F Cup Cookies!

August 27, 2011 in Commercial Break

I believe you have already heard of this legendary cookie! If you haven’t, well, you are about to now.

F Cup cookie, as its name suggests, has something to do with your cup size. (!!!)

And i will also tell you a secret.

Although i’m not entirely unhappy with what i have been endowed with, it’s always great for skinny girls like me to gain a cup size or two so that i don’t look like a surfing board wtf. In fact, two is too much. One will do. Although showing off cleavage is not really my field of expertise.


This is the most you get as far as cleavage is concerned.

But anyway! I have discovered F Cup Cookies looong before it was even available in Malaysia. One day i was walking in a Don Quihote in Japan and saw this box that says F Cup Cookie and i was like whaaaat? Is this what i think it is?! Then i saw a picture of a girl with her cleavage and i was like yeap, this IS what i think it is.


So out of curiosity i bought like a few tester pack of 4 sticks and tried it. Just when i thought i think it sort of was working, then finished it and i was back to Malaysia. T____T

So while the cookie was delicious, i promptly forgot about it since i couldn’t get it here.
And then 3 years later.

This time with a new flavor and new packaging! I just LOOOOOVE the pink packaging, so so pretty and girly!


A box of 30 sticks inside!
I’m taking two sticks a day, so that will last about 2 weeks. And according to the instructions, you must eat the cookies continuously for at least one month to see the result.

The new flavor is Berry Flavor, which is exclusively available in ASEAN countries only. Proud anot!! Even Japan don’t have leh!


They also have the traditional Original Soy Milk and Chocolate flavor.


Well now you are wondering,

How does it work?!

The secret is Pueraria Mirifica, which is a kind of natural herb found in Thailand has been used by locals as a herbal folk remedy for well over a century and used for good health and longevity due to its rejuvenating qualities.

One of Pueraria Mirifica’s most impressive benefits is to increase breast size naturally, not only may the breast size be enhanced but also the firmness and fullness of the breast.


I’m eating the Berry flavor cookie!

This is my favorite flavor not only because it is pink, the texture is also very different from Soy Milk and Chocolate flavor, because it’s a lot crunchier!


For Malaysian girls, you can get it from Watson or Sasa! Normal retail price is RM168 per box. But if you visit Sasa now, they are having a promotion of RM148 per box until Hari Raya!

You can also purchase it online at fcup.my for a discounted price!

For international readers, fcup.my also provide FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

Visit fcup.my for more information on the products!

Now the greatest news: I’m giving away two boxes away on my Facebook Page! Now you can also increase your cup size!


All the breast ! I mean, i hope F Cup cookies really make it big!

88 responses to “F Cup Cookies!”

  1. $moke says:

    Im still going on my puberty, this might works! 😆

  2. Rachel says:

    lol. F Cup has been in the news so many times (Read Singapore’s The Straits Times or you could even just search online). You trust this unpatented product? Good luck getting breast cancer Cheesie.

    • Jojo says:

      it start on three girls who only took F-cup cookies as their main meals for weeks and eventually causing them to got gastric and diarrhea. Who didn’t get gastric if you keep taking herbs cookies only as meals??

      As Singaporean i knew that Pueraria Mirifica is allowed in Singapore too. There are many things that you can bought in SG market that contain this ingredient.

      • CheeseCake says:

        don’t simply eat this…simply saying this because its really not good from what i heard so far, because i myself wanted to give it a try before not until i heard from my sister and the news about f cup cookies. well,i m not saying cheesie is wrong advertising this on here,probably she never heard of this news on f cup cookies negative effects..but girls, i heard about there a girl die after consuming f cup cookies- it happened at singapore( ..or there’s other SIDE EFFECT to it. please make good judgement for your body sake. : ) be alert. 😛

        if u really want to have atleast a cup size breast.. try drinking milk, diary products, cheese, or papaya. cheese actually helps me alot during my puberty stage.

        • Hess says:

          Do you even have a fact news about a girl die bcoz of consuming the cookies? Don simply say leh! this is quite a serious accuse!

