I believe you have already heard of this legendary cookie! If you haven’t, well, you are about to now.

F Cup cookie, as its name suggests, has something to do with your cup size. (!!!)

And i will also tell you a secret.

Although i’m not entirely unhappy with what i have been endowed with, it’s always great for skinny girls like me to gain a cup size or two so that i don’t look like a surfing board wtf. In fact, two is too much. One will do. Although showing off cleavage is not really my field of expertise.


This is the most you get as far as cleavage is concerned.

But anyway! I have discovered F Cup Cookies looong before it was even available in Malaysia. One day i was walking in a Don Quihote in Japan and saw this box that says F Cup Cookie and i was like whaaaat? Is this what i think it is?! Then i saw a picture of a girl with her cleavage and i was like yeap, this IS what i think it is.


So out of curiosity i bought like a few tester pack of 4 sticks and tried it. Just when i thought i think it sort of was working, then finished it and i was back to Malaysia. T____T

So while the cookie was delicious, i promptly forgot about it since i couldn’t get it here.
And then 3 years later.

This time with a new flavor and new packaging! I just LOOOOOVE the pink packaging, so so pretty and girly!


A box of 30 sticks inside!
I’m taking two sticks a day, so that will last about 2 weeks. And according to the instructions, you must eat the cookies continuously for at least one month to see the result.

The new flavor is Berry Flavor, which is exclusively available in ASEAN countries only. Proud anot!! Even Japan don’t have leh!


They also have the traditional Original Soy Milk and Chocolate flavor.


Well now you are wondering,

How does it work?!

The secret is Pueraria Mirifica, which is a kind of natural herb found in Thailand has been used by locals as a herbal folk remedy for well over a century and used for good health and longevity due to its rejuvenating qualities.

One of Pueraria Mirifica’s most impressive benefits is to increase breast size naturally, not only may the breast size be enhanced but also the firmness and fullness of the breast.


I’m eating the Berry flavor cookie!

This is my favorite flavor not only because it is pink, the texture is also very different from Soy Milk and Chocolate flavor, because it’s a lot crunchier!


For Malaysian girls, you can get it from Watson or Sasa! Normal retail price is RM168 per box. But if you visit Sasa now, they are having a promotion of RM148 per box until Hari Raya!

You can also purchase it online at fcup.my for a discounted price!

For international readers, fcup.my also provide FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

Visit fcup.my for more information on the products!

Now the greatest news: I’m giving away two boxes away on my Facebook Page! Now you can also increase your cup size!


All the breast ! I mean, i hope F Cup cookies really make it big!