I cannot be friends with you if you dunno what is mentaiko wtf.

That’s like my favorite food in the whole world. (I know. I considered changing my blog name to Mentaikoland.com but like i just kinda renewed the domain plus it is also harder to rhyme with anything so yea.)

Anyway this useless video is about why i like mentaiko so much. ♥‿♥

Now you know what to cook for me next time. YOU ARE WELCOME.


I subbed it this time so don’t scold me anymore!!!

Vain pic of the day!!

Extra one for you because i will be away to SG (Yay! Watch out for a rude and kiam Malaysian bimbo who orders tap water in your swanky restaurant, y’all!!) so i know you jerks will miss me.

I briefly considered straightening my hair WHAT DO YOU THINK!! But i still love the Mermaid volume >.<





“CHEESIE Y U NO STOP TRAVELING?!” I know right. U Jelly? lol

Wanna travel but low on budget? There’s a ground arrangements package for 4D3N Guilin-Lipu-Yangshuo Tour at RM99 instead of RM599 from HwaJing Travel & Tours, brought to you by Milkadeal.com!

Ok that’s guys, BAI!! ^^

PS: If you still dunno what mentaiko is but desperately still want to be my friend, you can read the related posts below while feeling bad about not knowing something so wonderful.

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