          • CheeseCake says:

            I m Sorry for blindly stating the facts that a girl death. 🙁

            As for i what think that facts that this product has pro-longed side effects (NUH 2011) its enough for me to not choose to use this product. 😈 But, this is my decision ofcause.. other consumers may not bother the risk. it’s a matter of choice as individuals. i m just playing my part to bring awareness to consumers. 😆


          • Sawaddee says:

            well, threr are might not be a strong fact about its kills lives but the ingredient in the cookies can cause serious illness and severe infection.

        • Adrian says:

          yup. that is not the fact that what I see in the news.

          • Allan says:

            Lol… It is dam funny…. Cheesecake, u really dam “kua jeong” , u heard ? I also heard that eating cheesecake might cause cancer….

    • Joey says:

      Dear Rahel , i cant search on9 for the sg news , i think got banned .. i was regret to bought 2 boxes here .. i feel worry so i havt consume it .. any others resource i can get from sg party ? thanks dear

  3. Angel says:

    wow! this looks promising not to mention delicious! I need this!!! LOL

    I must! I must! I must increase my bust! =p

  4. Hop says:

    Hi I’m staying in Japan! This product has something harmful and banned in sg!

  5. Arrow says:

    OMG I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS THING! DOES IT WORK? This is actually SO interesting ahaha!

  6. Rubbish F says:

    Just because it’s from Japan doesnt mean it’s great. Just think of their nuclear plant – still traumatizing their own kind.

    Since this product contains chemicals that are banned in many places, it’s a wonder why this airhead still ‘endorses’ it. 😯

    • cheesie says:

      What an idiot. Seriously, what has nuclear plant got to do with this?! You think they release radiation on purpose ah?

      • Rubbish F says:

        I seriously think u are not a smart one. Certainly they didnt want to release radiation on purpose, but the point is they dont have the intelligence to pre-empt any problems.

        Just like this F cup shit – once the problems emerge, they will just stand there, dick in mouth.

        So back to my point: just because it’s Japanese doesnt mean it’s good or safe. But I don’t think u will get it. Just hope the ones following ur blog wont be so goondu.

        • cheesie says:

          This has to be the dumbest comment in the history of my blog. They dont have the intelligence to pre-empt any problems?!? My god. Crawl back to your mother’s womb.

        • Popo says:

          Dear Cheesie,

          This idiot had a nickname same as his or her personality. Rubbish

          • Jas says:

            Dear POPO … is very obviously the idiot is work for FCup cookies .. anyways, there are plenty of internal staff do comment here that is good to consume fcup cookies .. pls aware of this, my dear consumers

  7. Bubbah says:

    Wait… If I eat this, my breasts get bigger? .___.

  8. EvaRuri says:

    I’ve heard of that but was afraid to try because I scare might put on weight also.. Haha!!

  9. Glo-w says:

    I love your puns lols… 😈 Does it really work? I tried a bite of the soy one and well not my cup of tea. but the new one looks delicious!

  10. weyjin says:

    I am tempted to try woaH!! is it safe?

  11. aud says:

    berry looks nice ah! faster gimme one!!!

  12. Charice says:

    I tried 2 years ago… Sadly it didnt works on me ..=.= no improvement or changes on my cup size.. 😥

  13. Jace♥ says:

    I saw a lot people doing review saying that f cup cookies didn work really well 🙁

  14. Sawaddee says:

    This cookies and anything that contains Pueraria Mirifica are illegal in Thailand. It has a severe side effects, so it isn’t approved by the Food, Drugs Administration. Be careful.

  15. Riri says:

    Sounds interesting! What’s calorie count like??

  16. Punky says:

    Really??????? Perhaps its time to choose your advertorials.
    But i guess you have no choice but to write a review since you are paid to do so.

    “AN intake of oestrogen or similar substance will cause women to put on weight on their bust and hip areas so it makes sense that these biscuits are causing boobs to plump up. But eating too many of these cookies over time could cause weight to pile on the bum – which I suspect most women will not like.

    Excessive consumption of the biscuits could also upset the menstrual cycle and affect your fertility.

    There are all sorts of wacky remedies and miracle cures out there but people must take care. Check out the active ingredients and don’t take any chances. If it looks too good to be true then it usually is.

