Fairer, rosier and more translucent!

August 25, 2011 in Commercial Break

Summer is coming to an end and i can foresee the sun-kissed make up fading off.

Having naturally tanned skin, it is really kind of a headache to create the fair, translucent and rosy look without looking like a sick geisha.

So today i’m trying to achieve a fairer, rosier make-up instead of the normal 1 shade darker base i like to use.^^

And the best part of it? The foundation doesn’t only make you fairer instantly, it also has an actual whitening effect to your skin.

Warning: Scary no-make photos.


So this is before with zero make up.

For base i’m using Loreal’s new White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation.

My inspiration is Ogihara Momoko !

Her make up is always very very adult smokey/bronzy and she has her signature violet lips!

And Momoko really has very flawless fair skin and it goes really well with the purplish tone!

So i’m re-creating this look with my new everyday-foundation.



Nowadays being fair is no longer the priority. Healthy looking skin is! Therefore this is the first powder foundation with skincare properties infused with the power of whitening!



There are only 2 steps for pearly radiant skin:

Step 1: Whitening Powder Foundation

The secret formula to this foundation is the groundbreaking key ingredient : White Pearl Complex that consists of Vitamin Cp+, Advanced Melanin-Block™ and SPF19 PA++ that instantly conceal spots, whilst even out skin tone with long-lasting fairness effect.

How to: Use the skin-color foundation part with light, short strokes, apply in downward direction to even out under eyes and blend out unevenness.

I’m using G1–Vanilla Ivory. At first i thought the shade is really too light for my tan skin, but surprisingly the texture is so light with a smooth finish that it just blends in and gives a translucent and pearly radiant skin.



Step 2: Highlighter with Pink Tourmaline

You see the special pink corner on the top left? That’s a pink highlighter with Tourmaline Gemstone that brightens up skin complexion, revealing a luminuous and rosy radiance.

How to: With the corner of the sponge lightly pad the Pink Highlighter on the foundation.


Apply on your  nose bridge.


And outer cheekbone.


Also above your eyebrow arches if you like, for a more contoured face shape!

I love the pink highlighter! It really gives you the luminous pearly effect! And your nose instantly looks higher too 😀

Lastly, Voila! the results with the Pink Highlighter, skin looks more luminuous with healthy rosy glow.


A comparison picture.


Continue your make up. I also use a purplish-pink blusher and violet lipstick. The foundation completes a very simple “basic makeup look” that is suitable for for everyday usage.




The complete look


Ogihara Momoko with her radient, rosy skin.


Now i can haz it too! ^^


I really love the compact size and the 2-in-1 function. You don’t have to purchase a separate face highlighter to brightened up your skin as this powder foundation comes with it. Totally value buy of having both in one compact!

And of course the best thing is its skincare benefits! A foundation that actually makes you fairer! Maybe in the future scientist can really design make up products that you can wear to sleep.

Purchase at only RM67.90 and it’s also convenient for replenishment as it has refills selling at RM48.90. You can get it from pharmacies or hypermarkets! Will be available in any of your nearest outlets.

If you are interested in more beauty and make up tips, don’t forget to LIKE L’Oreal Paris Facebook Page HERE!

31 responses to “Fairer, rosier and more translucent!”

  1. AS says:

    do you have any whitening tips or products that u know work for darker skintones?

  2. You look incredibly gorgeous, even without makeup! Unfortunately I don’t need to get any whiter – I’m already white enough. I’d sooner pack on the bronzer than the whitener.

  3. AS says:

    also do lai or maiko have a website/blog/twitter?

  4. Felixia says:

    you look gorgeous! 😈

  5. Glo-w says:

    Oooo…not only a make up but it I can be fairer the more I use it? Hontoni? SUGOI!~ Thank you~<3

  6. Tey Cindy says:


  7. Jace♥ says:

    You skin is flawless~~~~

  8. Juvy says:

    wow! you look amazing! i’m definitely gonna try this 🙂 i too have naturally tan skinned. it’s funny because when i lived in hawaii i was considered pale! now that i’m in japan i’m considered tanned haha not fair T_T

  9. mini says:

    #11 the complete look is so pretty! hmm…any photoshop? look a bit different compare to your usual look..

  10. yumii says:

    ahhh i love your recreation pix!!! you look better though coz the lighting on Momoka is too much! Momoko looks a bit like Katou Miliyah~

  11. Laurie says:

    What do you use for your eyebrows? (;
    Im going to color my hair light and I have
    dark eyebrows lol Which won’t look good with
    my light hair color I am deciding to color (x

  12. XiaXue says:

    Hi Cheesie, you are beautiful and i have been admiring you for few months. Actually I don’t mind telling you that i am a lesbian, so i would like to ask you would you like to be my lesbian partner? I have a loose vagina but i have a tight asshole which is meant for you. I really love you honey. If you don’t like i can always contribute Mike’s cock for you. Please reply ASAP WTF.

  13. Angel says:

    oooh this product looks promising! might just try this when I run out of my makeupforever powder foundation. This might be cheaper too 🙂 yey! I wanna try this violet lips look very soon!

  14. Jessica says:

    Hey Cheesie! Do you mind to tell me what concealer are you using?

  15. 33 says:

    Your skin is always so nice *___* Love your eye make ! ! supper dig your eyeliner line !

  16. $moke says:

    you looks like her! i almost mistaken momoko as you ^^ anyway you looks pretty already without make up. jealouzz sangat ><

  17. melody says:

    Love love love love love love!!!!
    you are super super super super super duper gorgeoussssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  18. J says:

    Hey cheesie, may I know what lens are you wearing in this entry? Is it geo super nudy grey? 🙂

  19. stella lee says:

    my mom owns this one but she doesnt like it because the coverage is light to medium 😀 but i always love your blog post 😈

  20. Courtney says:

    Truthfully at first I confused your photos with Ogihara Momoko’s photos, but honestly you have more of a model-esque look. Much more appealing to the eyes…sometimes when I scroll through your photos it’s like, “Wha….Japanese fashion magazine????” ihatechu, sniff sniff.

  21. Arrow says:

    i love whitening products but i dont want to go too light on my face because my face always gets noticeably tanner than my body :(.

  22. Shelly says:

    good thing i’m caucasian and i was born fair! no problems like these… :mrgreen:

  23. Lizzo says:

    This look suits you so well too, you look stunning!!!

    And you look nice without makeup too, I am so jealous!! You should so more makeup posts!!!



  24. cheesie s fan says:

    pretty girl….. 😉

  25. Liping says:

    Hi Cheesie!

    Can I know what’s the lens name you’re wearing in your picture? ^^

  26. Jamilla says:

    Very nice! This looks like a budget version of RMK Powder Foundation EX. It’s an amazing powder foundation, with both a foundation and highlighter too.

  27. sammie says:

    this is nice! will look for this product if this is available in dubai…

  28. Angelica says:

    does it makes your skin cakey n dry??? 😉

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