XPLAY 2011

July 25, 2011 in Commercial Break

Ok i’m prolly gonna get punched for saying this but lately i’m really too busy having too much fun!! So much holidays and parties!

Just came back from Singapore and it was amazing! I got sick half way but i kinda psyched myself to be well so i can party again wtf.

I love SG!

Met lovely people!!!!! So happy and so much fun!

(I realized all of them have like double alphabet initials like XX, KK, QQ and… ok not Hui Wen wtf.)

More on that in next entry!

Now here’s another party imma attend!

If you attended XPLAY last year, you know you would wanna go again. If you have not heard of it, XPLAY promises to bring the hottest and liveliest events that will continue to rock your world this 2011, only bigger and better!!

XPLAY is featuring:

Funky Kopral

One of the hottest, chart-topping bands from Indonesia currently.


Despite the band’s name i think you Malaysians should be familiar with them.

Project Pistol

Apparently this band has the reputation of being able to perform any song. Erm, try them!!! 😛

Wicked Aura

From Singapore!

Wa go to go a party can see so many people perform, damn worth it!!!!! #kiasu

And now comes the best part!

The entrance to this awesome party is FREE! Here’s how you can get the passes:

  1. LIKE  Xpax Facebook Fan Page @ www.facebook.com/xpaxfb
  2. Check out the XPLAY app in the page
  3. Register your details to get 1 FREE pass!
  4. Print & show your e-mail confirmation at the entrance!

You can also:

  1. Reload RM50 to get 2 VIP passes (to redeem free flow drinks during the event). You’ll also be in the running to win a VIP table for you + 5 friends! (Valid from 22-28 July 2011)

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Send XPLAY to 28881
  2. You will get a Successful Registration SMS. After that, reload min RM50 to get your mobile voucher within 24hours after reloading
  3. Flash the mobile voucher at XPLAY entrance on the event day to redeem 2 VIP passes (while stocks last, first come first serve)

Be the 1st 100 Kolony members at the door to receive a FREE drink voucher for the event! You can also stand a chance to win a Blackberry Curve 8520 smartphone!

So remember, the party is happening


Date : 30 July 2011

Time : 7pm till late night

Venue :  Opera, Sunway Pyramid

More info at: xpax.com.my

18 responses to “XPLAY 2011”

  1. joshuaongys says:

    Xplay Party!!! Will you go? =DDD

  2. Glo-w says:

    Wa…cheesie mental power very strong! *metalpowertoberich* >_<" will they have the party in Penang as well? ^^

  3. weyjin says:

    All your friends look admirable and likable!

  4. Kiwi says:

    You sound so fun. I wish I had a chance to party with you 😉
    But on the other hand,… you bragging about having too much fun… *punches you*

  5. Kiwi says:

    Damnit. I am commenting from another location and I still get that poo on a spring for my pic :@

  6. Ida says:

    I live far away from Singapore… No XPLAY for me xD

  7. Belly B says:

    Haha how did you psycho yourself into becoming well? That is one trick I need to learn!

  8. $moke says:

    Wow, my all favourite bloggers in one photo 😉

  9. asstha says:

    awww shucks… i got nite marathon on dat day… can’t go… 😥

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