeeeeeet!
    There was once I sat on the field and my dad told there’re a lot of worms and insects on it~
    you might get skin irritation or something~ phooooo…. =(

  15. yv says:

    looks like fun!

  16. Pinkystar says:

    I would love to visit the dandelions place one day! 🙂

  17. Jodie says:

    Waaahhh so nice *^*
    siod..saidhgsiudf..aiopsdspdkc…. I’ll have lucid dreams about it. Free tickets. Hehe.

  18. hitomineko says:

    I am DEF jealous much ! ahhahah I love photos #35 & #36. So Pretty !! 😈

    =P n the food look SUPER yum.. * drool *
    I love sashimi too! ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  19. Charles says:

    omg xia xue do mask also need to put falsie?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

  20. Elisa says:

    Hello Cheese!
    I am Italian and I found your blog looking for news on the Japanese fashion .. I saw your picture in yours wardrobe blog of you a few years ago, at the beginning I did not recognize you with hair blacks, smooth .. you were beautiful and you are so beautiful now, congratulations..
    I noticed that in Malaysia, Japanese fashion is very fashionable, right?
    Unfortunately here in Italy, despite the passion the Japanese, do not feel much like shopping there and the girls can not dress like the Japanese, otherwise there would exchange all for aliens! ^ _ ^
    However, thanks to your blog I am very passionate about fashion ‘gayuru’ and although I did not fit the physique, I like to dream wear these beautiful clothes..

    The holiday season is approaching, all people go to the sea, but since you travel a lot, can you give us some advice on how to prepare the luggage to be perfect for every occasion without bringing the entire closet?

    thank you very much

  21. Kelly says:

    Japan is just awesome! The food is yummy and even the sky is more blue than ours…

  22. stella lee says:

    the food is ridiculously expensive >.<;
    or is it normal price in japan???

  23. lOL says:

    Picture #27, poor fences were liquified till all crooked!

  24. Hi Cheesie, i’m a newbie to your blog.
    I gotta say I love your pics and I love your straw hat in the pics!
    Mind sharing where u got it from? Thanks in advance! ^_^

  25. EvaRuri says:

    Nice dress!! I like it!! 😈 😈 😈

  26. C. says:

    aww your outfit was so pretty xx

  27. guest says:

    like i said before you are waaay prettier than the fake blonde wendy in the pictures. she sounds really annoying when she talks btw.. does she always have drool in her mouth?

  28. Kiwi says:

    #19 Omg I love your outfit! You look so pretty.
    And those shoes are frikkin gorgeous!!

    Looking at your pics make me wanna go on a vacation so badly T^T

  29. Kiwi says:

    lol and why do I get this poo on a spring as my pic when I post?

  30. XuELiNg says:

    Looks SO yummy!! I wish i can go japan… 😀

  31. Pam says:

    Just started reading your blog today. Love love love. And you and Wendy are gorgeous. ^_^

  32. Anna says:

    omg ur hair looks really gorgeous here! do u just use a curling tong? which one? thanks!!

  33. Kelly says:

    hi cheesie, reli excited to c the update, cn u show us what is must buy and must go in hokkaido?

  34. Abigail says:

    That’s an awesome trip!! I enjoy reading about it a lot xDD so jelly!

  35. XiaoJing says:

    Hey, im a fan from xiaxue and linked to your blog to view
    you guys sure have enjoy yourself alot !! (:
    looking forward to see your next coming trip!!

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  37. rita_kimura says:

    Thank you for coming to Otaru!nWill you come again!nWith a baby♪♪nnまってます!チージーちゃんかわいい!

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