    My advice to women would be to be wary of this quick-fix solution and stick with a padded bra.”

  17. Meg says:

    Honestly, the F Cup Cookies are not convincing enough plus even if it contains some herbs from somewhere else doesn’t mean it has the natural effect. I mean, get real girls, be more contented with what you have. Besides, eating cookies is not really something that can give you boobies just like that. You need exercise and diet!!

    I’d rather go with padded bra too.

  18. Angelsweet^-^ says:

    Tried it before, is work for me 😆 I consumed more than 2months only i get the result, although result quite slow, but i still can accept because is not a chemical or capsule. Yaho, i love it … Strongly recomended 😈 ….

    • sexy4ever says:

      Zhen de ma…? i think the effects diffrence for evry type of gals..some said no effect some said YES…so …yeah..worth a try anyway..i ll give atry yey!

      • Angelsweet^-^ says:

        To those their enough for their breast size, of course you all no need to try ANYTHING ma (but r u sure you whole life ‘breast’ always is same size like wat u proud it right now?) , It doesn’t means whole life you will satisfy for your body figure, you will getting old, uuhhh!) But for ppl isn’t enough, firm and flat, we need to find some way to increase our breast, i dont want be a ” flat princess” OMG!!!!! But for some ppl wanna try fcup cookie, remember DO SOME MASSAGE, % increase +++….. ha ha … this is my experience… 😆

  19. Nicky Tang says:

    Sound interesting 😉

  20. Fern says:

    I have a few boxes of the chocolate ones somewhere in my room. Reading some of these comments scare me now 🙁 Ahhh what a waste..

  21. CheeseCake says:

    😉 (Eveline Gan 2011) stated that As the ingrediant of F cup cookies contains” pueraria mirifica has only at most 1 per cent of the effect of real human estrogen, Dr Teh said “any change noticed is likely to be a placebo effect only”. Dr Jane Lim of NUH warned that prolonged usage may even be associated with CANCER.” :dunno:

    http://www.nuh.com.sg/news/media-articles_1498.html 🙂

    • CheeseCake says:

      cheesie, i m not against you or smtg to write bad reviews on the product you advertised..the reason i must write it because you have specifically TEENAGE readers and many of them that admires you as well as follows you. i myself am your reader for years and likes your style & photography skills too :). But to this post…this product DOES have SIDE EFFECTS are known to be Not good.. maybe you are unaware of the ‘not so good/unethical’ influence you will bring to the teenagers. :[

      • Rubbish F says:

        But this airhead wont get your point, because she will gladly lick rubbish off Japanese toes. She is just obsessed with Japanese stuff, period.

        By the way, she looks more like orang asli in her Jap-inspired outfits, perhaps this can be a new fashion genre (orang asli gyaru?)

        • Lin says:

          you are free to express your opinion on the product but don’t be rude.

          • jc says:

            agree! 😈 and she’s so angry her liver must be unhealthy (according to chinese medicine, anger is connected to liver).

          • Rubbish F says:

            Rude? I’m just stating a FACT. And there’s nothing wrong looking like orang asli right?

            And those who take the name ‘rubbish’ literally, I’m intrigued: the term is linked to the letter ‘f’, which is the focus of this blog.

            Bottomline? The product is dubious; Japanese dont always produce the best products or facilities. They are all sucking in radiation now, nothing could be done about it. So much for being smart. Enjoy ur cookies, folks, if ever there are undesirable chemicals in ur bodies, you know where u read about it first.

        • yumii says:

          Dear Rubbish,

          Your name suits you very much! I’m glad your mother gave you that name. ^^

  22. June says:

    I need those goddamn cookies and I totally don’t care for the side effects.

