A Crowning Moment

September 27, 2011 in Commercial Break

After all the Disney fairy tale hits like Enchanted and  Rapunzel, I wonder how many girls dream of being a princess wearing fancy cake-like gowns living in a castle and having weird talking animal sidekicks while eating some atas ice cream.

I dunno about the talking animal sidekicks but it looks like you actually get to enjoy a royal treatment that involves a diamond encrusted tiara… worth RM200,000. Oh and ice creams definitely.

Hmm let me count the zeros again. Yup, thats correct.


Aud and i invited to Magnum’s Royal Party!

It was the launch of the new Magnum ice cream coated with Belgium chocolate. Did you know that Belgian Chocolate is born as an indulgence for the royalties? It is a regal decadence with fine quality and it will deliver the ultimate level of luxury and pleasure that will make you feel like a true royalty!


Drooling over boxes of royally delicious Magnum ice creams.


Getting a remote taste of being a royalty.


There was a fashion show that night by Habib Jewels and Zang Toi with models in their massive popsicle hair buns holding ice creams.


It’s amazing how those ice creams don’t melt after being paraded around under hot flash lights.


Aud trying to resist the yummy temptation…




Special dessert of the night!

Magnum ice cream made with premium Belgian chocolate has the luxurious velvety texture!

It is now available in 3 delicious flavours with only the finest ingredients:

Magnum Classic is or those who love plain good old flavors! Bite through a thick cracking layer of Belgian Chocolate into the creamy premium vanilla ice cream.

I love this because i’m nuts about Almonds lol. Love the crunchy Belgian chocolate layer!

Magnum Chocolate Truffle… Hmm sounds atas enough already.

And such luxury is available at all supermarket and convenience stores at only RM3.90!

Anyway the main point is… how you get to reach for your crowning glory, with Enjoy The Royal Treatment Contest!


You just need to go to Magnum Royal Treatment Facebok App.

And here’s what you need to do:


The contest will be divided into two months, and each month the top 5 voted entries will go into Phase 2.


And if you are The Chosen One…


Just to brief you what’s so special about this tiara:

1,428 pieces of diamonds.

98 pieces of Pink Sapphire

1 Piece of 16.65 Carat Kunzite.

93 pieces of Aquamarine of 119.90 Carat.

And all these, mounted on a 18K White Gold Tiara that weighs 180G, with the certificate of authenticity from Habib Jewels.

I hope that’s not too heavy for your head!

So reach for your crowning moments, and you can start with… rewarding yourself with some royally delicious ice cream. ^^

Here’s my entry!

Princess Audrey and King Cheesie wtf.

Pls vote for me! 😀

Pls vote for me!  How? 3 simple steps:

1)     Log onto www.facebook.com/Magnum and like the page.

2)     Add the Magnum app by clicking on this tab:


3)     Search for Cheesie on the search bar (below) and start voting!!

4)     Please make sure you have logged in using Facebook connect ok! ^^

37 responses to “A Crowning Moment”

  1. Arrow says:

    omg *DROOL* this looks AMAZING! so…im just going to head on over and get fat….

  2. Chloe wang says:

    Love u post so frequent! diligent blogger! 😈

  3. blackkoi says:

    Lol @ the popsicle hair. Somehow I wonder if those models actually eat those ice-cream; cause most of them would concern more about their weight than indulging in the goodness of ice-cream 😉

  4. Momoneeeko says:

    These makes my diet blown away 😳 I want ice-scream :cheh:
    I love your hair♥

  5. sugarmouse says:

    i’ve never tried truffle before. i wanna try this flavour now! 😀 btw, you have pretty hair. is it hard to maintain, though?

  6. Jessica says:

    Why i can’t find the search bar?

  7. Dorothy says:

    Magnum is HEAVEN. If I was there, I’ll probs nom down a good 5 bars and worry about my weight later. 🙂 You officially have the best job ever! 😀

  8. Yuenny says:

    princess Aud and King Cheesie – but who’s the queen!

  9. agnes sim says:

    wow…sounds interesting!! I wan to share this in my blog. 😉 Thanks for the sharing!! XD

  10. Caryn says:

    Hahaha at photo #5
    I thought the model has really really outgrown chest hair 😆

  11. David says:


    You look amazing! Beautiful dress!

    I am sure this ice cream is as good as it looks, me thinks I gained a few kilos just reading this post!! 😉


  12. June says:

    Magnum is very popular here in Germany. =) I’m selling them almost everyday at the shop I’ working for.

    I like the Almond + White Chocolate most. *_*

  13. Isabel says:

    Love Magnum ice cream! I had it almost every night at one point of my life @_@

  14. $moke says:

    So good, can eat ice cream C:

  15. melody says:

    i tot the guy in pic #5 was fake? like cut out guy haha

  16. baladlady says:

    Oh, how I wish I lived in KL and/or that there was a blogger in Canada who I could follow religiously every day and be briefed on the cool events/freebies/contests going on here! 😛

  17. Zues says:

    Voted^^ All the best Cheesie^^

  18. Dolly Pop! says:

    Hm.. Is this product by Selecta?

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