  23. sexy4ever says:

    Came across ur cheeserland.com the other day when i search 4 HadaLabo products info- i never click ‘like’ someone FB page xcept celeb n fashion stores pages although i ve lotsa requested me to ‘like’ their page..but i admit i do ‘like’ u v m…you are such an intelligent girl,pretty,adoreable,fashionable(me too wtf),cool and have good sense of humor..i think u r the best (if compare to ‘lang mo angelabb n JM..wtf(learned from u)….)i felt.. some gals here which their comments seems jealous ,said ur kind of copycat or etc etc…they r really ENVY bout u…to me u r much more better than Dawn Y, Nira Chan…(tehee say TQ to me la..jk)u do look very diferent compare 2006 ..Btw..i m a gal..not a mAn..so don wory if i m sweet talk here..
    Love ya style always forever,,..and u have very very nice pics.. 😈 ->

  24. Raine Nadon says:

    My boobs are so small. I would like them larger. This seems like a great product with natural side effects, unlike with surgery and other things.

  25. xes says:

    I came to this website in promise of “bigger cup size” but I don’t see “bigger cup size”. I’ve been conned!!

  26. Mona says:

    I’ve heard of this before and don’t think it works.
    There are pills with pure Pueraria Mirifica which are much more affordable and should work better. I have tried the pills before and having diarrhea is one of the symptoms so for someone who said that above it’s not an actual “bad side effect” of the cookies…Pueraria Mirifica naturally causes this. People say this herb works but I have not seen good results and it actually makes your body feel really weird so I don’t take it anymore. SAVE YOUR MONEY. If it was that easy then everyone would not be getting implants and this information would be widely available

  27. Lene says:

    I’ve have these before! The original soy milk one. I ordered it online and I’m so glad the website I buy from offers free shipping haha! I think it does work!

  28. C says:

    Of course if you’re eating two cookies a day for one to two months straight you’re going to get bigger boobs… and thighs, and arms, and cheeks.

  29. cheesie says:

    Guys, thanks for all the comments and advices, and this is what i think, ok?

    The fact that fcup/pueraria mirifica are allowed to be sold in Japan AND approved by their ministry of health is good enough for me personally. It’s still selling everywhere in Japan and i will still gladly purchase it even if it’s not available in Malaysia. Maybe i am really biased, but i really have no doubt in Japanese health standard. As for the Singapore incident, if you really go to the pharmacy there are plenty of health products with pueraria mirifica ingredients in them and why are they allowed?

    In the end it’s really your own judgement to trust whatever you read and your own decision to do whatever you deem suitable.That’s all i want to say.

    • Joey says:

      pls don’t lie here my dear .. i very confirm that japan DO NOT HAVE selling .. i have relative and friends linving there .. they did not see this product .. otherwise , u can name the japan place here which got selling .. i will call them now to buy it ^^

  30. Angelsweet^-^ says:

    Cheesie, i support you 😈

  31. Angelsweet^-^ says:

    To those their enough for their breast size, of course you all no need to try ANYTHING ma (but r u sure you whole life ‘breast’ always is same size like wat u proud it right now?) , It doesn’t means whole life you will satisfy for your body figure, you will getting old, uuhhh!) But for ppl isn’t enough, firm and flat, we need to find some way to increase our breast, i dont want be a ” flat princess” OMG!!!!! But for some ppl wanna try fcup cookie, remember DO SOME MASSAGE, % increase +++….. ha ha … this is my experience…

  32. Rose says:

    Em..Interesting issue…since i am familiar with this product as my close friend is taking it,i wish to share some of my insight about it..as a dietitian, we always emphasize on evidence based.. it’s no doubt that this fcup cookies contain pueraria mirifica which is a proven phytoestrogen-rich Thai herb with a comparable strength for estrogen. This natural herb had became a raw material for dietary supplements, traditional medicines as well as cosmetics and topically applied pharmaceutical products. In order to prove that this herb which had been used since long time ago in Thailand is safe, numerous research and toxicity test was carried out by researchers. One recent (2003) research paper did in thailand actually revealed that this herb does not produced any significance acute toxicology range if consumed orally. A precaution was stressed only in females if a very high amount (about 2,000 mg/kg body weight) was consumed. However, it is hard to reach such a high dose as the components in this herb itself could cause a feeling of nausea. To ensure the safety of long term consumption of p. mirifica, a long term toxicity test should be performed. However, because P. mirifica has experienced long-term consumption in Thailand in traditional medicines, any old records of endemic consumption should partially guarantee the safety of the orally consumed products. In addition, studies also showed convincingly that this herb contains substances that play an important role in antioxidant activity(anti-cancer in other word)…Never the less, there are some conflicting results also from different studies. Thus, in my opinion, we might treat this product as an additional supplement if we wish to get the benefits it may provide to you, but may not to some (just like some people feels alert after drinking coffee but some not)…anyhow, we can choose what we want to eat in the extent not to overburden our body with excessive amount…
    To get a more thorough picture, you can peek on below website.REMINFDER: always look for reliable website/sources, such as those supported with scientic background or written by qualified medical doctor.

  33. stella lee says:

    have you tried and achieved the result so far? im quite afraid to get bigger boobs 😳

  34. ursie says:

    Cheese, I think you look great the way you are. Please be careful w/ what you eat; I’d choose A cup > unnecessary health issues anytime. ): Your body your choice though, just please bear this in mind!

  35. Julianne says:

    Cheesie, in the end it’s your choice whether or not you’re willing to risk possible health complications, but I really think you should add a disclaimer somewhere, since many of your readers are teenage girls who might not be aware of all the possible side effects. As an influential blogger, it’s really your responsibility should anything bad happen, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to risk your reputation, right?

  36. Lucie says:

    I disagree with the fact that the cookies will give you cancer and are lethal, blah blah blah. That is complete BS.
    I would be sceptic about the effects on your cleavage though…
    I hope you will make another post about the results 😀

  37. blue34 says:

    you have nice tits why bother?

  38. Pipsqueaks says:

    😐 Cheesie, I’ll be heading to KL next week… Any good recommendations of places to go, shop or eat which we won’t get chopped?

  39. Kiwi says:

    lol the berry flavor looks so yummy. i think i’d just eat it for the flavor even if it doesnt help me.
    Do these really work though? I’m going to HK in a month… do they sell the berry flavor there?

  40. Wow! That is amazing and Only in Japan 🙂

    Japan Australia

  41. Hyung Yi says:

    Wait. I am going to create 9″ cookies for men. Damn, I am going to be rich!!!

  42. is that have a bad side effect or something cheese? 😮 i hope it’s not 🙂
    someone also eat that F cup cookies but nothing happen to her boobies, but some people have their own good results 🙂 i hope it will work well for yours 🙂 Good luck..

    **)excuse me for the link, i’m from :
    try to open my blog and get the latest info about fashion,makeup, and skincare

  43. From SG says:

    can u show us the before and after video.. let us know whether it works ???

  44. David says:


    You do a great service when you make fun of this product. To many girls desire bigger breast for the attention such enhancements would attract.

    Eating something that long term can cause illness or death is illogical to the extreme.

    Cheesie, your body is fine the way it is. You are amazingly beautiful. Blessed with great looks, charm, charisma and those long legs.

    Why young women, and older women for that matter, want to be noticed due to ones breast size is difficult for most males to understand.

    Many naturally well endowed women have told me nothing is more upsetting than to be talking to a man who is staring at their bosom most of the conversation.

    One women I know mentioned that more than a few times she has embarassed males by asking them how their conversations with her breast went.

    The question is why do some girls want to known only for a large cup size?


  45. Cynthia says:

    Girls, please be aware with this product. I took it for 3 months with no effect. Worst of all, my recent blood test showed a very high level of liver enzyme that caused my legs to swell and the doctors are totally clueless as I always had a clean bill of health. I have stopped taking it and the frequency of the swelling is decreasing. There is something in this product that really f**ks up your body. BE AWARE.

  46. DH says:

    Just came across this post and I really advise teenage girls not to consume this product. After all, whether it’s safe or not, you wouldn’t want to risk your health. I’ve heard positive and negative reviews about it, and the negative ones seems to be more convincing.

    I’ve nothing against Cheesie or anything just the product. I’ve never tried it before but I wouldn’t risk trying it. Plus, there are many other ways to increase your bust size. Choose a much safer way.

  47. m. says:

    where’d you get that t-shirt? 😆 LOL!!

  48. A says:

    where can i find these cookies in singapore besides online websites? Can i find it at Sasa or Watsons?

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